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  1. Deb
    GREAT advice as usual. I had the great opportunity to have my computer built to my specs and I added two fans that are controlled in the front of the computer by the DVD/CD players. Handy dandy on warmer days when I've not yet turned on the air. I use season changes as my prompt for cleaning the dust bunnies out of the computer - much like the time change is the prompt for changing the batteries in ones smoke detectors.
  2. Dwight
    Hi Dean, Isn't there a step missing? Don't you have to upload the image file to a website before you can paste the URL into the Sharing forum? Thanks, Dwight
  3. Dwight
    OK, I just watched the Jing video and I see that they host images at What confused me was the URL of the example image being hosted at your webiste. Dwight
  4. Dean
    Wow, it's getting worse. Now pages you become fans of (or 'Like') are starting to get blatant. Here's an example of a page that is straight-up asking you to paste JavaScript into your address bar and execute it... You have to have your wits about you when you're on the Web. Think about what you're about to click when you click it. Think, "is it worth it to me?" Even the link I put above - I would personally look at and wonder, "is this guy legit?" Just treat the Internet like you would a side street in New York City and you'll do well. If you think, "I have a Mac - I'll be safe," you're wrong. Your browser doesn't care which operating system you have. Windows, Mac, Linux - no one is safe.
  5. Kate
    Many thanks for this listing. Next, I would love to see actual contact info such as address and phone, which several vendors don't have obviously available on their web sites. Some purchasers may prefer to shop local, and Canadians might wish to support the only Canadian vendor on your list, Ron Funnell @ Consignment Till. It would also be wonderful to see a comparison of the functions most resalers ask about. AND of course a bottom-line price: what specific hardware is imperative. Number of multiple users that can operate within the shop, how many consignment splits it can handle, can it do buyer's fees and does it discount them along with the selling know better than I what shopkeepers want. And we'd all like to see "drawbacks"...if you care to opinionate on that! I am SO thankful you're helping our industry with this. Everyone asks me, but I am no computer expert!
  6. Dean
    ALL great ideas, Kate! I'll add the contact information for each of the vendors above! We're going to do a "review" of each app, showing how each program handles the core tasks - e.g. adding accounts, adding inventory, printing tags, POS, etc. When we get into the review, you'll see positives and negatives mentioned. Of course, that can at times be subjective, but after doing this for so long (being an IT professional), I truly feel I bring a completely objective approach to the table. So all those nooks and crannies are coming soon! I like the idea of the "need" list as well! I think I'll start a separate post just for that! Thank you SO MUCH for the feedback!!!
  7. Pamela
    thanks for the information. i am getting ready to purchase consignment software and was wondering when you were going to post additional information. lots of info to take in and it would greatly help in the decision making. i have search the internet and you hear good things and bad things which definately puts a damper on decision making. i know what i need. my concerns are reliability, dependability, and not getting ripped off with all of the additional fees and cost per year just to keep the software up and running. thanks pam
  8. Pamela
    is best consignment shop software owned by the same people as consignment shop software? it's confusing because they are around the same price and consignment shop software sells a consignment shop software named best consignment shop software? pamela
  9. Dean
    Thanks SO MUCH for the all of responses! Our goal with this article was to put together a concise list of the various vendors, which products they offer, their prices, etc. I've noticed that when new resale store owners start looking into software, it can be daunting just to figure out who sells what! @Pamela ~ The original "Best" is developed by CCE. They've been in the business for quite sometime. Bill Hawkins was the original owner and you'll find that the community has nothing but good things to say about him. Their software is referred to as "BCS" for short. Years ago, a company Bill was working with ventured out on their own and started selling "BCSS". Confused? =) Brian Wilson (developer of ConsignPro) has the entire story on his site. Here's a direct link... I'll email you directly and we can discuss your needs and see which product would be the best fit for your store! We've been quite busy over the last few weeks. We'll get back in the saddle and start posting new articles! Kate suggested topics such as "recommended hardware" and we are also working on an in-depth review of each product (with screen shots, step-by-steps, etc.)
  10. Pretty things
    Sounds great! I am really looking forward to the "recommended hardware" and the in-depth reviews of the softwares.
  11. Dean
    We've just posted a "Recommended POS Hardware" article! Take a look and let us know if anyone has any questions!!!
  12. Pretty things
    Thanks so much for the information. I really needed to hear it and now I can be a little more confident in my choices. Thank you
  13. shewhoshall not benamed
    I am so glad to see this posted publicly. I have been receiving emails from Steve for the past three years threatening to sue me for saying anything negative about his company and BCSS on any public forum. In reality all I have ever done is point out that BCSS and CCE are NOT THE SAME COMPANY! This statement alone has led to multiple emails accusing me of lying, defamation and more. Steve is a low-life.
  14. Dean
    Thank you for taking the time to respond! For Steve to have the nerve to say he's going to sue people, when he himself is not only doing something illegal (copyright infringement), but also posting false information about a company (I believe they call that libel) on a public site, he REALLY has some nerve. It is my pleasure to post information about how many of his clients have called us with software that has crashed, ruined their database, or that BCSS simply will not call them back. For some reason, Steve has been able to get away with this for years. No more. Someone has to take a stand and I'm proud to do so! Thanks again for taking the time to post this!
  15. Joelee
    Thank you so much for sharing this info. I am about to venture into the consignment business and have been checking Computer Peeps out. It helps to know all this information - sometimes we are naive enough to believe what we read.... Thanks again! Soon to be : Boutique de Jolie.... :D
  16. Kesha
    When are you going to do a follow up to this post. I am opening in August(thumbs crossed) and I enjoyed reading your post. I am considering softwares and hardware and want as much info as possible. So please let me know when you come back to this topic
  17. Dean
    Hi Kesha, Thanks for posting! We have a few short follow-up posts. Here's the first which discusses the various item entry screens/processes for the major programs... It has an outline of Pros and Cons, so you can see what we thought of how each program handles item entry! We also posted a quick summary of what the major bar code/tag formats look like... We have taken off since we opened and we've been busy, busy, busy! We're expanding our staff so we'll have time to share more helpful and FREE information. =) If you have any questions about which program is right for you, we offer a consultation package for only $50. We'll go through all of your needs (some you might not have even known of!) and make sure you have a clear picture of exactly how each program handles the tasks that are unique to your business. We stay with you through the process of you demo'ing each program and answer questions many vendors won't be able to assist you with. The Computer Peeps have a unique perspective because we're not selling this software. =) We can give you honest feedback instead of "sales speak." We are also a Dell Preferred Partner and configure professional, powerful and inexpensive systems for your consignment software. Don't take your new investment and try to run it on any random computer from Best Buy or a hand-me-down. You also don't need to spend thousands on the right system either. We do this on a daily basis - configure systems for consignment and resale stores. From the Dell system to the Zebra tag printer to the bar code scanner, we can do it all. Ultimately the software you decide on will dictate which printers/additional hardware will be compatible. We have great prices on all of the hardware that works with each of the consignment programs. On a budget? We even offer professionally refurbished Zebra printers. Don't grab any random printer off of eBay - you just don't know what you're gonna get. We have all of our prices published on our Prices page => Let us know if you have any specific questions or if you'd like to setup a consultation. We are proud to work with some of the biggest consignment stores in the industry. View our Testimonials page to see some of the clients we work with => Hope to work with you soon!
  18. Jennifer
    Please help! I believe I may have gotten a virus from the Tsunami/Whirlpool link on Facebook. I have a Dell Inspiron 6400 laptop and Windows Vista program. I am running Norton's antivirus now. I need help asap!!! Thank you!
  19. Dean
    Hi Jennifer, That's really unfortunate - well, it's a pain in the you know what - that Norton didn't catch it. For now, power the computer off, just to make sure the Trojan isn't "doing anything." We open at 10 AM, but I'll email you directly!
  20. Jasmine
    I know I got the virus, it started opening all my documents and I immediately powered down and opened safe mode to do a system restore; however, now all my security devices arent working so Im pretty sure the virus and trojan still made it into my computer. Please help! I have a Dell laptop as well. Thanks!
  21. Dean
    Hi Jasmine, Sorry to hear that! Those are tell-tale signs of an infection. It was a good attempt to start in Safe Mode, but that will start Windows with a minimal amount of drivers and services. Safe Mode with Networking will give you the ability to access a network/the Internet. We open at 10 AM and we can get this sorted out for you! I'll message you directly and if you're in a pinch, we can do this before 10 AM. I mentioned the same to Jennifer when I messaged her. Hang in there!
  22. Dean
    Contrary to popular belief, Macs can in fact get Trojans, viruses, etc. For years, many targeted Windows systems since it was like shooting fish in a barrel. Certain Macs (e.g. ones running OS X Server) have Clam antivirus pre-installed. Regular Macs, running Mac OS X, have a portion of Clam used for scanning emails. Here are the details on Clam and Macs... So it's difficult to say, but chances are this particular Trojan was meant for the Windows platform. That's a guess at best though. The next part of the issue is whether or not the post is still on your page and still spreading to other systems. Make sure you delete that post, from any section of your Facebook page it appears in. Finally, many of these scam links not only download viruses to a system, they also try to "phish" your username and password. If you were prompted to re-enter your Facebook login information at any point, it might be wise to go ahead and change your Facebook password. When in doubt, you simply can't go wrong with ESET and yes, there's a version of ESET for Macs... They have some GREAT details on that page as to why it's wise to protect your Mac. What I'm really concerned about most is, people moved to Macs because they thought they were safer. To a degree, that WAS true - it's all relative. The "bad guys" know people think they're safe on Macs. The bad guys know that everyone uses Facebook now, so it doesn't matter which operating system you run. The BIGGEST scam that 100% affects ALL computer users, is phishing. That's what the majority of these "scam" links do - try to get you to enter your username and password into a fake site. What I'm seeing more of these days, are links that drop Trojans and viruses on hard drives PLUS attempt to phish your information. So whether you're on a Mac or Windows system, you're going to get nailed. It really comes down to educating more people about how the bad guys do things, what to look out for, etc. At the very least, you should install Firefox and stop using Safari (or Internet Explorer on Windows systems). Once you have Firefox installed, install the free add-on called NoScript (from within Firefox, under Tools > Add-ons). To recap: - Remove the post from all portions of your Facebook account - Your system might not be infected, but it might be spreading the virus - a "carrier" of sorts - it's worth installing a trial version of ESET so you can scan your system - Move to Firefox and use NoScript to block all malicious scripts from running Let us know if this helps!
  23. Brian Wilson
    They say one bad apple spoils the bunch. Steve is that apple. I thank you for letting the world know about Steve and his shady marketing practices and shoddy software. It's too bad he tripped into this industry and polluted such a nice community, he really stinks up the place. I will continue to join you in letting the world know what this opportunist (who sells hemorrhoid medicine, long distance service and BBQ cookbooks) is up to so they don't waste their time and money on BCSS software. Thanks, Brian Wilson ConsignPro Creator
  24. Jonathan
    I truly cannot thank you enough for compiling such a comprehensive list of exactly what BCSS promises and what they actually deliver. I receive quiet a few calls from Steve's customers, because they aren't able to reach anyone at BCSS to help them. BCSS truly demonstrates the old adage that you get what you pay for as they receive absolutely no service. I do enjoy converting them over to our company, but the individuals have usually endured months of unreturned phone calls and emails that disappear into an apparent blackhole of service. It's not right to treat people that way - especially when they are just trying to run a business and succeed like everyone else. Jonathan CCE Technical Support, home of Consignment Ease and Consignment Success
  25. Kelly
    I have tried turning the printer off and immediately releasing the button as this video shows. However, when I turn it back on the light changes from red back to green (and that is it - no dump), and my tags are still printing in the middle on one tag running into the next. I have wasted AT LEAST one hundreds tags. Suggestions? Thank you!
  26. Dean
    Hi Kelly, Have you checked to make sure there aren't any documents stuck in the print queue? It's the last portion of the steps above. If you're certain there are no documents in the print queue, let's focus on the printer itself. Is this a Zebra LP2824 or LP2844 printer? I just want to make sure what we're working with here. Does the feed button actually work? If you press and release the green feed button one time, does it advance a tag? Also, you have to let go as SOON as it turns red. You don't want to hold onto it while it flashes. Let go like it's hot! Let's start with those and go from there!
    • Dean
      Hi Jill, We did all of this remotely! We configure Dell systems here and we tailor each to meet our clients' needs. We have been working with Julie for quite some time and her existing systems just weren't cutting it. It got to the point where it was time for change.

