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If you’re looking for consignment and resale software, look no further!

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Peeps’ Software for consignment and resale stores, written from the ground-up by Dean Casey, Owner, System Administrator & Programmer @ The Computer Peeps.

Shopify integration, Peeps2Go Mobile, Bulk Texting, and more!

We make really great consignment & resale software — it’s just that simple.  🙂  We’re proud of how feature-rich AND how functional Peeps’ Software is.

We don’t just say we’re the best consignment software, we guarantee we’re the best consignment software available.  You get a full 60 days to put our software to the test — try Peeps side-by-side other vendors.

We have the features consignment & resale stores need, we have the easiest-to-use consignment software available, and we have the most-reliable consignment software on the market.

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