Buy Outright

Quick Quote

Quickly quote up to three custom offers, without entering any inventory, or provide a full quote based on your own buy history.

Automatic Cost/Buy

Automatically cost inventory starting with a simple automatic buy amount, or cost based on store history.

Cost/Buy History

Built-in buy history for high/avg/low/last buy amounts based on Category/Category + Brand.

Tags + Checks

Peeps follows a proper workflow of printing tags + printing the check instead of jumping around from screen to screen.

True Buy Outright System

Peeps’ Software is tailored to the unique workflow of resale stores.  Where some consignment software has buy outright features, Peeps works within a resale store’s desired workflow.

Features include, but are not limited to:

  • One-click printing of tags and checks (no hopping from screen to screen to complete tasks).
  • Quickly generate up to three custom offers with the built-in Buy Outright Calculator.
  • Provide a detailed offer based on your own store buy history with the Quick Quote system.
  • Encourage in-store shopping with Store Credit Stretch.


  • User friendly.
  • Easy to read screens.
  • Intuitive workflow.
  • Pre-filled, auto-complete item fields prevent mistakes and allow more staff to enter inventory.
  • Preferences for fast, personalized item entry.
  • Automatic barcodes.
  • Automatic tag/label printing.
  • Dozens of non-proprietary tag/label options.
  • Scalable — works on 2 or 20+ computers.


  • Automatic Buys — Automatically set your cost based on your store’s regular buy amount.
  • Buy History — High/avg/low/last buy amounts based on your own store history.
  • Smart Pricing — Automatic.
  • Price Protection for Brands/Designers — Guarantee a specific Designer item is never priced below a certain amount.
  • Item Alerts @ POS — Automatic reminders of add-ons, comes-with, etc. when items are scanned at point of sale.  Set alerts on individual items or preset automatic alerts for special inventory (e.g. All lamps come with a new bulb).
  • Auto-complete of Departments, Categories, Brands/Sizes/Colors (saves time, prevents mistakes).
  • One-click copy of items while entering.
  • Multi-quantity items with full sale/status history.
  • Remember Department/Category.


Buy Outright
Buy Outright
Buy Outright
Buy Outright
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