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The Computer Peeps are consignment software specialists.  We’ve been managing systems for consignment & resale store owners since 2010 and have been working in the consignment & resale industry since 2003.  In that time, we’ve seen the struggles and issues caused by their consignment software.  We’ve spent years advocating on behalf of our clients, trying to get the consignment software vendors to not only own issues, but to change their fundamental way of *doing* consignment software.

After seeing that the old consignment software vendors simply haven’t made the changes necessary to prevent issues for storeowners, nor have they made their software easier to use, we took matters into our own hands and wrote our own consignment & resale software from the ground-up.

No BS, no “we’re the best consignment software,” just actual, real-world experience from a company that prides itself on transparency — just scroll through our Facebook page to see what our relationships with our customers are like.

Peeps’ Consignment Software was written by Dean Casey, Owner @ Computer Peeps.  It comes with nearly 15 years of direct experience working with consignment & resale storeowners.

Call (888) 374-5422 or drop us a line and Dean @ Computer Peeps will personally install your trial of Peeps’ Consignment Software and take you through the key features.


  • 60-day trial so you can truly put the software through its paces before buying.
  • Includes 60 days of Peeps’ Support & System Maintenance with your purchase.
  • Intuitive item entry with automatic high/avg./low pricing suggestions.
  • Built-in gift card tracking.
  • Built-in credit card integration (OpenEdge’s X-Charge).
  • Automatic markdowns.
  • Store fees based on item prices.
  • Assign consignor splits on a per-inventory basis – e.g. unique splits for jewelry vs. jeans.
  • Notifications about old inventory, inactive accounts, overdue layaways, and more.
  • Customer purchase tracking.
  • Top-performing consignor tracking.
  • Automatic high/low/average price suggestions.
  • Automatic daily email summary of your store’s totals.
  • Truly built-in email, without requiring additional software.
  • Robust reporting, stats, and store dashboard.
  • Brand pricing protection.
  • Frequent shopper program.
  • Wishlist.
  • Appointment scheduler.
  • Employee timeclock.

Peeps’ Consignment Software

Peeps' Consignment Software
Powerful & Simple Point of Sale


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Technical Details

  • Powerful MySQL Server database — fast, scalable, and reliable.
  • We utilize ACID Transactions, to ensure data integrity — no, “Part of the sale completed, but items aren’t marked as sold” issues.
  • Parameterized queries — no errors because you have an apostrophe in the name.  🙂
  • Normalized database design.
  • Proper Exception Handling, so the software doesn’t just crash when unexpected situations occur.
  • The only software that checks your network to ensure workstations can communicate — we known what real-world issues come up in a consignment/resale store and we’ve written our software to detect this, instead of having a glass jaw.
  • The only software that checks your printers before printing a bunch of tags or receipts — we’ve seen the issues created by the other consignment software programs and it leads to real aggravation.
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