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Consignment software help & support from Computer Peeps!  Simply put — there isn’t a single service provider other than Computer Peeps that supports your consignment software, your computers, your network, your PCI Compliance, your backups, your social media, and every single piece of your consignment/resale technology stack, period.

About $6 a day for a store with one computer — what do you spend $6 a day on!?

Let’s break that down.  For about $6 a day you get:

  • Peeps’ Support — priceless!
  • Peeps2Go — regularly $595
  • Shopify integration — regularly $595
  • Peeps’ Consignor Login — regularly $45/mo
  • Peeps’ Managed Antivirus — regularly $10/mo
  • Peeps’ Off-site Backup — regularly $10/mo
  • Peeps’ System Monitoring — priceless!
  • Peeps’ Hardware Replacement Warranty!

  • We are your consignment & resale software.  After spending over a decade cleaning-up after the old-school consignment software options, we took matters in to our own hands and wrote our own consignment software from the ground up.  We grew tired of explaining why ConsignPro’s non-normalized database design leads to data corruption.  We grew tired of explaining why Liberty’s utilitarian approach to user interfaces and workflow, leads to our clients constantly calling in to explain that “Liberty’s locked-up again.”  We can backup everything we’re saying with over a decade of support issues and hundreds of clients.
  • We are your consignment hardwareYour computers are included!!!  If you’re on Peeps’ Support, whether it’s an old computer that failed (even if you didn’t buy it from Computer Peeps) or a four year old MiniPeep, Computer Peeps include your computer replacement, so long as you’re on Peeps’ Support!  For new stores, a minimum of 2 years of Peeps’ Support is required, if we replace your computer.  For existing stores, a minimum of 1 year of Peeps’ Support is required, if we replace your computer.
  • We are your consignment system administrators.  We understand and support every layer of your technology *stack*, from your network, to your computers, to databases, to security, to PCI Compliance, to backups, to your website, to credit card processing, to security cameras – there isn’t a single layer we do not specialize in.  Where other companies have basic, entry-level computer techs, Computer Peeps are full-service system administrators.
  • We are your consignment hardware vendor.  We build, configure, and warranty our own MiniPeep computers.  We replace any hardware purchased from The Computer Peeps.
  • We are your social media magis.  We understand social media and how much ‘noise’ there is when it comes to effectively utilizing it.  We monitor your social media, train you, follow-up with you, and interact with your pages so you’re getting the absolute-most out of your social media.
  • We are the only service provider on the planet that supports our competitors’ software.  We support consignment and resale stores all over North America, regardless of which consignment/resale software they’re on.  We are specialists in Liberty consignment software, ConsignPro consignment software, and more!  There’s a reason those stores utilize Peeps — you get what you pay for.

Support Options

Peeps’ Support & Monitoring

$200/per month, per computer – Yep, that’s about $6 a day!  Unlimited incidents per month. Minimum of 6 months. Covers one store/location, with one workstation.  Discounts available for stores with 3 or more computers.

Customers on our monthly plan will receive same-day response, if the call is not answered live.

  • Access to talk to Peeps, work with Peeps on questions, technical issues, how to’s, social media best-practices, and more!  Take a look at our Testimonials and feel free to request a list of store references!
  • 24×7 System Monitoring & Maintenance — Proactive detection of and prevention of issues!
  • Peeps2Go Mobile system!
  • Peeps’ Consignor Login service!
  • Peeps’ Managed Antivirus!
  • Peeps’ real-time, off-site backups!
  • Peeps’ Hardware Warranty — we’ll replace your computer, should it fail!
  • Complete system backups!
  • Remote access from home, phone or tablet!  Mac, PC, iPad, Android tablet, and more!
  • Social Media Monitoring, Consultation & Training
  • Peeps’ Software Updates!!!  *For stores utilizing Peeps’ Software — regularly $250 per computer, per update.
  • Saturday support!
  • Custy2Go customer portal!
  • Electrical/power monitoring
  • Website up/down monitoring
  • Consignment Software Troubleshooting/Questions/How Tos
  • Complete PCI Compliance Management
  • PC Clean Ups
  • Printer installation/troubleshooting
  • Networking, WiFi, router configuration, ISP troubleshooting, and more.

Peeps’ Website Maintenance

$100/per month – Unlimited website changes/updates. Minimum of 6 months. Customer must provide all images, pictures and content for any changes to be made.  Custom graphic design is available.  Covers one website for one store/location.

  • Website up/down Monitoring
  • Shopify website management.
  • Shopify Product Collection management.
  • WordPress Intrusion Detection + Prevention — SQLi, brute force, plugin exploits, etc.
  • Website Hardening
  • WordPress Core + Plugin Maintenance
  • Image Changes (images provided by customer)
  • Text Updates — e.g. store hours, About info., etc.
  • Document Updates
  • DAILY automatic website + database backups for WordPress sites
  • Additional changes/enhancements upon request (quoted separately — e.g. new page creation, appointment schedulers, etc.)
  • Hosting/server/domain management
  • Best Practices @ reCAPTCHA, SSL, SEO, etc.

Call us @ (888) 374-5422 today!

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