Consignment Websites by Computer Peeps

Need a website for your consignment or resale store?  Yes you do!  BUT, you don’t need to be scammed or fall for a, “Sell online!” sales-pitch from vendors and Monkeys.

Need to recover from a Monkeyed-up website?

Computer Peeps specialize in developing consignment websites. We can also build websites for medical offices, law offices, or any small business.  Computer Peeps can build a beautiful, functional, affordable website for your business.  Maybe you already have a website, but it hasn’t been updated since 2009.  Maybe you’re just starting out with the whole website *thing* and don’t have a domain name picked-out yet.

Peeps actually know what they’re doing…

Maybe you’ve been duped by Monkeys and need us to help you regain control and get your business back on track.  If you can’t say, “Yes, I fully own my website and I can update my website or take complete control over it whenever I want!” then something’s wrong.  If you don’t know who truly owns your website, then something’s really wrong!

We build our websites on WordPress, running on our server here in Orlando, FL.  We’re not sales people — we’re people who actually know what we’re doing.

Shopify, WooCommerce…Sell Online?

We’ve seen literally hundreds of stores get scammed by “you can sell online!” pitches!  We understand selling online (and how difficult it is) and Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, reCommerce, ShopRW, etc. TOP TO BOTTOM.  If you don’t want to be lied-to and *sold* stuff, talk to Computer Peeps before you even try to spend your time and money on selling online.

Remember, just because you have Shopify or WooCommerce, does NOT mean you’re going to be successfully selling online.

With a Shopify website from Computer Peeps:

  • We are Shopify Partners
  • We integrate Shopify with your Facebook and Instagram
  • Sell online WITH ‘Tap to Buy’ on Instagram!
  • We build your Shopify site within Shopify’s Partner ‘garden’, so you don’t have to lift a finger
  • We understand Shopify’s templates, themes, and design
  • We understand how consignment software does or doesn’t integrate with your Shopify site
  • We understand Shopify’s Liquid variables and templates
  • We understand key theme options, such as New Arrivals, Product Filtering, Collections, and things that make or break how your consignment inventory is displayed on Shopify!

Computer Peeps have been asked to take over and repair numerous websites created by other vendors.  Many don’t understand design basics, many don’t understand consignment software and how it relates to you and your Shopify site.  Peeps get it.

With a WordPress website from Computer Peeps, you can:

  • Sell online using WooCommerce
  • Integrate your online store with Facebook and Instagram
  • Easily create image galleries
  • Easily create new blog/news/new inventory posts
  • Update your website on your own
  • Automatically post to Facebook and Twitter
  • Post to your blog and update your website from your Android device, iPhone, or iPad
  • Have a fully functional email system for your business
  • Publish a consignor or customer survey
  • Sell online WITH ‘Tap to Buy’ on Instagram!

Computer Peeps specialize in building WordPress websites for consignment and resale store owners, as well as any business that needs a website.

Why Computer Peeps?

  • Dean is a software developer and system administrator — we’re not ‘marketing people’ who outsource your business.
  • We know what we’re doing and take our reputation — and your business — VERY seriously.
  • We’ve been building websites since 2000 and have built hundreds of websites.
  • We’ve been cleaning-up messes created by fake ‘web designers’ who monkey-around and learned they could quickly deploy WordPress and call themselves ‘web designers’.
  • We know the pros and cons of working with specific templates, frameworks, and all-things WordPress.
  • We go the extra mile and really harness the power of shortcodes and the engines that drive the design of your website.
  • We do the work — we don’t ‘make you go and update DNS’, or ‘make you go do your own backups’.
  • We pay more attention to details than those selling websites for $3,000+.

Ease of Use + Complete Control

Update your website on your terms!

  • The engine driving all Peeps’ websites is WordPress.  WordPress allows you to easily modify your website, without relying on a geek.
  • Web Hosting registered in your name.  We’ve had multiple clients burned by web developers, deleting websites, halting all emails, etc..  All hosting and domains are registered in your name.

WordPress Admin Panel

Modern, Elegant, Professional Design

With WordPress, you can easily change the look and feel of your website.  Think of WordPress templates like purchasing professionally designed blue prints for a new home.  Instead of paying through the roof for a custom home, you can select from professionally designed layouts with unique customizations and features.

  • We utilize professional templates and frameworks to achieve a gorgeous, consignment website!
  • Change the look of your site, without losing your entire website!  You can easily install new templates and ‘reboot’ your website every couple of years.