      So we configure everything here, including the network, printers, consignment software, automated backup system, etc. Her Zebra tag printer is pre-installed and configured here; we also configure the second system (or any system in the network) to print across the network to the Zebra. So she can print tags from either computer, using just one Zebra tag printer. Everything is color-coded/labeled so when the systems arrive, it's literally just a matter of "connecting the dots".

      All of her hardware is tested and configured to work with her consignment software. We include a complete system overview, so Dell warranty info, system logins, consignment software network setup, etc.

      It truly is just a matter of unpacking the computer, plugging in the power and network cables and then "connecting the dots." We walk our clients through this process and then remote-in as soon as the systems are online. We test everything once again to ensure all printers are performing exactly as our clients expect.

      An on-site is a little costly, especially for something that can be done remotely. We don't leave you "stranded" to do it on your own and believe me, if it wasn't easy for our clients to connect everything, we wouldn't have been able to help so many consignment store owners with this type of setup.

      Let me know if you have any additional questions!
  27. Julie
    Dean is the one who has been a pleasure to work with. He has been so patient with all my questions and concerns. I literally haven't had a single moment of worry since the very first phone call I made to him. He did a wonderful job of checking out my systems, fix the problem, and make them run better. And so you know, I'm the one who initiated the discussion about getting new computers for my store. Dean didn't try to sell them to me. I truly trust he is belong me do what is the best thing for my business. And for that I am so grateful!
    • Dean
      Thanks for bringing that (@initiated the discussion) up too, Julie! Our next blog post in this 'series' actually covers a laptop that a client sent to us. She just needs to squeeze a little more life out of it and while she ultimately wants to invest in a new Dell, she can't right now. We upgraded the RAM (Memory) for her, backed-up her data and files, wiped the hard drive and reinstalled Windows. She'll utilize this laptop to get her by a little bit longer and then eventually add a Dell system to her network, making this laptop a Point of Sale/additional workstation. We're not just trying to sell stuff - that's not our motto. We do everything we can to work within a store owner's existing infrastructure. Sometimes systems just need a tune-up or better antivirus. Sometimes more RAM and/or reinstalling Windows squeezes a little more life out of a system. Other times though, equilibrium is reached and the cost of maintaining older systems far outweighs the cost of replacing them.
  28. Jill
    That's awesome - thanks both of you for telling me about this! I have 2 stores. In my original store I run Consignpro with two computers, no problems. I bought a pre-existing store in July that was running Liberty on two computers. The prior owner had never updated her Liberty and the I am definitely not using it to its potential. I have no clue how to use it and i know before I learn anything else I need to upgrade it fully. I was able to install a couple of the updates but I hit a point now where there is not enough memory or something in either computer so I'm missing a lot. My brother in law set up my computers in my first store but he recently passed away before he could get to the new store. Horrible, I know! Anyways, I don't trust anyone locally because they know nothing about the consignment industry. I would be interested in maybe you "looking" at my computers that run the liberty remotely and letting me know maybe what I need to do, even if it is to buy a new computer. If you can email me and let me know what we need to do and how much the consultation is, I would love to hear from you. Thanks! Jill Saenz, owner of Boomerang Consignments & More and Boomerang Consignments Palm City. My email: [email protected]
    • Dean
      I am so sorry to hear of your loss! Liberty's latest versions require a minimum of 512 MB of RAM (Memory), so if the computer's a little older, you'll see that error appear. If it's a decent computer - e.g. newer generation CPU, etc. - it's possible to extend the system's life by doing the following: - Install more Memory ( has great prices + free shipping) - Wipe the hard drive and reinstall Windows (if you have the original Windows CD/DVD) We also offer training for Liberty (or any of the consignment programs!) and we can make sure you're truly utilizing your software to its fullest potential! I'll email you directly so we can discuss the options and see what we can do! Liberty requires more horsepower than the other applications, as it utilizes Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express Edition. In addition to minimum system specs, Liberty and MS SQL Server need a smooth, level playing field in order to run. That's where having a clean install of Windows to begin with helps. No need to wrestle with .dll errors, registry issues, etc. There does come a point in time where wrestling/upgrading costs more than replacing the systems. We're looking forward to working with you!
  29. bonnie
    I will be starting up a kids gear/toys/baby clothes consignment shop in 2-3 months from scratch. I have been following TGTBT website for advice. I see that you are a trusted consultant. I plan on buying a new system and it seems everyone is running liberty or consignpro. I also saw consignment success or something like that. Is there a better choice? About what should I budget for a small boutique style shop on a shoestring budget? I expect to run it with one person mostly. I need all the help I can get.
    • Dean
      Hi Bonnie! We would love to help you navigate through all of the info out there! There are a few consignment programs out there, such as the ones you mentioned. Depending on your needs and wants, we can help find a package that works for you! We can also configure a new Dell system to run your consignment software on. At the end of the day, trying to run your new business software on an old, scrappy machine OR on a door-buster deal from a big box store, ends up costing you more in both time and money. We offer a free 30-minute consultation and we'll go through a list of topics to make sure we isolate what you truly need, in order to run your resale business. You don't have to purchase everything at first either. Starting with the consignment software + the Dell system could get you up and running, initially. You can then add a tag printer and eventually even a barcode scanner and receipt printer. So right off the bat, your consignment software will run between $400-$1,000. The Dell system we configure is $785 + shipping. If you're on a shoestring budget, a good option could be to start out with Consignment Ease (only $400). Then as you grow, if you need the features of Consignment Success (e.g. Layaways, Sales Promotions, emails, etc.) you can upgrade Ease to Success (paying only the difference). There are definitely options out there and you don't have to spend a ton, to get a solid system for your resale business. Let me know if and when you're available and we can schedule a consultation. Again, it's free for a 30-minute consultation! We're looking forward to working with you!
  30. John
    Well, I took the bait, hook, line, and sinker. What a sham company!! We bought the "virtual" edition for $800. Problems...was upgraded to the "Diamond" version (and BTW, I cannot discern any but subtle changes)...still doesnt work correctly. The so called technical support from BCSS is non existent. I was referred to a third party (a consignor who has worked with Steve for years...???) and who charges $60 an hour to "help" me with BCSS issues. A pure joke. I echo the litanyof unreturned phone calls and emails. We have now purchased software from another VERY REPUTABLE company; removed the BCSS programs, and are pursuing legal action for reimbursement and lost sales (non performing software). The word needs to be put out as wide as possible: DO NOT BUY THIS PROGRAM!!!
    • Dean
      Wow, just, wow. See, it's not that there can't be multiple software companies. It's not a matter of different vendors trying to eek out their share of the market. This is a matter of BCSS being a blatant rip-off of CCE. There's a fantastic service out there called the "Internet Wayback Machine." I was investigating a site from years back and decided to check out BCSS' site, just for giggles. Guess what I found? The installer for BCSS v1.0. Right there on the very first screen of their installer, it shows Copyright CCE 2000. There's plenty of room on the market for competition and I welcome BCSS to participate in our Blog; to defend themselves. All The Computer Peeps are doing are sharing information that was published BY BCSS and is available to the public, 100%. It's just that BCSS floods the search engines and most store owners that are starting out, are bombarded with the information that comes back. We're doing our little portion to eek out our spot in his search results, so we can bring this information into the light! Thanks for taking the time to post, John! Let us know if you have any questions about your existing software or spread that word that The Computer Peeps offer a free 30 minute consultation!
    • P*ssed in Ohio
      John may I ask you to contact me Id like to get in touch w/your atty. Id want to ask if he would represent me in the same case to file against them. I am thinking we are in different states. I paid way over what you did though in costs. :( Sadly. H
  31. Rusty
    I am another victim of BCSS. First buying the $400 package that required upgrading even before putting the system into the store. I just sent the follow email to Steve and anticipate either no reply or a very lame list of excuses: I’m not sure I can fully explain how very disappointed I am in your software. The more I try to use it the worse it gets. I am at the point of totally hating the thought of starting every morning. Your technical support is very very slow largely due to time wasted sending boiler plate replies to questions. However, if lucky enough to get beyond pat answers I find myself going around in circles until another shortcoming of your programming is revealed. I have wasted many hours trying to make your obviously inadequate program manage the inventory and finances of my consignment store. Your program is incapable of performing the basic accounting functions necessary to run a small business. The uploading to Quick Books results in a confusing assortment of misinformation and duplicate data. My only solution is to use you system to do only the basics and then manually transfer that data to Quick Books at the close of every day. This is certainly not what I thought I had purchased. You claimed to be able to save me money but now I will have to purchase that more expensive software that really works.
    • Dean
      Hi Rusty, Thank you so much for posting your experience! We went for quite sometime without saying anything about BCSS - C'est la vie, so to speak. The more I saw clients not being able to get through to them, especially after just purchasing, is when I had to say something. All Steve does is floods the search engines - an SEO fire hose. That's all he's got. Why not write better software? Why focus so much on content farms and posting reckless comments on other sites? The Computer Peeps are stepping right on his SEO. Problemo, Steve? ;) I hope more and more store owners see your post, Rusty. It's not fair that new store owners hop on Google and only find BCSS results. Store owners should have ALL of the information first, before making such an important decision. Only when armed with all of the information from each consignment software vendor, can you make an informed decision/purchase. We're doing everything we can to provide help for consignment software owners, existing and prospective. There are enough decent programs and legitimate vendors on the market, that store owners don't have to waste their time with BCSS. If anyone needs help choosing the best consignment software out there for them, The Computer Peeps provide a FREE 30-minute consultation. Don't waste your time wading through all of the 'best consignment shop software' search results out there. The Computer Peeps will give it to you straight. What are you doing for consignment software no, Rusty? Just give us a buzz or email us and we'll be more than happy to try and get you pointed in the right direction!
  32. Sharon from Little Green Beans
    ConsignPro says that they have tons of different tag styles. Where are they? How does one access them?
    • Dean
      In ConsignPro, there is a list of the styles that are compatible with ConsignPro itself... ConsignPro supports the common tag formats, such as the 2-across direct-thermal tag. In that list, you'll see 2622, Tags, Liberty Style (2-part) and Zebra Tags, Liberty style, barcode. Those are essentially the same tag, but an option for different types of printers - e.g. LP2844 vs. LP2824. Here is a sample of both of those tags... and Each of the consignment programs essentially support one or more of the following tags: - 2-across Thermal - 1-across Thermal - Jewelry S - Jewelry R There are also labels formatted for a plain-paper printer, mailing labels, etc. The main tag that is the de facto style for all of the programs, is the 2-across format. I hope this helps!
    • Dean
      Our pleasure! We're still decompressing from the NARTS Conference in Dallas, but we'll get right back to publishing more goodies soon!
  33. Heidi
    We are a small consignment shop and we too were scammed by BCSS and "Steve." One of the reasons we chose BCSS was the free tech support. This is false advertising. We have had nothing but trouble with the software -- minor bugs such as buttons not working right, tables overlapping data when they print (and no ability to adjust table dimensions on our end!), data not transferring to Quickbooks as its supposed to so we are required to manually enter the data (one of the reasons we bought BCSS and we can't even use it!). The list goes on. Things have gotten worse. Now BCSS forces us to update every few weeks. With each update, a slew of bugs happen. This last round: The left column of the labels no longer printed correctly because there was a bug in the tables, the payment buttons weren't working properly, sales reports were pulling up illogical information (combining dates and whatnot), consigner accounts were dissappearing. It was incredible how bad it was! We contacted support and got their form letter that we get every time: You need to update your software. No we don't! That's what caused the problem! They finally agree to do a remote control of our computer and fix all the bugs and charge us $30 to do so. They only fix 2 of the 4 bugs because that's all they have time for, and don't know how to fix the other bugs. They will get back to us when they figure that out and charge us another $30 to do another remote control. We have to do this every single time THEY create an update to their system. THAT IS NOT FREE TECH SUPPORT! I once got Steve on the phone and tried to explain to him nicely how poor a product it was. He yelled at me! His customer!!!!! Steve is not to be trusted, and his product sucks!!!
    • Dean
      Thank you so much for replying back to this post! We're doing our best to shed light on the facts about BCSS. It really means a lot that you would take the time to share your experience! I've heard the same @BCSS updates from other clients and it seems as though very simple outstanding issues have yet to be addressed. I'm not sure I've seen actual updates come out, at least not in the sense that fix the issues, just as you've outlined. From update to update old issues still persist and I see users exporting to .CSV file as a means to backup their database - not good. Your database can be converted to another consignment program though. I will email you directly with information and we provide a free 30-minute consultation to help you find the right fit for your store's needs.
