New Zebra Thermal Tag Printer


A brand-new Zebra thermal tag printer.  We test and guarantee all of our Zebra printers.  Your printer is warrantied and supported for a full year. We will replace it at no charge, should the printer fail and if you run into any issue printing from your consignment software, we will help you.



We recommend this printer for Liberty users.  Zebra printers are more-reliable than ‘TSC’ tag printers — Resaleworld sells this as their own ‘white label’/generic printer — and that’s something we guarantee.  You can read more about why The Computer Peeps do not recommend TSC printers.

  • Fully tested and guaranteed to work with Liberty 2002 or Liberty4 Consignment.
  • Recommended for 2-Across tags/labels and 1-Across ‘Vertical’ tags/labels.
  • Includes a print-head cleaning pen.
  • Includes a USB cable.
  • Pre-labeled ports + cable + extra dots so you can label your computer — this prevents issues, should your printer ever get disconnected.
  • Printer is labeled ‘TAGS/LABELS’ for easy identification for employees and volunteers.
  • Printer has a ‘DO NOT CONNECT TO BATTERY BACKUPS!!!’ label by the power connection.

Tip: Never connect printers to a Battery Backup/Uninteruptable Power Supply.  Doing so can cause intermittent printing issues and even cause certain consignment software programs to crash during the printing process.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 15 x 12 x 12 in


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