Consignment Software by The Computer Peeps

Peeps’ Consignment Software is the result of 15 years of direct experience with consignment software, consignment stores, and providing technical support to storeowners running one of the few consignment software systems available.

Peeps' Consignment Software
Peeps’ Consignment Software

For 20+ years, the *only consignment software options available have been Liberty consignment software and ConsignPro consignment software.  There have been a few other consignment software systems on the market, some of which have gone out of business (e.g. Consignment Success/Consignment Ease/Best Consignment Software).  Others are still available today, such as ConsignmentTill and The Consignment Shop (commonly referred to as SBS, the company who develops the software).

Why Did The Computer Peeps Write Their Own Consignment Software?

Imagine for a moment, you’re a home builder.  On a daily basis, customers come to you to build their home for them.  You have essentially two suppliers available for materials.  You build customers’ homes using materials from one of the two vendors, only to find there are both issues installing/building with their materials, as well as customer experience issues once the customer starts living in the home.

As you build their home, you see how poorly-crafted the supplies are.  The customers come to you over and over again, telling you how many issues they have with the materials used to build their homes.  You contact each vendor to tell them about these issues, only to find your experience falls on deaf-ears.  Time goes on and you start to realize, you can fix the issues the vendors have ignored — you can make a better product, thus, resolving the issues your customers have come to you for over and over again.

But Liberty & ConsignPro Have Been Around for Years!

You’d think that being around for years, would mean every screw has been tightened, every nook and cranny has been fine-tuned, and the software is free of issues.  Being the *only two consignment software systems on the market, it’s created a, “What other software are you going to use?” situation.  Consignment storeowners were limited as to which software they could even use.  When there are thousands of consignment stores who need some form of software to run their stores, they have no choice but to pick from what’s available to them.  So when you see Liberty or ConsignPro say they have thousands of users, it’s not because they’re the best consignment software available, it’s because they’ve been the only consignment software available.

Features, Usability & Reliability

Consignment & resale stores have a very specific set of needs when it comes to the consignment process.  The software should be user-friendly and fit the consignment/resale workflow.  And lastly, the software needs to be reliable — you can’t have software that loses your sales or crashes on a daily basis.

Peeps’ Consignment Software utilizes programming best practices and database design fundamentals.  This ensures Peeps’ Consignment Software is stable, feature-rich, and reliable.

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