Wally is the wisest being I have ever known.


Wally loved truer than anything I can comprehend.


Wally always gave exactly the right amount — never more, never less.


I worked for Wally and I am proud to be his.

Wally Casey

Wally is the core reason I am here today and I do not believe The Computer Peeps would be what it is today without him.  Wally came into my life just after summer 2012.  He rode home on my shoulder and was my spiritual guide from day one.  🙂

I always saw Wally as the head of operations and utilized his love and kindness to build our life, this company, and our software.  It was Wally that was with me every morning when the day started, all day as I worked, and each night as we prepared to wake up and do it all over again.

Wally loved resting in the sun by his pool (but not in it!), having a nice steak or a nice piece of chicken grilled for him, and taking as many naps as he could during the day.

Wally loved his brother Marvin and I know is brother Marvin loved him tremendously.

While I would always take another day with Wally in my arms, the time I have with him is part of me and emanates out each day I am here.  🙂

Thank you for changing my life.  Thank you for making me clearer.  Thank you for reminding me.

I love you, sir.


Wally Zen Bear
Wally & Riley
Wally T. Biscuits
Wally & Marvin Forever Bears
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