Cloud Consignment Software

Peeps’ Cloud Consignment Software for multi-location stores!  Full cloud-based consignment software for those of you with multiple locations, who want consignors, inventory, sales, gift cards, points, etc. to be shared between multiple stores!  Or, for stores who just have a single location, but don’t want their data hosted on-site + want to be able to run their native software from home!


Peeps' Cloud Consignment Software



  • Share inventory between stores.
  • Consignors can use credit at any of your stores.
  • Customers can use gift cards at any of your stores.
  • Customers can earn + redeem points at any of your stores.
  • You’re running full, native Peeps’ Software — none of that Remote Desktop mess!
  • You’re on a dedicated, MiniPeep DB server — not a sliver of a computer in a virtualized environment.


  • $50 per month, per computer (discounts for 5 or more computers!)
  • Must be on Peeps’ Support.
  • Peeps’ MiniCloudThe Computer Peeps are the only consignment software provider with YOUR business in mind!  Run a Peeps’ MiniCloud server at your main store, while your annex location is the only one relying on the cloud!
  • Peeps’ Support required.


  • We can convert you off of Liberty’s ‘cloud’ Remote Desktop service!  Get off of that Remote Desktop mess and switch to real software, with a cloud database!
  • Take a non-existent ConsignPro cloud and make a Peeps’ Cloud!
  • Using Traxia’s SimpleConsign website service?  Time to switch to software that runs outside of a web browser!

The Cloud Isn’t Everything

Keep in mind, the cloud isn’t the end all, be all.  It requires an Internet connection 100% of the time and if you have no Internet, you have no cloud.  You’re becoming dependent on the Internet connection between you and Peeps’ Cloud.  There are pros and cons to this — sure, it’s beneficial to not have to worry about your backups, but losing Internet for even a few hours, means a lot when you experience it first-hand.  So we’re not the sort of consignment software vendor that’s going to gloss over the realities of cloud-based consignment software.

Do It Yourself!

Peeps aren’t here to sell you stuff.  Where other vendors try to oversimplify things so they can be package simple marketing items to you, Peeps will give it to you straight.  If you want it to be easy, it has a cost to it.  If you want to do it yourself and save money, Peeps’ database can be moved to Amazon Web Services (AWS), your own server in-store, a web host, etc.  You can hire any tech or system administrator who understands MySQL Server, remote database access, and remote database security.  Point being, if you want it to be simple, let us do it.  If you want to save money and take the DIY route, you’re more than welcome to do so!

The Computer Peeps provide a free audit & consultation to see if your store should move to the cloud.

Run your own, Peeps’ MiniCloud Server at your main store and your second/annex/warehouse location connects back to your main store.  This way, your main store is always up and if Internet goes down, it’s just the annex location that’s offline.

Call us today @ (888) 374-5422 today to schedule a demo of the easiest-to-use cloud consignment software on the market!

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