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The easiest, cleanest, subscription-free mobile consignment software!

Peeps2Go Mobile Consignment Software


Included w/ Peeps’ Support!

Mobile Consignment Software by The Computer Peeps!  FREE for stores on Peeps’ Support!!!

Click/tap here to see Peeps2Go mobile consignment software in action!

Click/tap here to see Peeps2Go mobile photos for Shopify in action!

Store Credit Sync for multi-location stores!!!


  • Mobile photos (for uploading to Shopify or in-store identification!)
  • Edit photos (rotate, delete)
  • Mobile stats, charts, and more!
  • AirAttach for Peeps’ Texter!
  • Mobile item entry for storeowners, consignors, and vendors!
  • Consignment mall vendor item entry.
  • Mobile account entry.
  • In-store inventory lookup.
  • In-store consignor account setup.
  • In-store employee kiosk for Peeps’ Timeclock!
  • Direct Connect for consignors — provide your own consignor login with account history, totals, inventory, payouts, and more — in real-time!
  • Allow consignors/customers to use their store credit at each of your locations!
  • Allow gift cards to be used at each of your locations! *Currently in Beta Testing.
  • Consignor/account holder pics.
  • Appointment management.
  • Digital Tags/Digital Item Signs!
  • Peeps2Go -> Peeps2Go (instantly install Peeps2Go on additional devices!)
  • Peeps2Go Pricing Neighborhood. *Coming soon!
  • Peeps2Go QuickSlips!  *Coming soon!
  • SOOO much more!!!

Technical Details

  • Peeps2Go Server runs on your server computer at your store.
  • Instantly accessible in-store, on the same WiFi network.
  • Easy QuickSetup for instant Peeps2Go deployment in your store!
  • Simple Port Forwarding to access from outside of your store.
  • Dynamic DNS/user-friendly URL included for stores on Peeps’ Support!
  • Requires Peeps’ Software v2.20 or greater.
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