  34. unhappy consignment owner
    I paid over $800 for the "Diamond Edition", what a joke. Good luck if you can reach anyone on the phone. The following is an email they actually sent out I would assume to all of their customers: Good luck trying to reach anyone via email or phone. The system is not user friendly and I would recommend looking to other vendors before considering this system. I have switched and consider the money I lost a lesson learned. BUYER BEWARE!! the Send-Data Button  (upper right corner in BCSS) to upload your data files to our server. (If the upload fails, contact your ISP to report it. Failed uploads are not caused by the program.)   BCSS support does not include ‘extra work’ like repairing database files, reissuing unlock codes, assisting with transferring the program to another computer, teaching employees and troubleshooting user errors.   BCSS support also does not provide telephone and remote PC assistance, however, arrangements have been made with 3rd-party services for these forms of help. They are:   Joy Archer of enJoy Consigning Services (972-898-7921 EST, enjoybundles at gmail dot com) who provides personalized customer support for consignment shop owners and employees. She knows all about computers, Windows, printers, scanners, BCSS, QuickBooks - even consignment accounting and procedures.  Joy owns and operates a successful consignment business herself (enJoy Encores in Binghamton, NY) and she is completely familiar with our software and consignment accounting. If you need help with settlements, discounting, store credits or anything related to consignment, she can help. Joy is available by phone from 8-5 (EST) and at other times by appointment. She can log into your computer when needed to demonstrate procedures, train employees and fix problems. Today however her area is recovering from flood conditions.   CMX Solutions headed by David Squires (800-448-1436 EST, david at cmx UPDATING BCSS   Hopefully your program is functioning error free. If it is not, updating should resolve any issue.   Here’s how to update and also view the most recent fixes and improvements: www dot bestconsignmentshopsoftware dot com slash updates.htm   You can also view the most recent updates on Twitter at www twitter dot com slash #! slash bcss.   SUPPORT CLARIFICATION   BCSS supports your program for free via email and documentation. Support includes bug BCSS supports your program for free via email and documentation. Support includes bug fixes and new features. Whenever you need something, to avoid phone charges, just send an email to BCSS at mm dot st.   BCSS Support also includes free online data storage. (Press tsolutions dot biz). CMX is a group of IT techs in Upper Michigan who can assist remotely with computers, Windows, printers, scanners, BCSS and networking. Associates include Bo Heinemeyer and Tom Ressler.   Free support is also available from:   POS-X (360-738-8433 or live chat at Epson (562-276-1314 or TSC:  (909-525-9779, extension 101, or service at tscprinters dot com)
    • Dean
      Wow, they actually send that out to customers? To be completely honest, that is a joke. The email is essentially a bunch of, "we told you we don't support ANYTHING." It's one thing for a software vendor to limit their support to just their product - that's common practice in the software industry. BCSS is trying to write themselves a get out of jail free card here, pointing their customers to this "I told you so" email - disgusting. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your personal experience with BCSS, Unhappy Consignment Owner. I'm glad you've moved on to a different, more reliable consignment program. Don't get me wrong, I can find issues in each of the consignment programs - none of them are perfect (not yet, at least). The issues that BCSS users report to us over and over again though, really set the issues apart from true support issues - they are actually just program bugs. Let me go through and point out some of the issues I see in that email: - For the "data uploads" portion of BCSS, the email says, "If the upload fails, contact your ISP to report it. Failed uploads are not caused by the program." Really? Are you 100% certain about that, Steve? I'm guessing you're running 4 clustered servers in a quarter rack somewhere, with redundant pipes and load balancing. You wouldn't just be running this on a shared host or a tiny VPS, would you, Steve? Your IP address shows you're just running a VPS over @ Pair networks. Here's the public Whois info on your server You might be able to blow smoke at your clients, but you can't fool me, Steve. Feel free to reply to this, Steve, if you think I'm wrong or my statements are inaccurate. It just seems REALLY cocky of you to put such concrete text in an email, setting yourself up to say, "yep, see, we told you - the issue will NEVER be our software." How the hell can you guarantee, without ever seeing the issue, that the issue is NOT the software? - "BCSS support does not include ‘extra work’ like repairing database files, reissuing unlock codes..." - I don't expect a software company to fix database crashes that are caused by the user's hardware or lack of precautionary measures - e.g. a UPS/Battery Backup, stable hard drives, stable system, the right antivirus software, etc. The only reason this is worth mentioning is, it's now been nearly two years since the Peeps have been in business and in that time, we've had umpteen clients call us with the SAME database issues - all caused by the program. I tried contacting Steve directly to help work this out for the client(s). BCSS and I didn't communicate via email for very long, because we simply won't fall for Steve's tricks and we won't do his dirty work for him. Not offering unlock codes though, seriously? So what you're saying is, if someone's computer crashes and they have to reinstall their software, then it's not covered? So really, you're LYING on your website when you say you 'own' the software - that's a load of horseS, Steve. Quit lying. Bad man, bad man! Tisk tisk. - "Joy Archer of enJoy Consigning Services" - Ok, so this one really makes no sense. Steve, you don't support your software, period. You've hired Jo Archer to do this for you? Is that because The Computer Peeps wouldn't accept your offer of doing BCSS support for free? I'll let that one sink in for a second. Let's just go over this again - 1) BCSS doesn't really offer support and 2) what support IS available, isn't provided by BCSS. Steve, how are you still in business? - "Hopefully your program is functioning error free. If it is not, updating should resolve any issue." - Why he hell would an update be the fix for errors? What about database crashes caused by your program? Want me to document those and publish them all online? Sounds like I need to spend some time doing that. This is just another way for you to CYOA. You don't just install updates to fix errors, but this line in your email sure does set things up quite nicely for you, Steve. And how does one get updates? Are those free? Oh, wait...they're not. :/ - "BCSS supports your program for free via email and documentation." - Via documentation? That is not support. Documentation SHOULD be provided, period, but do NOT call that support. That's just another way of playing on words - a marketing tactic. - "Free support is also available from: TSC: (909-525-9779, extension 101, or service at tscprinters dot com)" - That is a lie and I'm reporting you to TSC right now. I worked with TSC's Lead Developer, as well as their Product Manager, for well over 4 years. TSC does NOT provide support for their printers, not unless their printer is BROKEN or not performing as designed. They will NOT help you with your software, printer drivers or anything to do with getting your printer working with your consignment software, period. I'll let TSC know you're spreading this false information. This really is just reckless, Steve.
    • Dean
      Thank you, Kate! We're getting there! It's my goal to be able to share as much as I can, as often as I can. We've brought on a really strong team member @Josh, or more appropriately termed, a Peep. There is SO MUCH out there and wrangling it all up into easily digestible chunks is a full-time job. Thanks for being such a great partner in this industry, Kate. At the end of the day, store owners just want to run their businesses. There's no reason they shouldn't be able to do that!
  35. Unhappy consignment owner
    Update to my previous post. I attempted to access the BCSS software to obtain my accounting information. Windows pops up a message "An unidentified program wants to access your computer" and the program iss BCSS.exe. Naturally, I clicked I do not want to run this program. Problem: I need MY information from BCSS. What do I do? Calling them out of the question, we all know how that will turn out. I can't express the outrage I have for that company!
    • Dean
      Yikes! Well, if you're in a network environment - e.g. you have one computer for sales and another for inventory - then the networked computer can generate that message. When Windows sees executable files (.exe files) run across the network, it can prompt to let you know it sees "questionable" activity. It won't remove the program though. Now, if you're using additional security software - e.g. Microsoft Security Essentials, Norton, McAfee, etc. - those programs can and will remove consignment software. None of the consignment programs on the market are truly, 100%, Windows logo verified, period. Not Consignment Success, not ConsignPro and not Liberty. Since these programs don't play by Microsoft's rules, they can trigger false-positives in 3rd party security programs. Your data should still be on the computer though. BCSS should be installed to a folder somewhere on your hard drive - e.g. C:Program FilesBCSS. Within that folder are your data files. So even if you can't get to BCSS, the program should be able to be reinstalled or even just "allowed" through your 3rd party security software. Your data files can also be converted to a more-stable program, such as ConsignPro, Consignment Success or Liberty. If you'd like us to take a quick look, I can give you 5 minutes at no charge. It could be something simple and quick and if that's the case, no charge on this one from us. If it's something that takes a bit more wrestling, it would fall under our flat $50 per-incident rate. If your computer has Internet access we can remote-in and look at this for you today! Our # is (888) 374-5422.
  36. Beth
    I clicked on the Whirlpool/Tsunami link a while back (March, maybe?), and went through the process of deleting it off of my Facebook. However, I just realized today that it is still under the list of "pages" that I "like" on Facebook. I've tried deleting it, but the new Facebook set-up takes you to the page, asks for the website's permission to get access to your account, etc. How can I get rid of it?
    • Dean
      You should be able to go directly to the page, scroll down and click Unlike on the left-hand side: This Unlikes the page instantly without prompting you. I would also go to Account Settings > Apps: Uninstall any app you don't want or recognize, by clicking the little X to the right of each app: Let us know if this helps!
  37. Unhappy With BCSS
    I like many others here... have experience ALL of these problems! I am ashamed to say I fell to the false advertising that I read on their website and didn't know any better! I am a medical professional and NOT in the retail business originally. I consider myself to be fairly computer savvy, and fought for weeks prior to opening my business to get a label printer that worked. They then "upgraded" me to a "better printer".. that apparently was defective! I wasted almost an entire roll of thermal labels with them sending test prints to "fix it". We have had problems off and on.. that do in fact usually clear up with an upgrade... that as someone else mentioned then caused me a new problem!! We have many problems with our program currently... I have exchanged emails with the company, which I have gotten some things fixed.. but with their latest fix.. my labels no matter automatically print!! I've been told I didn't have enough memory for it to perform efficently, so I upgraded my memory. I've been told that my virus protection was causing many of my problems - so I deleted it and got a new one! I've been told that I needed an optimizer program, so I purchased that also!! I am soo frustrated by the "new" problems that I was sucked in and paid for them to remotely access and fix my problem... they fixed that one... but now.... When I enter the the consigner's new items in the computer - it used to print labels automatically - but now that I have gotten the new upgrade.. they don't print! I have to enter the items then it will save them, but lock up the program, can't even get it to exit without pulling up the task manager. To print a label I have to go to labels, pick the item, and it will print ONE label, then I can repeat the process!!! Now... they can't explain to me why my program worked previously with my "old" virus protection and not being optimized, or upgraded... but now those things have to be done?? So even after it's done.. still doesn't work?? My store manager previously owned a consignment store and used consign pro.... she frequently tells me how "her program" didn't have ANY of these problems!! But BCSS said their program offered other things that Consign Pro didn't and she could see how those would be helpful. I will be contacting you tomorrow for suggestions!!
  38. Julie S
    I have been looking at BCSS software and am ready to purchase. So glad I found your site! I was told by one consignment shop to get LIberty 4. Any suggestions?
  39. P*ssed in Ohio
    What do we do about this BS now that we are "owners of this crappy software"? I have had mine since 1/10/12 and spent over 1000.+ for the diamond pkg with the barcode scanner that will not scan more than 50% of the time as well as , yes a thermal receipt printer that has to be toyed with every morning before we cash someone out in a first sale ( really? how embarassing!!!) I am a new consignment shop owner, but not new to retail. I was NOT born lastnight EITHER. I never reached anyone through help at the main contacts on Bcss! What do we DO! Should we all file a lawsuit? Anything over 500+ dollars is a felony and he literally has raped us all. We are trying to make a living with our shops here. I think we should do SOMETHING ! Contact me Im listening! IM P*SSED! ( H )
  40. Bonnie Giddens
    I'm very glad I've never dealt with this Steve or BCSS. But I have had the misfortune of spending the last 4 years with Consignment Ease & Consignment Success & have been promised upgrades, repair of glitches, etc. and have seen nothing in 4 years. Please get off this blog & spend your time fixing Consignment Ease & Success, just a few of the things we've reported over the last 4 years that have not been addressed... • Ease & Success assign duplicate item numbers. Error hasn't been addressed after repeated requests over 4 years. • Serious network lag issues that cause invoices to either not save or save multiple times. • End of year System Purge Routine has a serious glitch with retained items. • Platform is ancient. Software can't handle very much inventory without bogging down & getting very slow. Purged in December & already seeing it slowing down. • Needs more reporting. No way to report items marked "missing", for example. • How return money from Settlements below a certain threshold back over to store profit & have it show up correctly in the reporting? • Tax Free Sales---something glitchy here. If print all invoices in a month & add up the ones without tax, they do not always match the tax free sales estimated by calculating based on Tax Paid & extrapolating from there.
    • Dean
      Hi Bonnie, Thanks for posting on our blog. If I can address your specific comment @:

