Peeps’ Consignment & Resale Software (Workstation License)


Peeps’ Consignment & Resale software was written from the ground-up Dean Casey, Owner @ Computer Peeps, just for consignment & resale stores.

The Workstation license is for each additional computer other than your Server computer.  If you only have multiple computers, a Server license would be purchased for the first/main computer, then a Workstation license for each of the other computers.




  • Truly automatic markdowns.
  • Automatic, tiered per-item fees.
  • Extremely simple and well thought out user interface — easy for volunteers and part-time employees to follow!
  • Smart pricing, with automatic high/mid/low pricing, days to sell, and amount sold.
  • Flexible splits & terms, per account, per item.
  • Automatic splits per Category — assign different splits and terms for clothing vs. jewelry.
  • Built-in Gift Card tracking.
  • Layaway system.
  • Reliable email system — Welcome email, inventory emails, sales receipt emails, payout emails, and more!
  • Built-in Credit Card processing via BluePay or X-Charge.
  • Online consignor access.


  • The Computer Peeps for complete consignment or resale store management, from your computer systems, to your software, to website, to social media.  We manage and help you with every aspect of technology and help you be a better store.
  • Scalable from one computer, to 20 computers (or more).
  • Reliable MySQL database management system, with a normalized design, and tight database transactions.
  • Simple and powerful reports.
  • Detailed per-employee security access.


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