How do you get pics in a TGTBT.com post?

You might have seen our posts on Kate’s TGTBT.com Sharing forum and wondered, “how’d you get pics in your message?”  Words are great, but pictures can be worth a thousand words.

I can sit here all day and say, “right-click My Computer.”  If I show you what I mean though…

Jing How To from The Computer Peeps

It’s much easier to understand!

Since we’re all separated by miles of copper wire on this here Internet, being able to share information in an easy-to-digest manner is paramount to successful communication.

So, how do I get pics in my forum posts?  I use a free program called Jing.  Jing provides a very simple way to quickly take a picture, so to speak, of what you’re seeing on your computer.  Here’s how it works…

Let’s say you’re typing something in a text file and the font is HUGE, but you don’t know why.  You participate in a forum and want to ask for help.  To show people what you’re seeing, use Jing!!!

Click Image for a bigger view…
Jing Desktop (Small)

Jing gives you the ability to draw a box around the port of your screen that you’d like to share!  Once you select the area of your screen you’d like to share, Jing automatically “copies” it to your clipboard so you can paste it in post, such as one on Kate’s forum!

Jing Copy

You just paste the “code” into a message board post…

TGTBT Post 1

And voila!  Your image appears, for everyone to see!

TGTBT Post 2

So this is one example where free is truly free and easy to use!

Image Resizer

Something not many are aware of are Microsoft PowerToys for Windows.  What are PowerToys?  Basically, they’re little handy tools or add-ons that probably should’ve been in Windows to begin with.

One of the handiest PowerToys is the ImageResizer.  Once installed, it adds a handy Resize Pictures option on your right-click menu …

Image Resizer

Now you can right-click any image and resize it!  You’re provided with a few of the standard image sizes to pick from …

Image Resizer Dialog

If you click Advanced, you can specify the exact-size you need …

Image Resizer Advanced

Once resized, you’ll have a new copy of your image (it even adds Small, Medium or Large to your image name, depending on which size you selected!)…

Resized Pic Thumb

It looks like Microsoft has yet to release this freebee for Windows 7, but a clone of the utility has been made and is available for free download.

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