      Please get off this blog & spend your time fixing Consignment Ease & Success

      We do not own CCE and we have nothing to do with Consignment Success' and Consignment Ease's programming. I recommend posting on the correct blog/forum, which can be found via the following URLs:

      - News/Blog:

      - Support Forum:

      Have you tried calling CCE Support to address these issues? Have you posted these issues to their Support Forum? I suggest working with CCE directly, by phone, so you can voice your concern for these issues.

      The difficult area is balancing customer frustration between what's ultimately actually going on. The term "glitch" gets tossed around daily. I receive calls on a daily basis with "glitches" in Liberty, ConsignPro, Consignment Till - you name it, we get call about it. ConsignPro's database can be easily crashed. Liberty's performance can be easily slowed. Consignment Success/Ease can experience slow-downs with larger databases. So while I love people utilizing our blog, we need to focus on actual technical details. For example, it's very easy to mark items as 'Missing' in Consignment Success, via Inventory Clean-up/Write-Off Items. Consignment Success even lets you customize your statuses - e.g. Donate, Return, etc.

      Let us know if you need anything else!
  41. Glenda Polak
    Thanks Dean, this looks like a great site. I've never heard of reddit before. It's always great to learn new things!
  42. Dean
    Reddit is a fantastic resource for news, personal interests, hobbies, community discussions, etc. The best thing to do is to 'Unsubscribe' from some of the sub-reddits and only subscribe to the ones you like. For example, I subscribe to sub-reddits such as r/consign, r/beer, r/sysadmin, etc.

    Looking forward to seeing more store owners over on r/consign!
  43. Lisa Morris
    Do you have updated information on these programs? I am also looking at Simple Consign / Traxia. Are you familiar with this software? Thank you Lisa Morris
    • Dean
      Hi Lisa, Thanks for posting on our blog! I am very familiar with Simple Consign/Traxia. I've worked with Joe on several occasions and I like the idea behind Simple Consign. It has a MAJOR drawback though, which it is 100% web-based. That means any number of issues can take your consignment software down completely. Such as... - Internet outage - Internet browser settings - Virus We receive hundreds upon hundreds of calls each week. We see just how often something as simple as a web browser (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) are affected either by software or user changes. It's just not worth it to lose access to your consignment software for hours on end, just for an Internet issue. So while Simple Consign is promising, it's Achilles' heel is that it can be rendered useless without Internet access. If you have any additional questions, we offer a free 30-minute consultation. I've helped hundreds of consignment stores open and we manage systems for some of the largest consignment stores in North America. We can definitely help you get on the right track or resolve issues with your existing setup. Hope this helps!
  44. Susan
    I have been operating a group shop since 1999 and use SOS (Shop Owners Software) and have always accepted things on consignment. We opened a consignment shop in 2007 using this same software which was designed to manage an antique mall. The programmer did make modifications to accommodate consignments. We are at a point now where the program is not as efficient or streamlined as we need to handle the volume of consignments we accept daily. Can you make recommendations on how we would explore our options.
    • Dean
      Hi Susan, We actually offer a free 30-minute consultation. We can see if we can help narrow down which of the consignment programs is the right fit for you, considering your unique setup. We're available Monday through Friday from 10 AM until 5 PM, Eastern. We're also open on Saturday from 12-4 PM. You can email us directly using the Contact button above and we can schedule a time to talk. Looking forward to working with you!
  45. Cam
    Hi. Thanks for the great information. We're opening a new store, and are considering ConsignPro, but the price is scary. Would you say for the features (inventory, POS, etc) it's a good dollar vs feature value, even more than the other software you reviewed? My concern is that we're going to have a small store with low inventory, so a $1000+ system seems a bit extravagant... and feedback is greatly appreciated!
  46. Very Disturbed
    Boy, am I pissed that I didn't see this sight a year ago. I have BCSS now and I am beside myself. Steve, Gleason, Joy, and Kerri are the most unprofessional people I have every dealt with. The software is terrible, I have issues daily only for them to tell me it's my network. Well I'm here to tell you its not my network its the crappy software riddled with bugs. They are condescending and rude and will not provide service without charging. I would pay if its was something I was doing wrong but it's there software issues I'm dealing with. If you are considering a consignment software PLEASE GO ELSE WHERE AND SAVE YOUR SELF A MULTITUDE OF ISSUES. This is not some one that is trying to get even. I am seriously concerned for others investing their hard earned money with the folks. You be better off not having a software program than using this one. Seriously!
  47. Dean

    This is Dean here. We've had a handful of comments that people have tried to post in regard to BCSS.

    The one thing that is true about all of the spam comments I've denied is - they've all ignored BCSS' stolen CCE Copyright and stolen software. Proof above, if you need a helpful reminder.

    When you address that in your emails or comments - and you know who you are - we can start to have an open discussion about the real issues here. Until then, our goal will continue to be to educate consignment and resale store owners so they can make a well-informed decision. BCSS has bombarded search engine results and I'm glad The Computer Peeps have been able to pierce right through that.
  48. BrandonK
    A CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT WOULD BE A NO BRAINER, and we are willing to get involved if any of you all will organize and lead. Because I couldn't agree more with everything you all are saying. I wish I would have read all this prior to our purchase. Promises you the world then delivers the seventh ring hell if you are depending on this software to do business. Never have I struggled so much with a company. When we bought the software, Steve told me they we would be able to do all this customization and that the features that aren't working was due to the trial version. [email protected]!?$. BCSS has a tremendous amount of buttons and features that do not work, and then when you try to tell Steve about it he gets all upset and tells his whole team to not work with you without charging. I TOLD STEVE AND I'LL TELL ANYONE ELSE THAT WANTS TO LISTEN. We don't mind paying for customization, but it is your responsibility to have the features and the program that you sold (as working) to work! STAY AWAY FROM THIS SOFTWARE AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT STEVE HENNING IS INVOLVED WITH!!!!!!!
  49. PissedinOhioHeather
    I am willing but I am in OHIO. Anyone willing also to advise of someone counsel wise that is "good " and well versed in this area of expertise? I AM IN ! I have spent over 1500! and time is a $$ killer. I am so spent on this issue , that we are switching from consignment to resale and getting a old fashion register! I have had it! My time is valuable just as the rest of yours. THIS bcss company needs to be put in its place! unprofessional is not EVEN the word for it! Please contact me !
  50. Carolyn
    but Dean, I bought my LIberty USED the first time around, I just had to pay Liberty an activation fee. Have things changed?
    • Dean
      Hi Carolyn,

      With software, you actually don't own it. One cannot sell Liberty to another person. So it wasn't that you bought Liberty used. The terminology can definitely be a bit confusing, but you didn't actually buy Liberty used.

      Here's how it works:

      - If you decide to sell your store today, but you are keeping the name Baja Rosi's and the physical store location is the same, then you can TRANSFER the software license to the new store owner (IF it hasn't been previously transferred, that is). NO SOFTWARE IS BEING SOLD in this instance. You are simply transferring the right to use the license of the software to the new store owner, as Resaleworld allows this in their End-User License Agreement. The software was not sold in this case.

      - If you decide to close your store today, but you are truly closing the store, you cannot sell your Serial # to "So-and-So's Consignment Shop" across town.

      If you have any questions about Liberty's licensing terms, you can call Resalworld to verify the terms of their license. Ask Resaleworld if you can sell your software to "So-and-So's Consignment Shop" across town. :)
  51. Dean
    I wanted to address a comment that was posted, but we have not approved. The suggested notion in the comment was, BCSS somehow "forgot" to edit the "website template" and as we all know (*cough*), website templates have standard "places" where copyright info goes.

    Ok, BCSS is a software developer, right? You're tellin' me they picked-up some cheap, HTML template and FORGOT TO EDIT something? They don't use WordPress, so they don't use some at-a-distance editor/web interface to work on their web pages. They just use a standard template that's listed under "Web Hosting & Technology" on hundreds of template sites and tweaked it. As a software company, they should be smart enough to edit their own copyright.

    Let's pretend for a second, you're right though. They obviously typed SOMETHING there - so why didn't they type THEIR copyright instead of CCE's? Just a bit of an oversight, wouldn't you say?

