Peeps' Texter!

Simple, effective, inexpensive bulk text messaging for Peeps' Consignment & Resale Software!

Text Messaging Consignment Software

Text Blasts!

Send out text blasts to consignors and customers!

Whether it’s to let them know about an upcoming sale, or to drive them to your social media before “live” events!

Remind consignors about store credit and remind customers about points to spend!

Easy Marketing!

Type your message, click Send, and you’re done!

Sending out a text blast via Peeps’ Texter is much easier than sending out physical mailers or even email newsletters!

And at only $0.0075 per text, you can’t beat it!

More Effective!

Get your message right into your consignors’ and customers’ hands — literally!

It’s one thing to post about an upcoming event, but getting a direct notification via text message about “tonight’s Instagram live!” is a better way to get their attention.

Bulk Text Messaging Made Simple!

Consignment and resale stores have been looking for ways to send bulk text messages for years — Peeps’ Texter does just that!

Peeps’ Texter lets you reach hundreds or even thousands of your accounts, via extremely effective text messages.  So many people ignore or miss emails, but text messaging puts your message right in their hands!

Affordable Text Messaging

No bogus fees, no contracts, and each text message is just $0.0075 — pay as you go!  Think about it — reach 1,000 customers for just $7.50!

Peeps’ Texter lets consignment and resale stores achieve an extremely affordable and effective marketing strategy.

Target Audiences

Whether it’s for rewards points earned with Peeps’ Frequent Shopper system, Store Credit earned from consignments or buys, Peeps’ Texter lets you target specific audience segments for your store.

Some examples:

  • Remind customers they have points available to shop with in-store.
  • Remind consignors they have store credit available to spend.
  • Send out messages to customers that have spent the most in your store.
  • Send out reminders before social media live events, to drive more viewers to your socials.

Call us today @ (888) 374-5422 today see how Peeps’ Texter can take your store to the next level!

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