If would like to know more about The Computer Peeps, below are testimonials directly from consignment and resale store owners from all across North America.

Closet Revival

Suki Mourlam

Closet Revival

(972) 378-9797

I just became the new owner of Closet Revival in January after working here for 8 years. We were on a mission to update our systems to take our store in a new direction, and along came Dean. He has everything we were looking for- not only is his software easy to learn and use, it solved the many problems we had with our old system. He rescued us from decades-old software and computers that were prone to shutting down. Dean even made the conversion from our ancient software less stressful.

We’re grateful for The Computer Peep’s constant, friendly support. They have exceeded all our expectations and made our day-to-day much easier. No more worrying about computers shutting down, card processing errors, lost backups, and hard-to-find reports.

We have more than just software support – we feel like we have a business partner that genuinely cares about us. Dean babysits our system and is so patient with our constant phone calls. He thinks of every little detail, and he is always making improvements to fit our specific needs. We feel confident that he can walk us through any issue we come across. His service is absolutely invaluable.

PS. If I had to do it again, we would still choose you no matter what the cost!


Melynda Tisdale


(903) 202-7197

My business is still new < 2 years. I went to the NARTS convention looking for a software program for my soon to be opened resale store. It was there that I met Dean Casey from Computer Peeps. He not only set me up with a computer & software program but all of the electronic equipment I needed. Once I received it, he helped with the set up and tutored me with the software program that is very easy to operate.

The monthly service has paid for itself many times over! There have been times that I have been in the midst of an issue when I received a call from Dean before I could even contact him. He always has my back! In this day of long waits for customer service it is indeed rare to get a timely call back much less from the writer of the program.

I highly recommend Computer Peeps!

Clothes Circuit

Irene Mylan

Clothes Circuit

(214) 696-8634

I have been doing resale for over thirty years and therefore have had innumerable professionals help us in that time. None have been as knowledgeable and committed as Dean at The Computer Peeps. His depth of experience in computer systems, networking and software development render him exquisitely prepared to solve any problem we have encountered. He oversees our server and ten stations with keen vigilance, often solving problems before we are even aware of them. I recommend his services and products enthusiastically. He is an absolute gem of a person and a professional.

Updated February 2018 — As I write Dean this morning about yet another power outage at our store, I am reflecting on the years of “saves” he has offered us. He is always timely, informed and eager to help us solve a problem as we call or write.

The vigilance he offers us anticipating issues with our twelve station network is golden. His service and advice is core to our 35 year old business.

Kate Holmes TGTBT.com

Kate Holmes


(941) 922-5902

I have yet to find an area related to consignment & resale, web sites, and online “stuff” that Dean cannot address, explain in layperson’s terms, and, if needed, solve!

I consider our industry to be blessed with his attention to detail, communication skills, and technical geekiness 😉

Revente Columbia South Carolina

Debbie McDaniel


(803) 256-3076

We’ve been in biz for 18 years and still need someone to remote in occasionally to make sure our systems are in tip top shape. My manager and I were thrilled when Dean started his own company and jumped at the chance to get on board.

I rest much easier now knowing they are just an email or call away.

PS: Best money I’ve spent in a long time!

Auction Monkey

Cameron Perry

Auction Monkey

(602) 569-1274

Dean has worked on our network since 2005. Without exception, Dean has provided our company with sterling customer service. Dean now manages my network remotely and keeps our consignment software running at it’s peak. I find Dean’s work surpasses the manufacture’s technical support team.

My experience of The Computer Peeps has been positive. Dean always goes the extra mile and surpasses my expectations. I am impressed how The Computer Peeps arrange their schedule to suit my needs. I no longer have my network down during working hours. This saves me from trying to find “make work” projects for my employees and certainly helps our bottom line. While I have not met Cara, she has helped me with my network and I can only say good
things about my experience.

All in all, I would rate The Computer Peeps with two thumbs up. I believe they have earned the title of network / software mavens. Having met Dean at past eBay conventions, I have found Dean to be a surprising agile dancer for a man of his size.