    I'll raise you one more, commenter. If your Google-Fu is strong, you can go find BCSS' first version, stolen from CCE. We outlined the details of that in the following article ->, which I linked to above. I guess BCSS forgot to take out CCE's company info before they started distributing their software. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    We have clients call us every single week, with issue after issue from BCSS. I have worked for a software developer, I was a Project Manager, and I understand the reality of software development. None of the consignment programs are perfect. While they might not be perfect and while there are improvements that could be made to ALL of the major consignment programs, at least the legitimate vendors out there attempt to release program updates. BCSS' updates aren't new features or stability fixes. They scramble to address issues their software has caused to store owners' databases. BCSS still has the same data integrity issues it's had for years. dBase/FoxPro is an old, outdated database technology. While dBase/FoxPro can be used for storing data, it's old technology and it relies way too much on the software using it, to be programmed perfectly for stability, performance, and data integrity. So I hope that addresses the copyright issue.
  52. Kate Holmes
    Thanks for the reminder! My computer AND my backup drive sit in a room directly under a giant live oak tree. Thumb drive, here I come... will stash it in the same (waterproof) tote as my favorite nightie and granola bars!
  53. Kate Holmes
    Does a javascript blocker interfere with all javascript? if so, why install it just to "stay safe" on fb? ps how can we get our friends/fans on fb from including OUR name on apps like the one that sends "Joe Blow requesting your birthday" Now, an app that sends me roses on my b-day would be another matter ;)
  54. Dean
    NoScript (the Javascript blocker we recommend) blocks all Javascript. I think everyone should install and use NoScript, regardless of whether or not you use Facebook. It's just that exploits are commonly Javascript-based and it's a common exploit to publish what appears to be a legit app to the Facebook Apps market, then redirect the user to a 3rd party site so the malicious code can be executed. Having NoScript installed and enabled, will prevent that. People forget they have NoScript installed though. :) They'll go to visit a site they haven't visited since installing NoScript. Since many sites utilize Javascript and other active content, a website usually won't look right or function properly until you allow it. So it's more a matter of being prepared for how NoScript works and knowing you have to allow/whitelist a site. Once you've hit your usual sites though, you usually have your whitelist all set within the first 24-48 hours.

    Go to Privacy Settings > Blocked People and Apps > Manage Blocking. You can block requests from specific people, or specific apps:

    Facebook Privacy Settings

    Facebook has just become too much of a breeding ground for viruses and crappy content. I get my news and info from reddit and I share via Google Plus. I have a Facebook account so I can participate in Resale Connect, but Google Plus really does offer more for businesses @ SEO and it's a bit more grown-up in certain ways than Facebook is. I'm trying to think of how the consignment industry can take advantage of Google Hangouts - i.e. Google Plus' free video conferencing. You can invite people to a group video conference and everyone can see and hear one another.

    I'm still waiting for the beer & cupcakes on my birthday app! ;)
  55. Kate Holmes
    Thanks, Dean... as I understand the javascript thingie, I can allow/disallow it on sites as I wish, and once allowed, the permission remains on my future visits to that site, right? I too am waiting for FB to go the way of MySpace. Hate the bossiness of it all, and if I didn't have to reach MY customers... resale shopkeepers... I'd be off it in a flash!
    • Dean
      @I can allow/disallow it on sites as I wish, and once allowed, the permission remains on my future visits to that site, right?

      Yep! You nailed it right on the head! The first time you visit Facebook after installing NoScript, you'll see at least two sites to be allowed:

      In this case, it's Facebook's primary domain (, as well as one of their secondary domains ( Sites the size of Facebook aren't running on just one computer in a closet somewhere. Frequently, 'assets' (e.g. images, style sheets, etc.) will be offloaded to another server/other servers dedicated to 'content delivery'.

      Take a look at Google Plus when you have a second. It's worth claiming your own page, just for the SEO benefits alone. Let me know if you have any questions!
  56. Fed Up in NY
    I purchased BCSS about 8 months ago and like everyone else here have had nothing but trouble. The wasted time I have spent re-entering information after it suddenly disappers into "BCSS land" as I refer to it and never to be found again makes me sick. The endless bogus updates that do nothing or the email response to contact tech support and they send you the same bogus update. I want my money back and my time back when I would -enter 40+ items into inventory and they would disappear after I hit OK -Choose dozens of individual lables to print which is a painstaking process to hit OK and have the label page come up blank and I have to do the whole thing over. -the fact that it does not list house account as 100% at any given spot in the software it will display either 0% or 50% no matter how many times I use the inoperable Percentage tool. -The endless times it freezes and can only access anything through task manager. -The endless and over wordy manual that seems to stop short of actually giving the right advice before it tells you to contact an outside service. -My last rant of many, many others is I HATE that the enter button does not work throughout the software. He is a thief and should be held accountable. Sign me up.
    • Dean
      Thank you for replying, Fed Up in NY! I have a client in New Jersey who we're converting this week and is in the same boat as you. She enters items, they vanish. She has to make multiple backups throughout the day, just in case the work she did vanishes.

      BCSS has given her handfuls of "updates," but it's all smoke and mirrors - they're not updating anything in those builds. Data integrity, relational integrity, and input validation - Steve @ BCSS should look into those things.

      It sounds like it's time for you to convert off of BCSS. All we can keep doing is sharing this information and hopefully it will save future store owners the misery and money lost. Steve has best consignment software flooded everywhere and still, to this very day, he's still able to scam store owners and take their money.
  57. Tomas Boom
    Hello. I'm using Consignment Success for 4 years and I'm very happy with the program, but now i'm expanding my business and i need to work with 3 or more computers accessing at the same time. With Consignment Success i have 2 licenses, and when i used the computer that access the main computer it's very slow to add inventory or edit something. I'm considering to change to Liberty 4, like i said, i'm really comfortable with Consignment Success but i think Liberty 4 can support many computers at a time without a problem because is made it with SQL. What do you think? Thanks for your comments.
    • Dean
      Hi Tomas,

      Thanks for posting on our blog! Consignment Ease and Consignment Success suffer from the same issues that all non-server/client RDBMSes suffer from - performance and stability issues. Success uses dBase/FoxPro (.dbf) files. On day 1, the program will perform quite well. As more data is added on or if you add additional workstations to connected to the shared folder on the server where the data files reside, you will begin to see LONG delays when loading the program, or navigating from screen to screen.

      Moving to Gigabit Ethernet can help, if you're on a 10 or 100 Mbps network, but the application doesn't actually send that much data across the network. The issue is many-fold and it all boils down to the type of database management system, or lack thereof, that is used for applications that utilize dBase or FoxPro.

      You will never see a company say, "We need a database management system that scales up from 10-100 users - let's use dBase!"

      So if you're at the point where you have 3+ systems and potentially will have more in the future (along with more inventory, more sales, more consignors, etc.) then you need a database management system that can actually handle that volume.

      We're open Monday-Friday from 10AM-5PM and on Saturdays from 12PM-4PM. We offer a free 30-consultation and we can discuss all of your options. Let me know if you have any additional questions!
  58. Chanae Houska
    Hey, I would like to know which consignment software would be best. I am just starting out, and I have no idea what I need. SO if you could help that would be awesome! Thank you! Chanae Houska
    • Dean
      Hi Chanae,

      Thanks for replying to our article! We get asked this all the time - i.e. "What is the best consignment software out there?" That very catch phrase is the phrase each of the consignment software vendors try to capitalize on as well. They all say something about "best" somewhere on their sites. That's why we decided to utilize the same terms and inject some accurate information into the sales smog out there.

      None of them are the "best" consignment program. Each of them have pros and cons - some more cons than others.

      First, you have to stick with the programs that are established and will be around in their current capacity, for years to come. The reputable consignment programs out there are:

      • ConsignmentTill
      • ConsignPro
      • Liberty
      • Consignment Ease/Consignment Success
      • Simple Consign

      Each of them can run a consignment store, but you'll find each program has its limitations, as well as benefits. For example, Consignment Ease and Consignment Success (little and big brother versions of the same program) are easy to install and easy to just "start using" right away. There are limitations to those programs though, such as the fact that in order to keep your accounting correct, you are personally responsible for running multiple maintenance utilities to balance out accounts. Failure to do so results in accounts being paid incorrect amounts. For a small store with just one computer and a not-too-high volume of consignments/sales, Consignment Ease is an inexpensive program that would give you far more than you would have if you did everything by hand. Ease and Success also don't scale up well, as far as networking and large amounts of data. If you planned on running 7 computers and processing hundreds of items and sales each day, the technology behind those products does not allow for it.

      Liberty doesn't require manual accounting, markdowns are automatic, backups can be configured automatically, and since it utilizes MS SQL Server, it does scale-up well to larger networks and larger amounts of data. Liberty isn't perfect though and even on a fast network with fast systems, certain screens in Liberty can show Not Responding, even though the hardware and database are performing very quickly. Liberty also only does Item Fees based on a flat dollar amount, not based on a percentage. For stores who do a wide-range of prices - e.g. furniture - a percentage Item Fee might be a must-have. Does that mean Liberty is useless? Absolutely not. Some might be able to work around that issue, whereas some might find that as a show-stopper.

      ConsignPro has been around for years and the many options it has, reflect the many years of feedback from store owners and updates Brian has responded with. ConsignPro is also very easy to install and can run in a network environment better than Ease or Success can, since it offers actual database settings within the software. It utilizes MS Access for its database, which provides it with a bit of a performance boost over Ease/Success, but since it's MS Access, it too is limited by larger amounts of data, as well as concurrent connections to the database - e.g. from other computers adding items, ringing-up sales, etc. Brian's Remote Item Entry though, was a really fantastic way to go about adding items while off-site. It's all web-based, so you don't have to purchase an app or install any special software. You can do remote item entry from a tablet, a phone, a laptop, etc.

      ConsignmentTill is the only one of the consignment programs to offer customizable tags. You can layout and design your tags/barcodes any way you'd like. That being said, it doesn't include any tag formats right out of the box and you have to either create them yourself, or Ron @ ConsignmentTill remotes-in to configure them. ConsignmentTill has a very touch-screen friendly point of sale interface and can be networked. It also suffers from performance issues, once you get up to 3+ systems. Ron has made very strong efforts to address this though and has moved from Access, to an embedded-SQL database and rumor has it, is about to enhance the database back-end in the near future.

      The key is, you really should try ALL of the programs before you buy. Put together a short checklist of tasks that you will go through in each of the programs. Be very deliberate, e.g.:

      • Simulate entering multiple, consigned items - just as though you were processing consignments.
      • Ring-up multiple sales, using different scenarios - e.g. standard sale, discounted sale, tax-free sale, etc.
      • Cut a check to a consignor.
      • Run a daily sales report, an annual sales report, and a report of sales information to help see which items/brands have sold.

      You have the benefit of getting at least 30 days to try each program, so there's no reason a store owner can't try each program and truly pet each through its paces.

      We also offer a free consultation if you'd like to discuss any specific concerns or if you have any unique processes that you want to be sure the consignment program you select, can in fact handle.
  59. Pete Cilley
    As a business owner looking to purchase my first suite of consignment software, I am finding it very hard to sort through the conflicting claims that populate the internet. I am finding info about how great BCSS is and how crappy everyone else is and vice versa. I have no idea who to trust. I feel like I am about to gamble with potentially thousands of dollars. Can I really trust you to give me unbiased info? Are you compensated in any way by the companies you review and/or post info about? Thanks for a reply. Pete in Washington State.
    • Dean
      Hi Pete,

      We are not compensated in any way, shape, or form. We are specialists in the consignment industry. You will not find ANY website on the Internet that says BCSS is "great" - that is, no website that isn't OWNED AND OPERATED BY STEVE @ BCSS.

      Show me one website that says BCSS is good and I will show you the owner of that website is Steve @ BCSS.


      - BCSS is the only consignment software vendor who is not a member of NARTS.
      - BCSS was stolen from CCE.
      - BCSS still utilizes false copyright information.
      - BCSS uses the worst possible database platform out there - dBase/FoxPro.
      - BCSS has not had a serious update in years.
      - BCSS is unstable and crashes so often, clients who use it setup reminders to make multiple backups throughout the day.

      We are so vocal about BCSS, because Steve has done nothing but take money from store owners. He has absolutely NO TECHNICAL SUPPORT. He has a consignment store owner who does support for his software. He will not participate in any public forum, nor attend the NARTS conferences every year.