  • Non-default WordPress installation directory
  • Non-default WordPress admin user
  • Akismet spam/comment filter
  • HTTPS/SSL with proper configuration throughout — none of this ‘insecure images’ mess we see from other ‘website design’ companies.
  • wp-admin security measures
  • Hardened Apache Server configuration settings
  • CloudFlare IDS + CDN
  • If we told you the rest, it wouldn’t be security, now would it?  😉


Mobile Access

  • Update your website from wherever you are!
  • Post new blog entries from your phone!  e.g. Upload pics of new items from your mobile phone.
  • Mobile apps for Android, iPhone, iPad

Professional, Easy-to-manage Email | G-Suite

  • All websites come with a professionally configured Google Apps trial setup.  If you’ve used Gmail before, then you know how easy it is to get to your email.
  • Easily add/remove email addresses – e.g. for new employees, store managers, etc.
  • Create forwarder or ‘Nickname’ accounts – e.g. [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], etc – and have all emails automatically forwarded to another email inbox.
  • Access to email from any device with a web browser – no more worrying about setting up Outlook!
  • All the benefits of Google – e.g. Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Tasks, etc.

Standardized Tools

  • WordPress, the world’s largest and best content management system platform, drives all websites developed by The Computer Peeps.
  • We strongly recommend HostDime for web hosting.  All hosts are not created the same.  The core components of your website – e.g. Apache, MySQL, and PHP – must be properly installed, configured, and secured.  Ask us why we recommend HostDime.  CPanel ensures you have complete control over your entire website, from FTP to DNS.
  • For clients on Peeps’ Support, we host your website and it’s included with the cost of support!
  • Google Apps ensures your emails are sent and received, without going to spam.  Other online email systems can interfere with email messages, altering or even completely removing messages intended for your eyes.  Instead of trying to use some convoluted webmail system configured by your web developer, switch to Google Apps and get Gmail for your business.
  • Mobile WordPress apps are available for both Android and iOS – update your site from your phone!

What Does It Include?

  • Our standard website package includes a 5 page website, plus a Contact Us page.
  • Mobile access.
  • Premium template with shortcodes.
  • Page builder.
  • Social sharing – e.g. Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Image gallery.
  • Link to your Peeps’ Consignor Login, MyResaleweb, ShopRW, or other consignment website.
  • 1 hour of free training
  • Website monitor to alert you if your site is down
  • Initial file-level + database backup
  • 30 days of Peeps’ Website Hosting w/ Peeps’ Security + Maintenance.

Websites require both domain name registration (about $10-$15 per year), as well as web hosting (unless on Peeps’ Support and hosted on Peeps’ server).  If you do not already have a domain name, we will help you register your domain name in your name — you will be the full owner!  We recommend Name Cheap for domain name registration.  You’ll need a domain name – e.g. myconsignmentstore.com – to go along with your website.

If you already have a domain name and even web hosting, please keep in mind all web hosts are not created the same.  If you are not utilizing Peeps’ Website Hosting, The Computer Peeps recommend HostDime.  We have had many, many clients attempt to run their website and email through ‘all-in-one’ services, only to see their websites and/or email fail.  WordPress utilizes software such as Apache, MySQL and PHP.  Your template includes colors (style sheets) and images, as well as content (the text throughout your site), all of which requires resources in order to load.  Cheap web hosts show their true colors when it comes to site availability and stability.  The Computer Peeps will check to see if your current web host is sufficient to run your new website.  Another benefit of HostDime is, there’s always someone there.  This isn’t some phantom online company that you can never talk to.

What Does It Cost for A Shopify Website?

  • $1,850 — Our standard Shopify package, which includes your Catalog, initial ‘Collection’ creation, consignment software category Collection mapping, About Us page, and Contact form.
  • 60% is due upon order, the remainder due when the website is launched.
  • Shopify builds are quoted at 20-25 business days (typically sooner though).
  • Content — e.g. text and logo — is provided by the store/customer.
  • Full SEO treatment applied.
  • Facebook and Instagram integration.
  • Professional, paid Shopify Theme.
  • Domain setup.

What Does It Cost for A WordPress Website?

  • $1,650 — Our standard website package, which includes 5 pages, including a properly secured contact form.
  • 60% is due upon order, the remainder due when the website is launched.
  • Website builds are quoted at 25-30 business days (typically sooner though).
  • Content — e.g. text and logo — is provided by the store/customer.
  • Full SEO treatment applied.
  • HTTPS.

Contact us today to get started!  We can add unique features and options such as customer surveys, Pinterest links, appointment schedulers, comprehensive SEO, and more!

If you’re paying over $3,000 and your website isn’t done in 30 days *and* your website is just a glorified template with text, you’re getting ripped-off — full-stop.

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