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The Computer Peeps manage your entire consignment business, from your consignment software, to your computers, to your website, to support, printers, PCI Compliance, and social media.

We include real-time off-site backups, consignment software data backups, secure remote access, and guarantee your systems’ backups and security.  Ask your consignment software vendor to put their guarantee in writing — see what they say.  😉


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Don’t waste your time with consignment software vendors that simply can’t hack it.

The Computer Peeps have proven time and time again, consignment software vendors simply can’t touch the The Computer Peeps.

Consignment software vendors have a vested interest in keeping consignment software issues a secret — it behooves them to keep consignment store owners in the dark.

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With our secure remote connection, 24×7 system monitoring, and proactive notification of issues, you don’t have to raise a finger!

You can focus on running your business while The Computer Peeps take care of your systems!

We tell you before issues happen and we’re the only company with 10 years of advanced system monitoring for hundreds of consignment stores all across North America.[/icon_text]

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