Peeps2Go Mobile Consignment Software


Peeps2Go is a mobile consignment software platform, allowing consignment and resale stores to do everything from view store stats and charts, to add inventory and photos.

Peeps2Go is available on iPhone, Android devices, Windows, Chromebooks, Amazon Kindle, and more!

Available for stores on Peeps’ Software and we even have a version for stores on other consignment software!

Feature Rich

Peeps2Go not only provides mobile stats and charts, along with mobile item entry and account entry, it’s also the only system of its kind, providing digital signs for your inventory, in-store signage throughout your store, and a front-end for consignors and consignment mall vendors to access!

Allow mall vendors to enter their own inventory and even provide your own consignor access system, without even using Peeps’ Consignor Login service!


Install once and access in one click (or tap!) from your iPhone, Android device, Mac, Windows computer, and more!

Peeps2Go is easily accessible on tablets, iPads, Kindles, and even Chromebooks!

This means you can utilize inexpensive tablets and laptops, to extend the functionality of your consignment or resale store!

Peeps2Go Consignment Mobile Software
Peeps2Go Macbook
Peeps2Go Macbook
Peeps2Go Chromebook
Peeps2Go Chromebook

Mobile Stats

Instantly see your store’s performance for today and the entire week, while you’re on the go!  With Peeps2Go, you can see how your store’s performing at any time of the day, instantly.

Fantastic for store owners with more than one location, or who aren’t always in the store during the day.

Mobile Photos for Items!

With Peeps2Go, you can quickly and easily take pics for your inventory, from your iPhone, Android device, and more!

Peeps2Go lets you take pics for inventory, whether you’re adding photos for items going up to Shopify or WooCommerce, or just adding pics to inventory so you can easily identify them @ Point of Sale!

Mobile Consignment Software
Mobile Consignment Software
Mobile Consignment Software
Mobile Consignment Software
Mobile Consignment Software

Mobile Inventory Entry

Whether you’re entering your own, store-owned inventory from home or on the road, or whether you’re a consignment mall that wants to allow vendors to enter their own inventory from home or their workshop, Peeps2Go does it!

Easily add inventory from your Macbook, iPhone, Android device, or even beautiful (yet inexpensive) Chromebooks and Kindle Fire tablets!

Peeps2Go makes it so you can inexpensively extend your inventory processing to other systems, without having to have a dedicated computer station.

For consignment malls, Peeps2Go is a great way to attract new vendors and offer them a simple, effective way to be part of your consignment mall!


Mobile Account Entry

Easily process new consignors or buyers, without having to setup a dedicated computer station!

With Peeps2Go, you can quickly add accounts from an iPad, Android tablet, Kindle Fire, and more!

This is a great way to quickly get accounts entered and provide a smooth, professional experience for your new consignors and buyers!

Peeps2Go Add Account

Digital Smart Signs!

Peeps2Go is the only consignment software system on the planet, that provides digital signage for consignment and resale stores!

We’ve seen storeowners want to have smart signs throughout their store, for things such as up-to-date store hours, important messages for upcoming events, and even smart signs for inventory!

With inexpensive Android tablets and Amazon Kindle Fires, you can quickly and easily deploy digital signage throughout your store!


New Arrivals!

With Peeps2Go, you can provide a New Arrivals feed for your customers!

Let customers view your most-recent inventory and see if they’re still available for sale!

Peeps2Go Mobile Consignment Software

Call us today @ (888) 374-5422 today get your store on Peeps2Go!

Peeps2Go FAQ

Who Made Peeps2Go?

Dean did!  We don’t outsource a single piece of anything we do, both for pride, as well as for the obvious reasons of trust (and what leads to letting down people that rely on your systems!)

I’ve seen many companies try and outsource or ‘partner’ with others (even approach us at the NARTS conference and ask us to make apps for them, so they can sell them and cut us in on the money) only to end up losing control of their ‘apps’ and leaving stores high and dry.

What Are Some Key Highlights of Peeps2Go?

Own multiple stores or aren’t always at your store, but want to see how your store’s doing that day (and for the week) with a tap on your phone?  Peeps2Go does that!

Ever needed to start adding consignors, but your stations are all busy?  With Peeps2Go, you can grab your phone, your Macbook, a Chromebook, a Kindle, etc. and quickly get your accounts added, so they can get into your system without having to have another computer to do so.  Peeps2Go does that!

Run a consignment mall and want to allow vendors/dealers to enter inventory from home?  Peeps2Go does that!

Want an email sign-up tablet at Point of Sale?  Peeps2Go does that!

What's It Cost?

Currently, Peeps2Go is available to use for stores who are on Peeps’ Support.

I Want Peeps2Go!!!

We know!  🙂  Call us @ (888) 374-5422 or submit a support message and Peeps will get you setup on Peeps2Go!

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