Powerful Consignment Software

Not only does consignment software have to be easy consignment software, it has to be powerful consignment softwarePeeps’ Consignment Software has the features and functionality consignment and resale stores need.  Whether you’re a boutique with one computer or a furniture store with 10 computers, Peeps’ Consignment Software handles it all.

Powerful Reports

Reports can be one of the most important aspects of consignment software, but they can also be the most-complicated or limiting.  Peeps’ Consignment Software has over 80 powerful, yet simple and purpose-driven reports designed around 15 years of experience.


Features & Flexibility

Pay your consignors in bulk, or pay on demand.  Consignors come in to pickup checks and you want to sort by first name or last name?  Peeps’ Consignment Software can do that.  Want bracelets to split and markdown differently than jeans?  Automatically assign different splits to different types of inventory.  Consignment software can’t just track inventory and ring-up sales at point of sale — it has to be capable of handling the specific tasks unique to a consignment store.

Powerful Consignment Software

Powerful Consignment Software


Signature Capture Galore!!!

Signature capture for credit card payments, consignor contracts/account agreements, cash payouts, store credit payments, employee agreements, and more!  And signature capture is available with or without a credit card processor!  Peeps’ Software is the only consignment & resale software that offers signature capture in all these areas, using either the credit card processors signature PIN Pad, or Peeps’ Signature Pad.





Options Stores Expect

Processing a specific group of items?  You can choose whether your item splits will stick at the current type you’re processing, or reset back to the consignor’s preferred split.  Only want certain types of items to split and markdown one way, while others use a different set of terms?  You can assign splits & terms to each inventory category.

Powerful Consignment Software


Flexible, Powerful Splits & Terms

Peeps’ Software handles every type of split setup a consignment or resale store could imagine.  From basic Splits…

Peeps' Software Normal Split

To Splits based on the selling price…

Peeps' Software Selling Price Split

To Splits based on the age of an item…

Peeps' Software Days Old Split

After 15 years in the consignment industry, supporting hundreds of consignment stores, we found that they still called us every day, unable to do what they wanted to do in the other consignment software systems.

Make the last phone call you’ll need to make about your consignment software.  Call The Computer Peeps @ (888) 374-5422 today!

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