[Consignment Success] How to export email addresses

Emailing clients is a great way to keep in touch, alert them of upcoming sales or drive in new consignments.  Even if your consignment software supports sending emails directly from within itself, once you try to send multiple, identical or similar emails, you’re at risk of being blocked as SPAM.

A client recently inquired as to how to send emails to clients in her Consignment Success database.  If you’re sending more than 100 emails, The Computer Peeps recommend a bulk email service such as Constant Contact or MailChimp.

Starting at the Consignor list, you have a list of all of your consignor accounts…

Consignment Success - Consignors
Consignment Success – Consignors (Click to Enlarge)

If we click the Consignor Reports button, we’re presented with a way to select all or specific accounts, as well as a way to export to a format acceptable for Constant Contact…

Consignment Success - Consignor Reports
Consignment Success – Consignor Reports (Click to Enlarge)

We’re then given a file that contains the accounts we’ve exported…

Export Dialog
Export Dialog
Consignment Success - .CSV Export
Consignment Success – .CSV Export (Click to Enlarge)

This file can be utilized with email services such as Constant Contact and MailChimp.  In our example above, we exported a file of all accounts.  Emailing ‘all’ accounts might be good in the event of a big sale or event.  You could export just consignors that haven’t consigned since last year (encouraging them to bring in new items).

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