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Whether you’re a Google Pixel peep or a Samsung peep, Peeps2Go is right at home.


From Pixel and Galaxy Tab to Lenovo, Peeps2Go runs on it.


Peeps2Go runs on Amazon Kindle devices — great for inexpensive appointment management and new account sign-up.


Chromebooks are affordable laptops/convertibles that are great for Peeps2Go item entry stations or new account processing.

Peeps2Go Runs Great On Android!

Peeps’ Software is greatly expanded by Peeps2Go, providing cross-platform functionality on your Android phones, Android tablets, Amazon Kindle devices, and Chromebooks.

Functionality includes, but is not limited to:

  • Inventory photos for Shopify and identification @ POS.
  • Employee time clock kiosk.
  • New account sign-up kiosk.
  • Mobile/deskside stats.
  • Inventory search to help shoppers.
  • Item entry from home or pop-up intake stations when it’s busy.
  • Create employee alerts from home.

Consignor Login App for Android

Peeps’ Software has an official consignor login app for Android.

Consignor Login by Peeps


Android Consignment Software
Android Consignment Software
Android Consignment Software
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