      You will not find a single, successful, 10+ years-in-business consignment store ANYWHERE that is running BCSS.

      Steve @ BCSS spends all his time on polluting search engine results with the myriad websites he runs. We are quite proud to have absolutely destroyed his little search engine pollution game. It's why you found this very post.

      Let me know if you would like any further details. I strongly encourage you to download and install the demos of each of the consignment programs out there. From ConsignPro, to Liberty, to ConsignmentTill, there are plenty of legitimate programs out there. BCSS is a scam and his "$150" is bogus - it's $150 per year for three years. Don't waste your money and do your research on dBase/FoxPro performance issues.
  60. noname
    Just wondering if anyone has been successful at actually getting funds reimbursed for this system? I have only had the system for a short time but can already see that this system is taking years from my life! I am generally a rational person but this system makes my blood boil! I am about to ask for my money back.....I had a feeling that it could be difficult given the customer service I've received thus far but after reading all of this, I am really scared about it.
    • Dean
      I'm not certain anyone has been able to receive a refund, or realized they needed it within the allotted time period. I would love for BCSS to post a comment in this thread and address these issues. I would love to see them at the N.A.R.T.S. conference every year.

      While I am always the first to discourage our clients from switching software, the stability - or lack thereof - of the database and the program, are not something we can faithfully recommend to any consignment or resale store owner. Trying to save a little bit of money up-front, turns into program crashes and delays down the road.

      Liberty, ConsignPro, and ConsignmentTill, to name a few, or some of the reputable consignment programs out there. You'll see us say it and I'll say it again - none of the consignment programs are perfect. If you're already running into issues and considering the track-record of BCSS' performance, I recommend trying out the free demos for the various consignment programs out there. Each offers some form of conversion/data import, so you can bring your consignor accounts and inventory into the new program.

      Let us know if you have any questions!
  61. Jonathan S
    I do think the email should be taken care of within Liberty. However, I have never been able to use the email feature because for some reason, and maybe it is ONLY with MY provider/host, they the server requires something that Liberty has not done. I believe it required some sort of check for new mail before it would send mail, so, since Liberty only sent, it would never work. So, for myself, this option will actually work for me as it will now be, so I would be fine this way.
    • Dean
      I agree. The burden is being placed on the user and now the user requires the technical ability to configure their default email client; and to maintain/backup their default email client.

      Liberty is one of the most popular and widely-used consignment programs in the industry. The method they utilized for the existing Send Mail feature, in my opinion, is a shortcut and it avoids putting in the work now, to benefit the USER in the long-run. If they have two options, one is easy on development, but difficult on you. The other is more difficult on development, but easier on you.

      I feel store owners who have paid for the "best consignment software" (cough) deserve better. We're already getting the support calls for "Liberty won't send email until I configure Outlook Express!"

      Maybe they just added this now as a place-holder and in their next release, they'll add a similar feature as ConsignPro. I think Liberty users deserve it and there's no reason to take the easy way out and push the burden onto the users.

      A problem Liberty AND ConsignPro face, is neither of them are compatible with secure (SSL/TLS) connections. For users of Gmail, Google Apps, Liberty and ConsignPro are incompatible. This is a matter of them adding support for SSL/TLS. Is that something that takes months? No. Would it benefit users of both of these consignment programs? Yes. Why haven't they added secure email connections? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      It looks like your website is hosted @ Some servers require you connect/authenticate at least once before sending an email. The server configuration should permit SMTP connections though, as long as they are authenticated.

      I highly recommend utilizing Google Apps for email infrastructure. Of course, both Liberty and ConsignPro still do not support SSL/TLS, so stores who are enjoying the benefits of Google Apps, cannot utilize email with Liberty or ConsignPro.
    • Dean
      Hey, Ron! Thanks for posting! Glad to see you up here! :)

      We're definitely aware of the Start Menu 'hacks' out there. Ninite has had Classic Start available for download for quite some time.

      Thus far, every client who's purchased Windows 8, has run into application crashes. The removal of Aero gives the appearance of a snappier interface, but underneath, application stability just isn't there yet, based on the last few weeks' worth of calls.

      Windows Blue is already on the horizon for 2013, so Windows 8 might not be around in its current format for much longer.

      I try to keep stability in mind, along with a straight-forward system and Windows 8 just doesn't offer anything for consignment businesses or small-businesses in general, just yet. Hands-down, the push is for a touch interface with Windows 8, that's the name of the game. The fake fast-boot, the line in the sand @ Microsoft's app store, UEFI, etc. all point to a closed system.

      For anyone still running Windows XP, absolutely move up to Windows 7. I wouldn't make the jump to 8 just yet. Let's see where Windows Blue goes, if anywhere, and let's see a Service Pack make its way out.

      Thanks again for posting! Feel free to hop on the ConsignmentTill MS SQL Server thread too!
  62. Ron Funnell
    Moving ConsignmentTill to MS-SQL Server is definitely a large step up from using an embedded database as far as speed and multi user access. Calls which require data from many different (related) tables are now lightning fast. MS-SQL Server is also optimized for multiple connections via networked computers.

    Note: RJFSOFT does not charge extra for the ability to add (connect) networked computers to the central database.

    A couple highlights regarding version 4.0:
    - Zebra Tag Printing: Ability to set a different printer to each tag design
    - Ability to save width and position of columns in displayed tables
    - Wish List Updated:
    * Record date Wish added
    * Record notes for Wish
    * Record date customer contacted
    * New form for viewing/searching wish lists
    - Feature to give consignors "Quick Cash" (from drawer) without having to perform a true settlement
  63. Ron Funnell
    OS info for ConsignmentTill 4.0:
    - Version 4.0 will not work on Windows XP for database computer (but OK for networked computers). Install version 3.6 if you only have XP computers.
    - Vista requires SP2 (service pack two) installed
    - Windows 7 requires SP1 (service pack one) installed

    thanks, Ron
  64. Ron Funnell
    Microsoft will include antivirus in Windows 8 for the first time in the history of Windows.
    • Dean
      Microsoft has actually been including antivirus on systems for quite some time now. If a system is connected to the web and has no antivirus software installed, Microsoft Security Essentials will be downloaded and installed immediately.

      Windows Defender has been part of Windows since Vista and now, they are essentially rolling MSE and Defender into one.

      Microsoft Security Essentials and Windows Defender are absolutely horrible antivirus programs though. MSE is one of the most-commonly circumvented security products I see come across my desk. Here's a recent example we just posted to Facebook.

      Moral of the story: do not rely on MSE/Defender for your antivirus.
  65. Tina
    HI! Very interesting reading. Thank you for all of the information.

    I am a small business owner with 2 consignment shops presently. Both are ULTRA busy, all accounting done manually at the moment. I purchased BCSS two years ago and have had a nightmare of a time getting it going. Now that I have a second store, it's not even possible as far as I understand it. The hardware that i bought is still all the box, never even used. I am desperate to get automated; really need to do something before I burn out from working 24/7. I would like to grow my business to include other locations ultimately so I am seeking a program that I can grow with. Would you have any recommendations??

    Thank you so much.

  66. Dean
    Hi Tina,

    As you and many others have found, BCSS just doesn't seem to be able to provide a reliable, stable platform for consignment and resale store owners to run their business on.

    When it comes to scalability, the database engine itself really has to be scrutinized. You simply will not find any developers building applications that are meant for large-scale data storage and high-performance, using the database engine BCSS uses (dBase).

    It's worth considering one of the SQL-based solutions, which would be Consignment Till or Liberty.

    Depending on which hardware items you purchased, it's possible some of it will work with a different consignment program. Each of them utilize very specific parameters, which the programs and tags are designed around. Sometimes hardware can be bent into working, if not completely, then partially. e.g. receipt printer prints, cash drawer doesn't auto-fire.

    We can take a look at the hardware you have and see if you can squeeze any life out of it. A worse-case scenario, is the hardware can be sold on eBay, Craig's List, or to another store owner.

    We're available Monday through Friday from 10 AM-5 PM Eastern and Saturday from 12-4 PM. We offer a free 30-minute consultation as well.

    Hope this helps!
  67. john henry
    I have liberty consignment software and I was wondering if the backup I do everynight when I shut liberty down is enough. If I were to have problems would this be a good enough backup to get my files back or should I possibly invest another backup utility? Any help you can give me would be much appreciated thanks John.
    • Dean
      Hi John,

      Thanks for commenting!

      I was wondering if the backup I do everynight when I shut liberty down is enough

      That depends. Where is this backup being saved to? Is it going to a little USB flash drive? An external hard drive? The internal hard drive? *gasp*

      So that would be the first set of questions that would have to be answered, to know if the backup you're doing right now, is functional in the event of a system crash.

      I don't know how many clients we've worked with though over the years who click "Yes" each day, but the backup file was being saved to the internal hard drive.

      That's not the end of it though. Is that your only backup? If you're relying solely on a single USB flash drive to store your backups, you are putting all of your eggs in one basket. The goal with a backup system, is redundancy. Again, I don't know how many clients we've worked with who were backing-up to a single USB drive, only to lose it, snap it in pieces when they bumped into the computer, or it just flat out die on them prematurely.

      So that brings up the question of, are you going to backup to 7 different USB flash drives? Are you personally going to house/store all of those? What about nights when you don't close the store and an employee closes the store?

      We want to achieve redundancy, but we don't want to implement a Rube Goldberg setup either.

      Liberty's included RWMaint utility can create a backup of the database and it increments the file name each time it does so - e.g. RWD1, RWD2, RWD3...RWD7. Once it gets to 7, it re-writes 1, then 2, and so on. This has to be configured to run via Scheduled Task though. It also has a drawback - it stores these RWDn files on the internal hard drive. Its purpose is actually to compress/maintain the database, so it performs a backup prior to doing so as a precaution. Two birds, one stone. Those files just need to be scripted to be copied out to another location.

      We recommend the following setup for Liberty:

      - User-generated backup @ "Yes" each night, goes to exteral USB hard drive

      - RWMaint scheduled to run nightly

      - RWDMaint's backup files copied to external drive via script

      - CrashPlan configured to grab all RWDn backups from all locations, as well as user-generated backup on the external hard drive

      With the above setup, you have an extremely redundant backup solution for not only your Liberty data, but every important file on your system as well. Whether it be a document, picture, or spread sheet, you'd have everything backed-up to multiple locations (you can even send backups to your house) AND you have the luxury of being able to immediately restore any version of a file. e.g. If you botch a spread sheet and need to revert to the one from *three days ago*, it's one click to do so.

      Liberty also has an additional backup utility (RWDBack), but we do not recommend utilizing it for scheduled tasks. It will fill up your hard drive with backup files. Ask RSW if they feel confident in a backup made by RWMaint and it will be a resounding, "Yes!"

      As always, if you have any questions just let us know! We can configure all of the above for you. It's simply too affordable and too easy to achieve such a setup, tried and tested.
  68. Cat
    We are a small art and craft gallery in BC Canada. After three weeks of searching we are seriously looking at or a Canadian company called Astrix. Had any experience with these two? Consignmentsoftware has a good alround capability I think and Astrix is a one man show but seems like a good basic product. There is no intergation to Quickbooks accounting programs in either though. There is also QuickbooksPOS with the Ability add on options too which I am considering. It seems a bit pricey but sometimes paying a bit more is worth the trouble in the long run. I believe there is no support with QuickbooksPOS. It also has no updates included. Ability is a consignment add on that is used by paying a yearly subscription. Any advice. We need one cashier and a back office. I like the idea of being able to use a mobile device to sell from but we don't want to switch credit card processing yet. We want to do an estore as well at some point and I guess at that time we will have to switch to whatever POS we use's credit card processing method, right? or could we link up an estore with our POS and process payment through PayPal?
    • Dean
      Hi Cat,

      Thanks for commenting! We have worked with and are very familiar with SBS' The Consignment Shop Software. Astrix though, no. We have no clients utilizing their software and as someone who's been in the consignment industry since 2003, I can't say I've heard of them. That's not to discount them completely, just stating the facts.