Cooks a mean burger too!

Abundant Style

Deb Coscia

Abundant Style Consignment Boutique

(888) 889-8990

Dean and Cara were invaluable to me in setting up the computer system for my new store.

They saved me hours of research and helped me save hundreds of dollars on equipment.

They are truly experts in the resale and consignment industry, you will not regret one penny you spend on their services.


Kate Buck


(707) 445-1130

There is an old adage that says “work smarter not harder”…as a business owner, my “to do” list gets longer every day. It seems that the tasks that are difficult seem to get pushed to the bottom of my list until…something ugly happens and I am forced to deal with an emergency.

One of my to do items was to renew my antivirus…I put it off because I wasn’t sure which one I needed and well, I just didn’t want to deal with something that I know very little about. I just want my computer to function and do what I need it to do, and I don’t particularly want to learn something new… I have enough to do. Finally the warning that I was ignoring said “you are no longer protected”,and I knew the time had come to move it to the top of the list.

I then did something very clever and smart. I called Dean and Cara at “The Computer Peeps”. I explained my dilemma and how I really do not want to know all these computer skills I just wanted to be able to do my job. Not only did they understand, but they were able to make a recommendation, log onto my computer, run diagnostics, remove programs that would interfere with the new program, and download the new product. This was so fast and easy and soon I was back in business, and doing what I am best at. The fee for this was
so reasonable and I truly felt as if I had a new “business partner” that had my back and was helping me to run my business in a more secure manner.

Thanks to Dean and Cara, I will never have to worry about my computer. Dealing with The Computer Peeps was a pleasure and I am grateful for their expertise and the understanding they have for the “resale business”. I would highly recommend them for any of your computer needs…as for me, they will always be my first call.

Great Labels

Andrea Waters

Great Labels

(310) 451-2277

Whenever we have an issue – no matter the size – the team at TCP make themselves available to us and talk us through the solution. Not only does the problem get solved, but everything is done quickly and efficiently with unparalleled customer service.

It is so nice to have a reliable source for our often unreliable technology!

Where have The Computer Peeps been all my life!?

Thanks guys, in advance!

Upscale Fashions

Anita Johnson

Upscale Fashion, Inc.

(770) 506-0101

I would like to tell you how incredible your computer services and customer services were for my business. It was with great ease we were able to transition to our new system. I have done this several times with other companies and it was a nightmare. Not to mention your prices were fair and equitable, you are worth your weight in gold.

We highly recommend you to any company who is changing computer systems or building back up from a complete crash. I thank you for your time and treasure your services.

We wish you well in your future endeavors and will mention your name and company every opportunity I have.


Sarah Meyers

Ladybug Landing

(859) 275-1292

I just recently hired Dean and Computer Peeps to help get our new store set up and networked and WOW! Did they ever deliver! AND they did it all remotely. Thanks Dean and Cara! You guys are awesome! One less worry for me at a very stressful time!

Forget Me Nots of Brandon

Bruce Mann

Forget Me Nots of Brandon

(601) 824-9766

I would like to thank Dean and The Computer Peeps team for quickly resolving my recent website issue.

Dean responded quickly and had the issue resolved very quickly with very minor disruption.

Great work Dean and outstanding service.

Simply Chic

Ken Thomas

Simply Chic

(845) 765-2413

We’ve been in operation for 5 years and still needed someone to remote in occasionally to make sure our computers are in good working order. My wife and I were really happy when Dean started his own company and we had the chance to sign on.

We rest easier now knowing they are just an email or phone call away. We have never had a problem he could not fix.

Keep up the great work!!!

NU2U Consignment Fashions

Janet Stewart

NU2U Consignment Fashions

(609) 981-7077

Any time I have needed support or had a question, Dean has gotten back to me immediately with a solution.

Operating a small business and having computer issues, time is of the essence, I can always count on him!

Showcase Consignments

Marty Smith

Showcase Consignments

(603) 798-4199

On time and on budget!! What more could you ask for.

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