Antique Malls

Vendor Accounts

Provide each vendor with their own complete account history.

Vendor Inventory

Complete management of vendor inventory and custom splits.

Remote Item Entry

Allow vendors to enter their own inventory remotely.

Space Rental

Vendor Space/booth management with automatic rental fees.

Complete Antique Mall Management Software

Peeps’ Software provides complete antique mall management with vendor accounts, vendor inventory, space rental, and automatic rental fees.

Options include, but are not limited to:

  • Full account management with per-vendor Splits & Terms.
  • Remote item entry with Peeps2Go mobile.
  • Complete rental fee management — multiple Spaces per-vendor allowed!
  • Automatic rental fees for Spaces!
  • In-store inventory entry with Peeps’ restricted Vendor View access.
  • Pre-printed barcode blanks for malls that prefer “old-school” vendor inventory.
  • Vendor payouts.
  • Vendor email blasts.
  • Vendor text blasts.


Antique Malls
Antique Malls
Antique Malls
Antique Malls
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