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Being the best consignment software takes a lot.  Not only does the consignment software have to be well-built, stable, powerful consignment software, it also has to be easy consignment software for you and your employees.  One of the biggest complaints we’ve heard from consignment store owners through the years, is how tiny the screens and fields are in the old consignment software systems, or how difficult to use they are.  It’s one thing to just “handle consignment” or “handle buy outright” — it’s another thing to design the software around the true workflow of how a consignment or resale shop truly operates.

We’ve built Peeps’ Software around our customers and have addressed all of the issues never fixed by the old consignment programs.  There’s a reason why stores are switching from the old, limited options to Peeps’ SoftwarePeeps’ Software is designed around YOU — not you having to bend to complicated software.

Easy Consignment Software

Peeps’ Software has a simple-to-follow, intuitive workflow — and the text is easy to read!  Not nerdy, over-engineered software that’s difficult to use and difficult to see!

Easy Consignment Software Peeps' Software


You won’t find an easier to follow consignment & resale software system on the market, period.


Simple Inventory Pricing

We’re the only consignment software that instantly shows you what you’ve priced items at, showing the high, average, and lowest price for your inventory:

Easy Consignment Software

Point of Sale That’s Easy To Follow!

Our buttons guide you through the process, making it so you can use your point of sale in real-time — not having to wait until the end of the day to ring-up all of your sales.

Easy Consignment Software

Mobile Stats!

Instantly check your store’s totals while you’re on the go!  With Peeps2Go, you can instantly see your store’s totals for the day, the week, and more!  From total sales dollars, to total items sold, to the average sale, Peeps2Go is great for store owners who aren’t always at the store, but want to see how they’re doing for the day.

Peeps2Go Mobile Consignment Software Stats

Simple, Effective Stats At Your Fingertips!

No more running 15 reports in a complicated ‘reports module’ or hiring an analyst to come in and show you the numbers you need to run your consignment business better — Peeps’ Consignment Software does the work for you!

Easy Consignment Software

Easy Consignment Software

Easy Consignment Software

Easy Consignment Software

Easy Consignment Software

Built-in Help & Video Tutorials

Listen, we are the first to help and let you focus on your business — none of this, “Just look at the help & videos” BS we hear from Resaleworld on a regular basis.  Nonetheless, sometimes you just want to explore on your own — and Peeps’ Software has a complete screen-contextual Help System built-in.  This is handy because, I — Dean Casey, the owner and programmer of every single line of code and designer of every screen — get to outline exactly what I’m thinking and what every-single button, message, or function is designed for.

You can either click the Help tab to view the entire Help System + Videos + message Peeps directly…

Peeps' Software Help Tab

Or you can click the little life-preserver icon (or press F1 on your keyboard) on any screen, to see screen-specific help…

Peeps' Software Help Icon

The Help System is updated with every single update, so I’m striving to make sure every damn screenshot and outline, is based on the most-current release.  Somehow, I’m able to do all of this programming and help maintenance by myself, while other companies with multiple employees can’t do so — I think reason and motivation are core factors in how/why you do something.  😉

Call us today @ (888) 374-5422 today to schedule a demo of the easiest-to-use consignment software on the market!

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