Shopify Websites by Computer Peeps!

Need a Shopify website for your consignment or resale store?  Computer Peeps are official Shopify Partners and specialize in designing, developing, and building Shopify websites for consignment and resale stores!

We build beautiful, well thought-out Shopify websites, ensuring every last drop of the template’s power is utilized!

Shopify Integration!

Peeps’ Software fully integrates with your Shopify store and along with our Peeps2Go Mobile, getting inventory and pics up has never been easier!


Computer Peeps can build a beautiful, functional, affordable website for your business.  Benefits of a Shopify website from Computer Peeps:

  • We are Shopify Partners
  • Peeps’ Software with Shopify integration!
  • Peeps2Go Mobile Photos for easy, professional item photos!
  • We integrate Shopify with your Facebook and Instagram
  • Sell online WITH ‘Tap to Buy’ on Instagram!
  • LoyalShops’ Reply Sold integration!
  • We build your Shopify site within Shopify’s Partner ‘garden’, so you don’t have to lift a finger
  • We understand Shopify’s templates, themes, and design
  • We understand how consignment software does or doesn’t integrate with your Shopify site
  • We understand Shopify’s Liquid variables and templates
  • We understand key theme options, such as New Arrivals, Product Filtering, Collections, redirects, Mega Menus, and things that make or break how your consignment inventory is displayed on Shopify!
  • We fully manage your old website’s URLs, so old pages don’t ‘break’ when someone visits an outdated link!

Computer Peeps have been asked to take over and repair numerous websites created by other vendors.  Many don’t understand design basics, many don’t understand consignment software and how it relates to you and your Shopify site.  Peeps get it.

Why Computer Peeps?

  • Dean is a software developer and system administrator — we’re not ‘marketing people’ who outsource your business.
  • We know what we’re doing and take our reputation — and your business — VERY seriously.
  • We’ve been building websites since 2000 and have built hundreds of websites.
  • We’ve been cleaning-up unprofessional websites created by ‘web designers’ who learned they could quickly deploy Shopify sites and call themselves ‘web designers’.
  • We know the pros and cons of working with specific templates, frameworks, and all-things Shopify.
  • We go the extra mile and really harness the power of the theme’s functions that drive the design of your website.
  • We do the work — we don’t ‘make you go and update DNS’, or ‘make you go do your own backups’.
  • We safely build your Shopify website in our Shopify Partner ‘garden’ and then fully transfer the site to your ownership, managing every step for you!
  • We pay more attention to details than those selling websites for $3,000+.

Modern, Elegant, Professional Design

Peeps do more than just buy a theme and call it a day.  You can give the same theme to two different people and can instantly tell the difference between someone with experience and an eye for design vs. someone who just installs a theme and walks away.

Some highlights:

  • Focused landing page content — people visiting a website want to see the important details right away – i.e. they don’t want to scroll and dig around for your phone #, location, or online inventory.
  • User-friendly content layout — just plugging-in text isn’t enough.  Pages and content should be laid-out in such a way that it’s easy to ‘consume’, both on a computer, as well as a phone/tablet.

Ease of Use + Complete Control

Update your website on your terms!  Easily update your website text, store hours, and even layout!  With Shopify, you can easily change the look and feel of your website.  Edit your website text, store hours, image slides, links, and more.

  • Update your website from wherever you are!
  • Post new blog/news entries from your phone!
  • Mobile apps for Android and iPhone/iPad.

What Does It Cost for A Shopify Website?

  • $2,050.00 — Our standard Shopify package, which includes your Catalog, initial ‘Collection’ creation, consignment software category Collection mapping, About Us page, Consignment/Buy/Sell page, Contact form, and Navigation menu creation.
  • 60% is due upon order, the remainder due when the website is launched.
  • Shopify builds are quoted at 20-25 business days (typically sooner though).
  • Content — e.g. text and logo — is provided by the store/customer.
  • Full, focused SEO treatment applied.
  • Facebook and Instagram integration.
  • Professional, paid Shopify Theme.
  • Domain setup.

*Additional costs can arise @ Shopify Apps, Shopify Theme adjustments, etc.  Peeps will quote separately for these!

If you’re paying over $3,000 and your website isn’t done in 30 days *and* your website is just a glorified template with text, you’re getting ripped-off — full-stop.

Call us today @ (888) 374-5422 today to get started with your Shopify consignment website from Peeps!

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