      Have you downloaded, installed, and fully evaluated each of these programs? Since you're in Canada, it's definitely worth considering ConsignmentTill by RJFSoft. Canadian tax rules, check rules, etc. are important, as is the new 'penny' change. ConsignmentTill just moved to a much stronger, faster, more reliable and scalable database too - MS SQL Server. So now ConsignmentTill and Liberty are the only two consignment software programs utilizing MS SQL Server. That's a pretty important factor as well, as this isn't just a game or for personal-use - this is your business; your livelihood.

      The database in which you store your consignors, items, sales, payouts, etc. is very important. There's a reason Ron @ ConsignmentTill spent the time to convert to MS SQL Server - it's more reliable. Since you're already going to be a two-computer network setup and will only grow from there, the database at the center of your setup is a key factor here.

      QuickBooks' Consignment module, while functional, is an add-on/after thought. If you're serious about consignment, I would go with an actual consignment software program. Ever client we've worked with who tried the QB consignment module, switched to a professional consignment program eventually.

      It's easy enough to do an online shopping cart which looks great, is easy to use, and is functional; completely independent of the consignment software vendors. For that, PayPal would be used and your customers could pay with credit cards, without having a PayPal account.

      As far as credit card processing within the system itself, you can utilize the integrated software such as X-Charge, or you can utilize any credit card processing service you'd like outside of the software.

      Let us know if this helps and if you have any additional questions, let us know!
  69. Tanya
    Dean and Cara- So timely! I just got my wordpress site back up and running. Will look into installing that log-in protection. Thank you for your awesome help!
  70. Megan
    I too have been screwed by BCSS! The "tech" support worked on my computer and deleted about half of my inventory so almost every sale when we scan an item it says that they file is not in our system and we have to manually enter the item under our house account. Needless to say doing inventory is next to impossible right now. I am trying to figure out what other software to use! HELP!!!
    • Dean
      Hi Megan,

      Sorry to hear you're running into issues with BCSS, sincerely. It's a pain in the ass (pardon my language, but it is) and this is why it's not fair to say you (BCSS) offer tech support, when it's a store owner who's doing the support. Qualified techs are rare. We speak with qualified "techs" on a regular basis and we're always expecting to talk to someone who's going to wow us or display the skills necessary to support databases, address PCI DSS, etc. It's rare that you find a tech at that level, let alone a store owner who is supposed to be the software tech for however-many users.

      It's a shame she/he didn't have a backup of your database to revert to, but you're here now, so all we can do is move forward.

      There are multiple consignment programs on the market. None of the programs are perfect and none of the software vendors are angels sent from heaven. They are at the very least, legitimate programs and legitimate vendors and are members of NARTS. So you definitely have some options that are more stable and more reliable than BCSS.

      We have a list of the reputable consignment software vendors available on our Consignment Software Vendor Overview.

      We're open today (Saturday) from 12-4 PM Eastern. We help stores convert and transition from no software or from other programs, all the time. We most-recently helped Dragonflies & Ladybugs convert from BCSS. They chose Liberty4 Consignment as their software to replace BCSS. The good thing is, you can download demos of each of these programs and try them for free. Liberty has a complete conversion for BCSS data. ConsignPro should be able to get your accounts and inventory at the very least. ConsignmentTill as well.

      We help stores convert and deal with the many issues between buying consignment software and actually getting up and running. Just ask Polka Dots Consignment the amount of work involved with getting their systems righted, getting their data converted, performing custom changes to the database, training, etc.

      Feel free to give us a buzz @ (888) 374-5422 and we can answer any questions you might have about any of the programs, the conversion process, and getting your systems up and running under PCI DSS.
  71. Frustrated
    Add me to the list of people screwed by this loser, Steve. I purchased the BCSS software for my consignment store. After a year in business, I closed my consignment shop and sold my software system to another store owner. It CLEARLY states that I have resell rights on this software. I was told that all I needed to pay was a $29 transfer fee and the new owner would be ready to go. I asked about any other charges and was reassured by Russell that there were no other fees. All I had to do was have the new owner contact him and he would take care of the rest. The new owner contacted him (it took forever to actually get someone on the line. Many times the phone rang and rang with no response) and was told by Steve that I had to pay a fee of $50 (not $29 as Russell had told me). Steve told this lady that I was liar. Funny, I have the emails to prove the $29 fee that was agreed on. Such a professional man, wouldn't you say? Calling his customers liars?! He then asked the lady my name and looked my account up. He asked her how much I sold the BCSS software to her for and told her that I charged her too much. He then (without my consent or knowledge) discussed what I purchased from him and for what amount. He told her that he wouldn't send her the unlock code until she paid him $150. Right now, we are right in the middle of all of this and I just feel sick. I wish I woul have koan about this jacka$$ a long time ago. People, DON'T purchase anything from him!
  72. Brian Wilson
    The reason the file gets deleted is because previous versions of ConsignPro stored this file in the \Windows folder. In certain recovery situations, Windows regards this as a foreign file and removes it completely. We have solved that problem, in Version 8.13, by moving the file into the \ConsignPro folder. So, to avoid the problem, simply update to 8.13 or later!
  73. Dean
    Hi Brian,

    Thanks for replying! It was definitely a good move to no longer store cp.ini in the Windows directory, but that's not what I'm referring to in the entirety of this post. ;)

    This issue still happens today, even on v8.23!

    If you do not select the correct antivirus software AND properly configure it OR if you utilize a program such as Carbonite to backup the entire ConsignPro directory, then you WILL run into issues and the cp.ini file will either be deleted (antivirus) or "bumped-in to" by Carbonite, leaving the file named cp2.ini.

    So just to be clear, the issue with the file getting deleted STILL EXISTS in v8.23. We have numerous, documented Support Tickets over the last week, all due to the new update. :)

    Thanks again for replying though!
  74. Anna Lovell
    Another victim here. APX $1,200 worth not counting the lost time and sales with this idiot If there's a lawsuit I can join please hook me up. I don't expect to recover after reading all of this I'm pissed and hope that loser rots in jail.
    • Dean
      Ultimately, what should really happen, is Liberty should receive proper functionality and not the workaround they implemented. From a programmer's perspective, they put the burden on YOU, not on the software itself. Liberty already has functionality built-in to it to let it send emails, but they didn't utilize that and instead, just added a quick-fix shortcut to launch your email software. There's just no reason for Liberty to not be able to send the email for you. Software to simplify your life! ;)

      So as of right now, it boils down to one, key issue - you cannot send emails to Accounts in Liberty unless you have email software installed AND configured on your desktop computer. e.g. Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, etc. If you already have Microsoft Outlook installed and configured, then you have a 'Default Mail Client' on your computer (i.e. installed software which has been configured to send emails). So when you click the 'Send Mail' button (the button really should say, 'Launch Your Email Software'), Liberty should attempt to launch a new email via your Outlook program.

      It's 2013 and installing desktop software just to be able to send and receive email, is silly. If you have 4 computers at your store, email software has to be installed, configured, maintained, and backed-up on all 4 computers. This is a burden to the store. Why not just be able to go to or

      For the SSL, or lack thereof, issue, it's a few lines of code to implement SSL support. Even if it's a day of programming, or a week of programming, is the response that it would 'cost too much' to add SSL support? Free software supports SSL, so a paid, 'boutique' application should support SSL as well. Since requires a secure connection, it appears as though Liberty would not be compatible with's SMTP settings.

      Let us know if you have any questions!
    • Dean
      It sounds like you have Microsoft Outlook installed on your desktop computer. If that's the case, then Liberty should work with this. When you click the 'Send Mail' button on the Account Detail screen, it should launch a new email window for you.

      If you have a second or third computer running Liberty, each would have to have its own license/installation for Microsoft Office and then Outlook would have to be configured.

      Let us know if you have any additional questions!
  75. Donna Stirnaman
    My headache started yesterday. So far no call backs or reply to emails. Oh, let me correct that statement, I am receiving emails from Ringo saying they have passed on my request to be called. After reading this, I am sure I have been sorely screwed by this company.
    • Dean
      Hi Donna,

      Yikes, that's not good. Sorry to hear you're running into issues with BCSS. From time to time, each of the consignment software vendors can take a bit to call you back. It is usually the same day though and typically within a few hours or less. Do they have that many calls to return, that Ringo can only pass along your request?

      While we do not encourage store owners to jump-ship and convert to a new consignment software program at the first sign of issues, there is a reality here that cannot be ignored. It's probably a good idea to begin the 'demo' process of each of the major consignment programs. Liberty has an actual conversion utility, ConsignPro can import accounts and inventory, ConsignmentTill has an import function, etc.

      If anyone @ BCSS reads this, feel free to comment back! (Edit)
      • Donna Stirnaman
        Hi Dean, I have been contacted by Steve with a request to remove my comment from your blog. Please remove my comment from your blog. Seems I have to wait for 2 years before I can say anything about my experience with BCSS software company. Again, please remove my comment from your blog page. Donna Stirnaman
        • Dean
          Hi Donna,

          I am really sorry to hear that and more-so, a bit intrigued. I don't think I've ever heard of a company trying to get its customers to not say anything bad about it. Can you imagine buying a Coke or Pepsi and either company trying to say you can't talk about how you don't like their product? That seems really, well, weird.

          Hopefully you have been able to find a better solution for your business. If you need anything else or if you have any questions, just let us know! I'll scrub these comments for you this weekend.

          All the best,
  76. DC
    I recently purchased a consignment shop that uses ConsignPro, and although the software itself is good, the customer service I received from the OWNER of the company was quite lacking. I would not recommend ConsignPro to anyone, based solely on the unprofessional manner in which they choose to serve their customers.
  77. Josh Lewis
    Nice article. I'm wondering if I could possibly pick your brain for a second? I'm in the process of building a WP-based consignment store website for a client, and am unsure of how to go about integrating a "Round up for charity" option for the checkout process. Have you ever had any experience with how this could be accomplished? Even if I had to write my own plugin to do the task, I just haven't been able to find any documentation on how one would go about coding something like that. The most ideal situation would be if there was already a plugin that would integrate with WooCommerce, but after copious amounts of research, I certainly have my doubts that one exists. Thanks so much in advance if you have any pointers to offer me!
    • Dean
      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for posting! I haven't had to address this specific issue, but anything can be done if you're capable or willing to pay a developer. If WooCommerce doesn't support it directly, it comes down to customization or WooCommerce adding such a feature. Customization has a cost though, both now and with maintenance.

      As a workaround, one of the first things that comes to mind is a 'related product', so the shopper could select the amount to donate.

      It can't hurt to submit a request to add this feature, but chances are, even if it was added it wouldn't be done within your time line. This isn't something there would be documentation for, as much as someone simply has to write the logic @ IF customer does stuff, THEN round up. The function to calculate that, is something I wouldn't even dare to pretend to say I could write. The bigger question when it comes to custom/homegrown development, is who maintains it? You can't just throw a plugin or custom code at a WordPress installation and forget about it.

      So I would either look into custom development - i.e. hire a developer if programming isn't your area of expertise - or try to find a suitable compromise within your existing setup. Maybe x-post over on r/programming or r/wordpress?

