MiniPeep #2 • Add-on Computer (3rd Gen)

Our flagship add-on MiniPeep system, designed specifically for consignment and resale stores!

MiniPeep Consignment Resale Computer Hardware


MiniPeep Consignment Resale Computer Hardware
MiniPeep Consignment Resale Computer Hardware
MiniPeep Consignment Resale Computer Hardware
MiniPeep Computer

Add-on Computer

Our #2 MiniPeep workstation is ideal for being an add-on computer at point of sale, for inventory processing, etc.

Combined with Peeps’ Software, you can’t find a more complete and focused system for your consignment or resale store!

This MiniPeep system is the recommended station for most add-on setups. Fast, clean, and fine-tuned for Peeps’ Software!

Built-to-order, each and every system is configured by Dean @ Computer Peeps here in Wekiwa Springs, FL!  Dean has been a system administrator for consignment and resale stores for over a decade. Dean has been working in the consignment industry since 2003. In that time, you learn what doesn’t work (e.g. off-the-shelf systems) and what does work.

We only utilize a specific set of components that we’ve vetted and field-tested. We know you can’t simply “throw components together” and call it a reliable system. Even “fast” systems can be unreliable, so we take this very seriously and only recommend what we’ve vetted and tested.

Tech Specs

  • Intel Core i3 Processor
  • 256 GB NVMe SSD/hard drive
  • 8 GB of RAM
  • Windows 11 Professional 64-bit
  • DUAL HDMI Monitor Connections
  • 14 USB Ports (Four (4) onboard, Ten (10) via powered USB hub)
  • Logitech wired keyboard and mouse
  • 22″ LED LCD HD Display
  • MiniPeep Mounting Bracket (Mount your MiniPeep to your screen or under your counter!)


  • Peeps’ 3-hour Configuration Protocol
  • Separate non-admin account for day-to-day use
  • Windows hardening via Group Policy + additional Windows services/features disable to prevent leakage
  • Peeps’ aesthetic adjustments — yes, pruning icons and cleaning-up the crappy out-of-box Windows layout not only makes for a cleaner-looking system, it actually makes the system less confusing and less annoying to end-users.
  • Every port, cable, and connection is fully labeled *and* color-coded! This not only makes installation a snap, it helps prevent issues down the road!


  • 1 Year Peeps’ Replacement Warranty
  • 1 Year of Disk Health Monitoring w/ Email Alerts
  • If you’re on Peeps’ Support, we replace your computer regardless!
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