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Consignment software reviews are something we wanted to make sure and cover here @ The Computer Peeps. You will find a variety of search results out there for consignment software reviews.  For example, the “consignment – software – reviews – dot – com” website, is Steve @ BCSS.  🙂  We are not a paid referrals company, nor are we a consignment software vendor trying to flood the search engines with best consignment software reviews spam.  This page is so that consignment store owners can find un-biased, legitimate consignment software reviews.

Consignment software absolutely can make your consignment or resale business run smoother. The majority of the clients we work with who computerize and use consignment software, are able to quickly grow their business. It’s not uncommon that we hear back from new clients less than a year later, ready to open their second location.  It’s a matter of not wasting your time and money on BCSS and finding which of the legitimate consignment software programs is the right fit for your business.

When searching around out there on the web, there’s a lot of ‘noise’ for consignment software reviews. It seems every search result out there has the words best consignment software peppered throughout. BCSS started out by flooding the search engines with those keywords. Beware of BCSS’ fake Consignment Software Reviews, as well as his colorful About The Computer Peeps websites.

To be perfectly honest, it’s not really fair to say that any of the programs on the market are the best consignment software. Each of the major consignment software programs on the market can run your consignment business, but none of them are perfect – that’s just the truth.  In our consignment software review process, we will try to stick to a simple format.  That includes:

  • Price
  • Company info/background
  • Working With Consignors
  • Working With Inventory
  • Ringing-up sales
  • General/Other Info

There is a lot to each of these programs and our goal is to focus in on the core areas used in each program, as well as any little details that separate the programs.

If you have any questions about any of the consignment software systems available, don’t hesitate to call us @ (888) 374-5422 before you make such a big investment. The Computer Peeps offer a free, 30-minute consultation for new consignment store owners. We can help you sift through the details and get your questions answered, quickly.

Sales people are sales people and they’re all going to try and sell you their products; and rightfully so. They won’t always cover details like, “Do not use our consignment software to send out mass emails, otherwise you’ll get flagged as a spammer.” They’ll just tell you, “Our consignment software has email functionality.” See the difference?

These are our opinions and we have the experience to back it up. The Computer Peeps are the only company that not only develops their own consignment software, we also work with each of the major consignment programs on a daily basis. We deal with the installation issues, database crashes, how-to questions, configuration issues – you name it, we support it. We have been supporting consignment software and helping consignment store owners since February 2010. Prior to The Computer Peeps, Dean Casey worked for one of the largest consignment software vendors. Dean has traveled all across North America and has visited, setup, and trained literally hundreds of consignment and resale locations.

The Computer Peeps are proud NARTS Members and attend the annual NARTS Conferences. Dean has been to every NARTS Conference since 2005.

Before you purchase any of your consignment point of sale hardware,[/highlight] we recommend comparing our consignment hardware prices to the consignment software vendors’ prices.  From Zebra tag printers to bar code scanners, The Computer Peeps offer better prices and better support.

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