Peeps' Support & System Monitoring

Complete support for all aspects of your consignment store, including 24×7 system monitoring, proactive calls for issues, and so much more!

The Computer Peeps

$200.00/mo, per *computer


  • Live phone support, with Dean.
  • Email support.
  • Live chat.
  • 24×7 system monitoring.
  • Proactive detection of system issues.
  • Weekly review of work done on your systems, via Peeps’ Custy Management System.
  • Full customer management portal, Custy2Go.  (*Includes live status of your store, live radar of your store, live webcam view of your store, and more).
  • Peeps’ Managed Antivirus.
  • Peeps’ Off-site backups.
  • Secure, remote connection to your store from home, mobile, etc.
  • Peeps2Go!
  • Peeps’ Shopify Integration!
  • Peeps’ Consignor Login!
  • Peeps’ Emailer!
  • Peeps’ Texter!!!
  • Computer replacement at no charge!  Even if you didn’t buy the computer from Peeps, we’ll replace it for free*Requires Peeps’ Battery Backup. Shipping not included.
  • You get to speak with Dean!  😀


  • $200.00/mo per computer.
  • Stores with three (3) or more computers receive a discount!
  • Automatically billed monthly.
  • Minimum of 6 months service.

Peeps’ Support is more than just us being here if you run into issues!  SO much more!

We have the most fine-tuned monitoring system on the planet, covering every possible aspect of your store’s infrastructure.  We detect when your store loses power, loses Internet, when applications crash, when backups fail, and even when someone plugs-in a vacuum to a battery backup.

In addition to complete support for printers, computers, Peeps’ Software, etc., we also include Peeps2Go, Peeps’ Shopify Integration, and Peeps’ Consignor Login for FREE!!!

Other companies show you a low price for support, then nickel and dime you for each of the services you actually need.

Peeps are also the only company that provides support for EVERY aspect of your store!  No telling you to “Call your tech for printers” or “Call the computer company for replacement!”

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