Send individual text messages or send focused text blasts.

Bulk SMS

Peeps’ Texter provides built-in, fully-integrated text message marketing to targeted audiences.


Send a text blast of new arrivals, hauls, flyers, and more.


Instantly attach a pic with Peeps’ AirAttach and skip figuring out how to transfer pics back and forth.

Now included at no additional charge for stores on Peeps' Support!

Fully-Integrated Text Messaging

Peeps’ Software provides text messaging right out of the box, allowing stores to send one-off text messages directly to account holders.

Peeps’ Texter greatly expands your stores’ texting capabilities, providing a seamless text messaging marketing system without ever leaving your software.

Functionality includes, but is not limited to:

  • Reliable text message delivery with error reporting.
  • Per-account text message approval.
  • Marketing text blasts for special sale events, store credit reminders, frequent shopper points reminders, and more.
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