How To Re-Calibrate Your Zebra GX420 Tag Printer (Skipping Tags)

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From time to time, you might find you have to re-calibrate your Zebra GX420 thermal tag/label printer — typically, because it’s skipping tags/labels.

Fortunately, this is a super-easy process and much easier (and less wasteful!) than the older Zebra LP2844 thermal printers!


  1. Press and hold the green Feed button.
  2. Continue to hold it through the first, brief flash, then through the second longer series of flashes, then let go.
  3. Wait for the printer to perform its calibration process (it’s pretty quick, usually just a few seconds).
  4. Once the calibration has finished and the light is solid green, press the green Feed button two or three times, to make sure it advances one tag/label each time its pressed.

Here’s a video of the process as well — notice again how I hold down the green Feed button through the first ‘quick’ flash, then let go after the second, longer series of flashes.

I also always do at least two or three ‘test’ Feeds afterward, to make sure each time the Feed button is pressed, it feeds exactly one tag/label.

The Computer Peeps Re-calibrate Zebra GX420


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