Peeps’ Database Compressor for Liberty

Peeps' Liberty DB Compressor

We’re proud to announce Peeps’ Database Compressor for Liberty.  Liberty4 Consignment will start to run slower and slower over the years.  Its database is managed by Microsoft SQL Server, which is a good thing.  Just like books have indexes, so do databases.  If you have a large amount of data and have been running Liberty for multiple years, you’re likely ready to re-index your database.

Since Liberty doesn’t have this built-in, nor does it let users know this maintenance should be performed, you’re left to discover this on your own — finding out when things get slower and slower.

Resaleworld charges $100-$150 to compress your database.  The ability to re-index your database is built-in to Microsoft SQL Server:




So you could do this yourself, as could any tech.

It took Dean @ Computer Peeps about 2 hours to put this simple database maintenance routine, into a free program that Liberty4 Consignment users can run by themselves.

We feel this functionality should be built-in to Liberty, should be free, and should happen automatically, but Resaleworld feels differently.  If Dean can do this by himself in a matter of hours, then a company with a ‘team of developers’ and a ‘support team’ should be able to do so as well.

If you’d like Dean @ Computer Peeps to do this for you, there is no charge for this service.  It takes anywhere between 5-20 minutes to run this database maintenance, depending on the size of your database and the speed of your computer.

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