Shopify & Peeps’ Consignment Software

Shopify and Peeps’ Consignment Software!  Shopify is one of the myriad ways to sell online.  While we typically recommend running your own website with WooCommerce, Shopify does have its benefits.  If you already have a Shopify website and you need consignment software that uploads your consignment inventory, Peeps’ Consignment Software is your best bet!

Shopify Consignment Software

Peeps’ Consignment Software integrates with your Shopify shopping cart!

Peeps' Consignment Software Shopify

Peeps' Consignment Software Shopify

Simple, built-in image management:

WooCommerce Consignment Software

A built-in Web Inventory management system so you can go right to your web inventory:

WooCommerce Consignment Software

We’re also realists — trying to sell online is probably one of the most-common things we’ve seen consignment store owners be unsuccessful at.  The reason being, the other consignment software vendors toss their sales pitch, make a lot of promises, and then those stores call us to figure out “why their website is broken.”  Selling online isn’t a “Click once, make money!” sort of thing.

We directly help our customers start out selling via social media, we stay with you through the entire process, and only if and when the time is right, do we move on to the next step of selling online.

What’s It Cost?

Other than with your Shopify cart, which you purchase directly from Shopify, Peeps’ Shopify Integration is included at no additional charge for stores on Peeps’ Support.  For stores not on Peeps’ Support, a Peeps’ Shopify License is a one-time charge of $495 — no monthly charges or ongoing fees.

Call us today @ (888) 374-5422 today to see how Peeps can help you grow your social media and online consignment shop!

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