Signature Capture

In addition to having the deepest, most-flexible credit card processing integration (BluePay & X-Charge) on the market, Peeps Consignment & Resale Software also allows you to do signature capture without using a credit card processor’s PIN Pad.

Peeps was the first to do signature capture for consignor contracts using your credit card processor’s PIN Pad and we’re proud to continue innovating.  Signature capture is available throughout, using a Peeps’ Signature Pad.  So even if you don’t utilize a credit card processing service, you can still do signature capture!

Store Credit Signature Capture

Have consignors/customers sign when using their store credit, so you can prove they did in fact use store credit.

Cash Payout/Payout Pickup Signature Capture

Signature capture when cutting a Cash Payout, or signature capture after a payout has been cut and they come in to pick up their check.

Consignor Contract Signature Capture

Collect your consignors’ signatures for their agreements, which print-out on their copy, as well as in the email they receive.

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