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20 Years in the Consignment/Resale industry

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Complete consignment software

Buy Outright

Complete buy outright software


Store-owned inventory software


Peeps2Go mobile software


Complete Shopify integration

CC Processing

Fully integrated + signature capture


Photos + item entry + kiosks


Android + Kindle + Chromebook


Peeps' Texter w/ AirAttach for photos


Complete MiniPeep systems


Non-proprietary + affordable


Full-service support & systems management

Antique Malls

Complete antique mall software


Consignor Console + Customer Kiosk


Multi-Location Store Credit Sync

Customer Testimonials

We are all on a budget, but Dean’s services cannot be underestimated.

Judith Williams
Fine Resale Florida

Dean continues to provide us with excellent service, he is amazing!

Pat Snayd
Red Balloon

We have been using The Computer Peeps for many years. With their advanced monitoring, they typically call us with issues prior to our team even seeing that we have any issues.

Dennis Sewell

I consider our industry to be blessed with his attention to detail, communication skills, and technical geekiness.

Kate Holmes

We’re grateful for The Computer Peep’s constant, friendly support. They have exceeded all our expectations and made our day-to-day much easier.

Suki Mourlam
Closet Revival

After reading reviews for all of the different options, I went with The Computer Peeps and have to say it was the BEST decision for me and my small business.

Robin Lee
The Robin's Egg

I have been very happy with The Computer Peeps' software and my consignors love being able to log-in and check if they have credit. Most of them have never been able to do that with other consignment stores.

Cassandra Rollman
Quality Shoppe

I switched from another big name software company and couldn’t be happier! Peeps is clean, simple and very user-friendly.

Pam Hulbert
Worthy Girl

Ease of use is amazing. Simple and straightforward. Whether you are new to consignment software or a pro, you’ll appreciate its uncomplicated and sensible approach.

Sherry Studer

He always has my back! In this day of long waits for customer service it is indeed rare to get a timely call back much less from the writer of the program.

Melynda Tisdale

Computer Peeps was with me at the very beginning almost 7 years ago when I opened my consignment shop in West Columbia, SC. The software was newly developed and I worked closely with Dean to personalize it to the needs of our furniture and decor business. All I can say is that it's been a 5-Star experience all along the way!

Doris Edwards
Attic Fanatic

The Computer Peeps has saved my business on more than one occasion! Dean is always on top of his game with finding issues and working to resolve them before they become a major problem.

Michelle Renda
Trading Places

I couldn't run my busy consignment store business without Computer Peeps and wouldn't even want to!! Been using Peeps for over 2 years and I love their well thought out, quick to learn software that seems to have thought of every consignment store need: reports, inventory, payouts, sales, gift cards. I haven't found a need yet that isn't already incorporated in the software.

Sharon Tyniec
Junk n Java

The Computer Peeps is the best business partner for my small business. When my consignors ask how I'm so organized, I tell them that it's due to my software. After five years, I'm still discovering useful features that are built into Peeps.

Lori Almeida

Computer Peeps has taken care of my consignment store for years now. We're based in Texas, so of course the work is remote, but it works great. Dean often fixes concerns before they become a problem, he advises us on anything software, printer, tech, etc.

Andrew Harbuck
A Furniture Fetish

Dean Casey at The Computer Peeps takes such good care of all our IT needs at work and at home. He’s personable and really know his stuff. He has never disappointed us and I would highly recommend him and his company.

Sue Hater
2nd Chance

I have been using The Computer Peeps for tech support for my business for many years. Dean is so responsive and helpful in everything I need. He has saved my business many times. I don't know what I would do without him.

Julie Jankiewicz
Repeat St.

We are a consignment store with a lot of different vendors. We started out with a computer system that met NONE of our needs! We were recommended Computer Peeps by another local consignment store in out town. This was the best decision we could have made for our company! This system is absolutely amazing and Dean is the greatest!!

Ashley Martin
A2Z Crafts & Antiques

I’ve had the pleasure to work with Dean for the last 5 years. Dean and the people at Computer Peeps are professional, courteous and passionate about their work. Always responsive and always knowledgeable, they are fabulous to work with.

Tom Jud
Clothes Circuit

I love working with Dean and Computer Peeps for Loralei's Boutique. They are very responsive and always are able to solve any problem I have quickly, easily and without any business interruption. I highly recommend!!

Suzanne Wehrly
Loralei's Boutique

Cannot recommend highly enough!! The software exceeds our expectations and the support is top notch! Don’t wait, use them now 🤩

Amber Fuchs
Amber's Turn

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