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Consignment and resale store owners can find it a bit difficult to sift through the various software vendors’ websites, as well as some of the fake consignment software review websites that have been planted by Best Consignment Shop Software.  If you’re looking for consignment computer software, The Computer Peeps have compiled this information for your convenience.

To get right to it, there are only a few consignment software programs that are published by legitimate software vendors:


  • ConsignmentTill
  • ConsignPro
  • Liberty4 Consignment
  • The Consignment Shop Software (SBS)
  • Resale Connection


There are a few smaller applications and while they might be from decent companies, consignment software is an investment and it’s the backbone of your consignment or resale business.

Who are The Computer Peeps?  Please feel free to view our current, up-to-date testimonials.  We also recommend asking the consignment and resale community at large.  Whether it be on the NARTS message board or the highly-active Facebook Group, Resale Connect.

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