Shopify & Peeps’ Consignment Software

Peeps' Consignment Software and Shopify

Shopify and Peeps’ SoftwareThe Computer Peeps are Shopify specialists and official Shopify Partners!  We handle every portion of your Shopify store and consignment software integration!.  From theme design and domain setup, to Shopify Collections, shipping setup, and social media integration.

There are pros and cons to Shopify, but it does provide a simple upstart @ having a website and a shopping cart.

If you already have a Shopify website or are thinking about one and you need consignment software that syncs your consignment inventory, Peeps’  Software is your best bet!  If you’re using other consignment software and need a Shopify website, Peeps can build your Shopify website for you!  Peeps are Shopify Partners and Shopify specialists!

And with LoyalShops’ Reply Sold for your Facebook Lives, you’ve made your online selling even easier!

Shopify Consignment Software

Peeps’ Software integrates with your Shopify shopping cart!  Peeps’ Software makes it so easy to get your inventory entered — it’s as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Enter inventory.
  2. Add pics from your phone/tablet.
  3. Items automatically upload to Shopify!

With Peeps2Go, you never even have to sit down at your computer again!  Just walk around the store and snap pics and Peeps’ Software automatically uploads your items in the background — it couldn’t be any easier!

Peeps' Software Shopify Integration

User-Friendly Design!

Peeps’ Software provides an extremely well-designed, user-friendly layout to make your life easier!

Shopify Consignment Software

Peeps' Software Shopify Integration

Peeps' Software Shopify Integration

Automatic Removal When Sold In-Store

Peeps’ Software automatically pulls your items from Shopify, as you sell them in-store!

Shopify Consignment Software

Automatic Removal When Statusing In-Store

Marking an item as Returned, Lost, Stolen, etc.?  Peeps’ Software automatically pulls your item from Shopify for you!

Shopify Consignment Software

Shopify Consignment Software

Automatic Product Updates When Updating Items In-Store

Whether you’re manually changing an item’s price, its fee, its Category, Brand, Note, etc. Peeps’ Software automatically updates Products on your Shopify site:

Peeps' Consignment Software Shopify


Peeps' Consignment Software Shopify

Mobile Photos!

Take pics from your iPhone, Android phone or iPad and easily add images to your inventory with Peeps2Go!

And since Peeps’ Software automatically syncs your inventory in the background, your items automatically upload/update as you add pics from your phone!

Automatic Markdowns

Peeps’ Software automatically syncs your in-store Markdowns to Shopify!

Peeps' Software Shopify Consignment Markdowns

Automatic Order Creation!

Peeps’ Software automatically syncs your Shopify orders down to to your Web Orders!

Peeps' Software Shopify Integration Order Creation

Built-in Shopify SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Peeps’ Software is the only consignment/resale software on the market that lets you manage/customize your Products’ SEO title/meta description for Shopify:

Peeps' Software Shopify SEO

Shopify Consignment Software SEO

SEO isn’t magic, so don’t think you’ll ever be the #1 search result for ‘Louis Vuitton’ or ‘Melissa & Doug’, but SEO is important, both from a purist’s/nerd’s perspective, as well as from a realistic/business perspective.  Being able to automatically add SEO content like ‘Online Consignment Store’ or ‘Consignment Store in Orlando, FL’ to every single product in your store, is a huge plus at getting your website to rank for real searches — e.g. people searching for stores in your city, state, etc.

Google likes it when sites not only adhere to proper SEO for the core page titles, descriptions, and content, they also rank your site based on how much new content is going up with matching SEO.

Selling Online Isn’t ‘Simple’

We’re realists — trying to sell online is probably one of the most-common things we’ve seen consignment store owners be unsuccessful at.  The reason being, other consignment software vendors toss their sales pitch, make a lot of promises, and then those stores call us to figure out “why their website is broken.”  Selling online isn’t a “Click once, make money!” sort of thing.  It’s work, period.

We directly help our customers start out selling via social media, we stay with you through the entire process, and only if and when the time is right, do we move on to the next step of selling online.

So don’t let a vendor or marketing company try to sell you on thinking, “Just because you have Shopify, you’re gonna be successful!”  They’re quick to sell, but those stores keep coming to us for help on filling in all the gaps they were left with.

What’s It Cost?

Other than your Shopify cart, which you purchase directly from Shopify and pay a monthly rate of $29.99, Peeps’ Shopify Integration is included at no additional charge for stores on Peeps’ Support.  For stores not on Peeps’ Support, a Peeps’ Shopify License is a one-time charge of $595 — no monthly charges or ongoing fees.

Call us today @ (888) 374-5422 today to see how Peeps can help you grow your social media and Shopify online consignment shop!

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