If Rebooting Gets Your Tag Printer or Receipt Printer Working, It’s Likely An Electrical Issue


It’s a common problem, but a simple one!  If you find your tag printer or receipt printer work fine, then stop working, but when you reboot the tags/receipts spit-out, it is a tell-tale sign that the printers are plugged-in to a power outlet that cannot handle them.

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Another Clean MiniPeep Windows 11 Setup

Windows 11 Start Menu MiniPeep Peeps' Software

I think Windows 11 is finally getting the UI to a place that Microsoft has been competing with Apple against for decades.  It’s still very Microsoft, but it’s nice to see the Windows UI not just changing to “try and look new/modern,” but to do that in a way that to me, actually looks like they’ve conceded and delivered a nice UX.

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