Loyal Shops

Loyal Shops Reply Sold Facebook Live Assistant

For stores utilizing Peeps’ Software & Shopify, we’re proud to announce Loyal Shops integration!  With Loyal Shops’ Reply Sold service, you can call out your Barcode ID in a Facebook Live and a link to checkout on your Shopify website will automatically be replied to the person who commented ‘Sold!’  🙂

We’ve added a handy feature too, allowing stores to QUICKLY get inventory up to Shopify, even without a pic.  Automatically set individual items or all items to automatically go up.  Items without an image will be tagged as “no image” so within Shopify, they can be hidden from your main Catalog (if you’d like — this isn’t required).  This prevents your main Catalog from being filled-up with items that don’t have a pic yet, BUT it makes them available to Loyal Shops for automatic checkout in your Facebook Lives!

If you don’t already have a Shopify website, call Peeps today @ (888) 374-5422 and we can get started on building you a beautiful Shopify website!

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