Secure Payments

By integrating with OpenEdge’s X-Charge software, no portion of the credit card data is ever handled by or exposed on your systems.

In addition, Peeps are the only provider who personally manage, maintain, and guarantee your computers are PCI Compliant and configured as per the PCI DSS.

Feature Rich

Peeps is the only consignment and resale software that provides deep controls and options over your credit card processing experience.

Utilize signature capture not only for credit card processing, but for your consignor/customer agreements, as well as payout pickups.

Push your logo, PIN Pad message, and more, all within Peeps!

Eliminate Mistakes

Without integrated credit card processing, credit card payments are more likely to be mis-keyed, resulting in either lost revenue, or upset customers.  🙁

With Peeps’ Software and our OpenEdge integration, credit card payments are processed directly in point of sale — no more “two step” process where mistakes can happen!

Peeps' Support

With other consignment and resale software companies, if you call them due to an issue, they’ll tell you to call the credit card processor — not with Peeps though.

For stores on Peeps’ Support, Peeps handle every portion of your credit card system support, from setup, to troubleshooting, to training, to managing the replacement of equipment, should it fail.

X-Charge Peeps' Software

Secure Payment Processing

By utilizing OpenEdge’s X-Charge software to handle every aspect of the payment transaction, credit card data is securely processed from end to end — from the moment it hits the PIN Pad, through the payment processing at OpenEdge.

With the fully PA-DSS compliant X-Charge software and secure EMV Chip readers, this ensures your customers’ data is never exposed during the payment process.  You can also accept contactless payments! e.g. Apple Pay on iPhones, Google Pay on Android devices, and contactless credit cards!

At no point is Peeps’ Software ever handling or storing any form of credit card data — that’s all handled by X-Charge, up to OpenEdge, and back again.

Furthermore, X-Charge is also fully-mature, properly-developed software, unlike some of the credit card processor systems that require you log-in as a full Administrator just to process credit card payments.

Features Stores Want

Peeps’ Software is the only consignment and resale software system that didn’t simply stop at ‘being able to process a credit card payment’. Where other vendors have done the bare minimum, Peeps went above and beyond and saw the additional benefits we could give to stores.

Where some programs don’t even support or handle signature capture, Peeps provides a smooth and seamless signature capture process. We’ve refined and enhanced the signature capture experience and workflow over the last 5+ years, based on our customers’ feedback and truly do have the most-reliable signature capture system on the market.

Furthermore, Peeps’ Software is the only software with X-Charge integration that lets you use signature capture for your consignor contracts, as well as for Cash payouts, Check pickups, and Store Credit payments! Reduce those piles of paper and filing cabinets, to a much more mature system — your consignors’ signatures automatically print on the contract, as well as in their email copy.




Peeps’ Software is also the only consignment and resale software that provides as many features as possible, from being able to control what the customer sees on the PIN Pad, to adding your logo.

Peeps’ Software provides deep integration with the credit card processing system, so you can process payments, as well as refunds & voids.

Great Customizations

X-Charge exposes a lot of great features for stores — things that let a store provide a branded, professional experience to their consignors and customers, including:

  • Store logo on your PIN Pad screens.
  • Animated slideshows on your PIN Pad screens.
  • Customize text displays, including signature capture prompts.

We’ve tightly integrated these configurations into Peeps’ Software, so you can quickly customize and brand your PIN Pad to match your store!

Peeps' Software X-Charge PIN Pad
Peeps' Software X-Charge PIN Pad Logo

Mobile Backup Processing

Known as your Virtual Terminal, OpenEdge provides a backup processing system via their Android and iPhone apps, as well as from their website.  This allows you to take credit card payments from a mobile device, should your Internet or processing system go down.


OpenEdge Mobile Virtual Terminal


OpenEdge View Virtual Terminal


You’re also able to generate payment emails/texts, to request payment from customers who aren’t in your store — e.g. social media sales.

Having a backup credit card processing system is something you don’t realize you need, until you can’t process credit card payments in your store!

Fully Supported System

We’ve found stores are constantly calling us, after they’ve called their consignment software vendor, then their credit card processor, only to be bounced back and forth.

The buck stops with Peeps — we’re the only ones willing to take ownership of issues, get down to the true cause of problems, and get our customers back up and running.

So we never tell our customers to call anyone elsePeeps are the ones who do everything. Never fear you’ll be bounced back and forth, waiting on hold hour after hour — Peeps take care of every portion of your credit card processing infrastructure*Must be on Peeps’ Support.

And you know those boring, 200+ question questionnaires you have to fill out every year? Peeps do this for you. More-importantly, we’re not just randomly answering yes or no — we understand the gravity behind this questionnaire and what it means. It is an oath and chain of custody, stating that the person signing it, guarantees the store’s systems have been properly hardened and adhere to the PCI DSS.

We also handle your quarterly PCI Compliance scans and annual questionnaire!  *Must be on Peeps’ Support.

Why Did Peeps Integrate with X-Charge?

The X-Charge credit card processing system has been around for two decades.  OpenEdge is a reliable credit card processor.

X-Charge was actually the first credit card processing system Peeps’ Software integrated with back in 2015 and I’ve personally been working with X-Charge since 2003.  X-Charge has been around the longest and for stores switching to Peeps’ Software from other consignment & resale software systems, this means one-less thing stores have to worry about when converting.

OpenEdge has a low monthly fee, no contracts, and their per-swipe rates are very competitive.  They will meet or beat your existing rates!

We like that the X-Charge software platform is extremely well-developed and does all of the ‘heavy lifting’ from a programmer’s perspective.  This allows Peeps to focus on development and building-out even more features and benefits for our customers.  X-Charge is a very mature, stable, and reliable program, which means less issues for you!

We really like OpenEdge and their X-Charge software and we feel extremely comfortable recommending them to Peeps’ Software users!

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