      Best of luck!

      p.s. Kudos @ CloudFlare. ;)
  78. Jonathan
    I am starting to feel that any time you type in consignment store POS systems you get all the same scams. None of these programs look like what is needed and there is seems to be a corner on this market by scammers. Is this website even for real or another site used to promote one type of software, maybe with different names. Could any real consignment shop owners contact me and give me honest reviews of these products.
    • Dean
      Hi Jonathan,

      Thanks for commenting! You're right about searching Google and what shows up when you search. The majority of the search results have been bombarded by BCSS and the other consignment software vendors have even picked-up on the whole 'best consignment software' SEO approach.

      Yes, this website is for real. =) It doesn't take much searching to see The Computer Peeps' background and just how many consignment store owners we assist.

      The first thing is, any sites that are "paid reviews" are just that - paid reviews. The post you're commenting on here is specific to BCSS and the "flooding" of search results, which has led to many of our clients wasting a lot of time and money on issues with that software. Since many store owners go to Google and search for information, we felt it was unfair that one person flood the search results and confuse so many.

      Now, as far as legitimate software vendors, any of the vendors who are NARTS Members are legitimate companies. What's interesting is, we've been approached by vendors to refer clients for financial gain. That is not our goal nor our interest and it's amazing how a vendor's attitude change when you tell them you're not interested in a referral program. :) Our goal is to help store owners have correct information so they can make an informed decision.

      We offer a free 30-minute consultation and we can go through the technical details, program usability, and more so you can have a clearer idea of what each program is and what it can do. Most-any of the consignment programs can run a consignment/resale store, but there are both key technical differences, as well as subjective preferences that affect things.

      What's difficult is for one store owner to say, "use this software because I use it". For every store owner who likes a consignment program, we have 5 other store owners' experiences that are contrary to that. If you go into the purchase knowing all of the details and are aware of any details that might be left out by a vendor during a sale, you are likely to have a far better experience and end-up with the program that works best for your store.

      I recommend joining NARTS so you can communicate with other NARTS members - i.e. real store owners - all across the country. There is also a Facebook Group called Resale Connect for store owners, which many store owners discuss this very topic.

      I'm here every weekday from 10-5 and Saturday from 12-4 if you have any questions! Thanks again for commenting!
  79. Bruce Porter
    I'm having automating the backups. I am running Windows 8 on my server and it appears that RWDBACK doesn't like to run automatically on that platform. What can you tell me about this scenario? Thanks!
    • Dean
      Hi Bruce,

      Sorry to hear you're running in to issues! Windows 8 is essentially the shortest-lived version of Windows, outside of Windows ME. We simply cannot recommend Windows 8 for any of the consignment programs, as it has proven to not be completely compatible, let alone ready for "prime-time".

      For Liberty backups, I would not utilize their RWDBack utility for automatic backups. It has a serious shortcoming, which is that it does not automatically maintain its backup files and will eventually fill-up your hard drive. It has also been the only backup utility of Liberty to have multiple bugs and failures over the years - e.g. not backing up files back in 2008, "forgetting" Scheduled Tasks, etc.

      For Liberty backups, their RWMaint utility really is the best solution and the one we recommend. Not only do you get daily backups which are self-maintained - i.e. RWD1 - RWD7 - it also performs the recommended database checks and database compression, properly maintaining the database for you.

      So hands-down, go with RWMaint and I would avoid RWDBack. There is no doubt The Computer Peeps can configure the best backup solution for your system, Liberty, documents/files, etc. Just let us know if you'd like us to take care of this for you or if you have any additional questions!

      All the best,
  80. Brian
    Jonathan, they say one bad apple spoils the bunch. Don't let Steve's antics dissuade you, there are some very good software programs out there, ConsignPro being one. Listen to Dean, he's been at this a long time and knows the history of the industry. 99% of the people in this business are honest, the rest, well, this page speaks for itself I think.
    • Dean
      Hi Alice! We can contact your ISP and check for you. If not, I would typically opt for a Dynamic DNS service instead, which we can also setup for you. :) If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to give us a buzz!
  81. Alice
    would this be for my pos at cash wrap or for inputting in bak room maybe I missed it but didnt see a price except for the #300 upgrade
    • Dean
      Hi Alice, This could definitely work for the POS station or a low-volume item entry system. I'll give you a buzz tomorrow to follow-up and see if you have any other questions! All the best, Dean
  82. Wayne
    Dean, here are a few more for you. It would be great if you would keep track of some of the issues with CP that just never get any attention from Brian. CP allows payouts on accounts with negative balances. If 2 registers simultaneously complete sales the invoices will combine in unpredictable ways. We call this “crashed” invoices and it has been present since the introduction of CP. Does not always create an invoice for returned items. This happens about once a week. The result is overstated income. Not easy to catch unless you are balancing cash, credit, checks, AND account credits. If the software is set to logout the user after a preset period of time the login window will often end up partially off screen - makes logging back in difficult. Tuesday shutdowns take an excessive length of time in order for CP to update pickup dates. We don't even use the pickup date field but are forced to endure this process. If we need to reboot the server computer on a Tuesday then we have a problem as it impacts customers. Option to expire inventory to store account after a given number of days ceased working. Inventory now remains in consignor accounts after expiring.
    • Dean
      Hi Wayne,

      Thank you very much for commenting, sincerely. I am going to test/verify each of these directly, but I can say with a fair amount of confidence, the "two registers" issue is 100% related to the lack of a proper database management system.

      ConsignPro utilizes MS Access, instead of utilizing a RDBMS (Relational Database Management System) such as MySQL, MS SQL, Oracle, etc. By not having this, it allows for "collisions".

      Now, even if ConsignPro isn't utilizing such a system, what this tells me is, Brian isn't utilizing something called "Transactions". These exist even in an Access database and they are a core fundamental for writing large/complex amounts of data to a database and ensuring the data goes in properly and without conflict. Without utilizing Transaction-based queries, you're at the mercy of time itself, which can and will lead to "collisions."

      A quick Google search of 'access transaction query' returns plenty of results -- e.g.

      Without this, you simply cannot have a reliable tracking system, ESPECIALLY once you start adding multiple computers writing to the same database. It's simply a fundamental of database design and program design.

      The 'off screen' issue is such an easy one to fix. It's built-in to Visual Basic -- i.e. "Window location = Center, Manual, Parent Center, etc." These things are so easy to fix and there's really no reason such an issue should persist longer than A) internal testing or B) a customer saying, "Hey, I noticed this."

      The shutdowns at the end of the day, can be related to email. ConsignPro does not support proper SSL and the result is, at opening + shut-down, when ConsignPro goes to connect to the email server (or attempt to do so), it can take 30+ seconds while it fails in the background. This is also a fundamental of programming @ multi-threaded programming (prevents UI lock-ups), as well as time-outs/proper exception handling.

      Thank you again for commenting. My goal is not to make Brian feel bad. These issues are verifiable and ConsignPro could hire any outside consultant and they'd be told the same thing. The fact that the major consignment software vendors have shown a history of allowing issues to go on for years, speaks mounds to me. I support and maintain consignment/resale store owners' systems all day, every day. Doing so reveals just what issues the vendors have. They try to say "all software has bugs," yet I have provided the line-by-line fixes for said bugs and have demonstrated said bugs take minutes to fix. So is it cost? Is it time? Is it interest? I can only assume, but at the end of the day, my clients are more important than the feelings of the vendors.

      I'll check-in again this week, once I've had time to test these issues. Thanks again!
  83. Russell Levy
    Please note that communicating issues directly to Resaleworld via the Support Department or Message Board is the best way to see that issues are addressed as quickly as possible. Account note - truncated: The field is limited to 1024 characters, not 255. We can look at limiting the input in the UI. POS load time: This issue does not, and never has existed with Payment Logistics. This issue does exist with the Vantiv EMV integration IF and only if customer is not set up to process true EMV transactions. This is due to a process required by Vantiv in such scenarios. That said, there's no reason for a customer to have an EMV device and not be processing true EMV transactions. Cascading Unable to Connect to Database errors: This is being addressed in our 4.6 release Account Detail - focus on tab 1: This is being addressed in our 4.6 release Inventory module crash, rwd.cfg corruption: Unable to duplicate behavior in current versions of Liberty. I strongly believe that this would have only been present in version 4.3a, as we made a change to where this setting was written (it is now saved to the registry, rather than rwd.cfg) Liberty update breaking taskbar shortcuts: This is more of an issue with Windows Installer than anything else, however we're going to see if we can find a way to mitigate this. Clicking Item# column header does nothing on first click: Unable to duplicate on current version POS allows for unnamed coupons We are looking into addressing this in our 4.6 release RWDBUtil not multi-threaded I'll see about getting that addressed the next time we need to modify RWDBUtil for anything. I'm not going to ask our developers to make a change and recompile for only this issue. Login screen focus issue Unable to duplicate - additional information would be helpful (specific OS, does it happen consistently for certain users, etc) Access Violation printing tags to offline/unavailable printer Unable to duplicate in current version of Liberty Tag Printing Item Number Range The default, if printing from the inventory grid, is current item number through 99999. I've added an issue to consider adding an option to better control this behavior. It will be considered in a future release. RWDBack - no limits on scheduled backups This is being addressed in 4.6 Penny rounding issues All rounding issues that we are currently aware of have been addressed RWDBack - punctuation at the beginning of sentences Everyone can breath a long sigh of relief, this has been addressed in 4.6.
  84. Dean
    Holy crap, you're full of excuses. :D If you don't know what the 30 second delay is and how that got into a production release, then, well, it speaks for itself.

    I know it's not 255. The fact that this issue has existed for over a decade, is the issue. Really poor UX. Really poor.

    Poor UX

    You could fix this in one minute:

    One minute fix

    Dear god, someone's finally looking at how TTimer has no error handling? I've reported this multiple times. I shouldn't have to though. Anyone who actually supports this software for even a week, can see that issue and how poorly it handles the exception. Someone shouldn't have to tell you about this -- your programmer should know better.

    If you install Liberty updates even once, you would've seen the Taskbar icons breaking every single time. That I had to point it out, is telling.

    Do a clean install of Liberty on a clean machine @ sorting the column. It's been reproducible for well over 7 years. It's the datagrid.

    You've got issues @ form validation all over the software. The blank POS coupon is just one example. Why isn't someone going through these screens on a regular basis?

    You must not really understand the focus issue. You tried to 'fix' it with a workaround @ making the splash screen go away after so many seconds. The focus issue is not only on the login screen, but multiple screens throughout the software. I must support the software far more than you do, if you haven't seen this and the fact that you even tried to fix it with a workaround, should be clear enough.

    This reply is seriously a waste of time. You might be able to get over on customers, but you can't get over on me. I recommend spending the weekend and try to learn how to code. You're either being lied to by someone, or you know exactly what I'm saying.

    You make it sound like "recompiling" is magic and so difficult. If you can't recompile to fix a bug, you've got bigger issues. I'm not even going to address how silly that sounds. You're over exaggerating and trying to come off like software development is magic.
  85. Sherry Studer
    Ease of use is amazing. Simple and straightforward. Whether you are new to consignment software or a pro, you'll appreciate its uncomplicated and sensible approach. Dean Casey has included tons of incredibly innovative functions. Just released 2.10 update is spectacular. Too many to count, all of them awesome. Looking to change software or need software, give Peeps serious consideration
  86. Pam Hulbert
    I switched from another big name software company and couldn't be happier! Peeps is clean, simple and very user-friendly. I've seen more improvements in last few months with Peeps than I ever saw in 5 years with the "other" company. The reports are clearer, inputting items is simpler, looking up store credit is easier, the alerts feature is the bomb, the daily sales text is key, and the "do not take" function is awesome when training new employees....there are too many "fun" features to list them all! Dean is quick to help with all your questions, loves hearing suggestions from shop users and is by far the most helpful person I've ever dealt with. I can't give Dean and Peeps enough thumbs up! If he was closer to our shop, I'd hug him every day :)

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