Converting from Other Programs

While we have official conversions from each of the major consignment software systems, including ConsignPro, Liberty, etc. there are myriad other systems and databases out there.  For stores in this situation, we’ve built a data importer for both your accounts, as well as your inventory!

Peeps’ Data Importer

Peeps’ Data Importer converts your accounts and available inventory over to Peeps’ Software:


Consignment Software Data Importer


What Data Do I Need In Order to Convert?

The accounts and inventory files should be in a .CSV (Comma-Separated) file.  We can provide you with the exact column layout and sample files, upon request.  🙂

What If I Can’t Get My Data Into .CSV?

It might not be the end of the world!  Dean is a database specialist, so contact us and we can look at the type of database you have and we might be able to help extract the data for you.

How Does the Conversion Process Work?

First and foremost, converting from any consignment or resale software is a serious decision, not to be taken lightly. We have converted thousands of stores over the years, to/from every consignment software system on the market. We’ve seen the issues stores run into, trying to convert on Sunday and open on Monday. We’ve learned a LOT from our experience and we are the only consignment software provider on the market that has direct experience working with every single consignment software program on the market.

Consignment software vendors are eager to sell you their software, but they’re no so eager to guide you through every portion of the process and ensure you are 100% ready to convert, come time to do so. The stores that have tried this and have encountered issues, call The Computer Peeps to get things back on track. So it’s a process we take very seriously and we know every portion of the process, to help ensure you and your employees experience a smooth transition.

  • First, we install Peeps’ Software on at least one computer at your store, so you can have it at your fingertips to start kickin’ the tires.
  • Next, after at least one to two weeks of working with Peeps’ Consignment Software, we install Peeps on your other stations and make sure employees start seriously entering accounts, items, ringing-up sales, etc. This is the most important part — i.e. everyone getting true, one-on-one time with the software, going through each of the core processes they handle on a daily basis.
  • Last, we do at least one test conversion, so you can see your data in Peeps’ Consignment Software and practice before the big day!

Do You Provide Support and Training?

Yes!  You’ll receive 60 days of Peeps’ Software Support and you’ll have a full 60 day trial, so you can truly, truly run Peeps’ Software in your store, before purchasing. We’re not interested in simply selling our software — we’re interested in solving your store’s issues and making the tasks you do day in and day out, easier.

Do You Have A Consignor Login System So Consignors Can Check Their Accounts?

Yes we do! Peeps’ Consignor Login service is included at no additional charge, for stores on Peeps’ Support. We also include a full 30 day trial of this service when you convert to Peeps!

Our Consignor Login by Peeps app is available for both iPhone and Android!

Consignor Login by Peeps

Consignor Login by Peeps

Call us today @ (888) 374-5422 today to schedule a demo of Peeps’ Software and see why stores choose Peeps Software!

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