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Peeps' IP Finder

What Is An External IP?

Your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the company you pay each month, so you have access to the Internet.  Just like your consignment store has a physical street address, you also have a unique address  on the Internet, which is assigned to you by your ISP.

That unique number is your store’s ‘address on the Web’, so when you leave your store and need to get to things like security cameras, consignment software mobile apps, etc. you typically need to know your store’s unique address.

Your ISP assigns that address to the device that gets you online in the first place — your Internet Modem.  That Internet Modem, typically sits on the other side of your Firewall, while you and your computers remain safe behind the Firewall.


Basic Network Diagram
Basic Network Diagram


What Does Peeps’ IP Finder Do?

To find out what that unique IP address is, you typically have to find some website that will show you what your External IP address is.  To make things easier for consignment and resale store owners, The Computer Peeps wrote this little app which tells you that External IP address right away.  🙂

How Does Peeps’ IP Finder Get My External IP?

We make a Web request to which responds with your IP address.  🙂

I Still Need Help!!!

That’s what The Computer Peeps are there for!  🙂  If you’ve found your External IP address, but you’re still unsure of what to do with it, no worries.  Either send us a message through our Contact Us page or call us at (888) 374-5422.

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