Who are The Computer Peeps?

About The Computer Peeps Dean Casey Owner

Dean Casey opened The Computer Peeps in February of 2010. Dean has been working in the consignment & resale industry since 2003. Dean is the creator of Peeps’ Software for consignment and resale stores.  We provide help and support for consignment software.

The Computer Peeps have been supporting consignment software for over a decade. We are certified, experienced and understand how the needs of consignment and resale stores differ from the needs of other businesses. We take the hassle out of relying on computers for your business.

The Computer Peeps manage over 900 systems for consignment and resale store owners all across North America. We support clients in nearly every state, as well as Canada.

We write our own consignment software and we build our own MiniPeep computer systems for consignment & resale stores.

We are proud to be entering our 14th year in business. View our Testimonials page, Google Reviews, and Facebook Reviews to see what our clients have to say about us.

What do The Computer Peeps do?

The Computer Peeps can resolve your computer issues via secure, remote Internet connection. The majority of the issues a consignment store experiences can be resolved over the Internet. In addition, The Computer Peeps can proactively monitor, patch, and maintain your computers. Proactive maintenance and repair can reduce downtime and recurring technology costs.

We are there for you when you have computer issues and can prevent issues from happening in the first place. We can also help you achieve and maintain PCI Compliance.

How can The Computer Peeps Help My Consignment or Resale Store?

The Computer Peeps can be there for you on our Peeps’ Support Plan. We’ll proactively monitor and maintain your computers, saving you downtime, frustration and money – “An ounce of prevention…“. A call to a local tech starts at $100 per call. Furthermore, we help prevent issues, down-time, or data-loss, by proactively monitoring your entire infrastructure.  We typically call our customers first, to let them know about issues vs. them experiencing issues and having to call for support.

You won’t find another company with 17 years of consignment software support experience, who provide support for their software, their hardware, websites, credit card processing, and more.

Why go with The Computer Peeps?

After working in the consignment industry for over a decade, it is clear that small businesses – specifically consignment and resale stores – spend far too much money and waste far too much time on computer issues. The Computer Peeps are the solution to this problem.

The Computer Peeps can remove the need for a local computer technician and reduce the amount of times per month that technical support is needed.

We have demonstrated time and time again, that we are better at proper system configuration + troubleshooting than local techs all across the country, as well as all of the consignment software vendors’ techs. There’s a reason our customers call us after calling a local tech or their consignment software vendor over and over, only to waste hours or days on issues we sort-out instantly.

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