Repeat Street System Setup

We thought we’d keep a mini-series going, documenting the systems we configure for consignment stores.  We help consignment store owners get the most out of their consignment software, by configuring stable computers and industry-standard point of sale hardware.

This installment shows a brief glimpse into the system setup for…

Repeat Street Women’s and Children’s Resale Boutique (Gurnee, IL)


Julie Jablonowski @ Repeat Street is such a pleasure to work with.  She runs Liberty at her store and has a two-computer setup.  She was experiencing an increasing amount of computer issues with her older systems.  It was time to look into reformatting and upgrading or replacing the systems.  Since each of her systems were well past their time, investing in newer technology was the most cost-effective approach.

Repeat Street Dell Computers for Liberty Consignment Software
Repeat Street Point of Sale and Server

We configured two Dell systems to manage her consignment software + Microsoft SQL Server.  A consignment store is a hi-demand operation and both point of sale as well as new consignment intake must be operational at all times.  There just isn’t time for system lockups, errors, etc.

We professionally configure our systems in-house.  It’s not enough to just “go get a Dell, dude.”  Building up your own systems isn’t as cost-effective as it used to be either.  Dell’s business-class systems offer hi-end technology plus next business day hardware replacement.  The Computer Peeps are a preferred partner through Dell.

Since your database is everything – e.g. your consignors, items, sales, payout history, etc. – you want to do everything possible to protect your systems.  These Dell systems include a Seagate Barracuda SATA II hard drive @ 7200 RPMs.  Not only is this drive fast, it’s reliable.

The Dells also include RAM inspected by Kingston.  Since only a few chip companies actually manufacture memory, companies such as Kingston test and verify RAM before it’s sold to consumers and vendors.  This ensures the RAM is stable, reliable and free of errors.

Repeat Street Dell Computers with Core 2 Duo Processor
Repeat Street Dell Computers w/ Core 2 Duo Processor

Since Julie is running Liberty on two systems and based on how frequently the systems are utilized, we configured a stronger set of computers for her.  Liberty is consignment software that utilizes Microsoft SQL Server to manage its database. All databases grow over time and that means a heavier “weight” to lift.  Even with compression and purging, a database is always growing.  You always want to avoid Celeron processors and in this case, we wanted to step things up even more.  We utilized Intel’s Core 2 Duo line and combined with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit + 4 GB of RAM in each system, Repeat Street’s systems are ready for everything they can throw at them.

Consignment Software Database Backup Drive
Consignment Software Database Backup Drive

We also want to protect the database and ensure we have daily, redundant backups.  While we can’t force our clients to utilize an external hard drive + an automated backup system, we highly encourage it.  Repeat Street made the best decision by opting for a complete backup system.  We utilize an online backup solution that also manages an additional, local copy to an external hard drive.

Now Repeat Street’s consignment software is sending a database backup to both her external drive and her off-site, online account.  This gives the ultimate in redundancy.  There is a local copy of the consignment software database, to help recover in an instant.  There’s also an off-site backup, should a catastrophic event occur.

We don’t just “buy Dell computers and ship them out.”  No, no, no.  First of all, you have to select the right hardware, the right motherboard/RAM/CPU combination and the right version of Windows.  Once these systems arrive, we go through a 4-page configuration sheet.  Everything from NTFS permissions and advanced networking to Windows Updates and complete system tuning is performed in-house.

Repeat Street also added a Zebra thermal tag printer, bar code scanner and cash drawer to the system setup.  All hardware that ships with the system or that will be utilized with the systems (if the store already owns printers, etc.) is pre-installed and configured here.  We color-code our systems so that everything is “plug and play” when the systems arrive.  Add to that, we’re there for you the day the systems arrive.  We ensure there’s a smooth game plan for getting the final consignment software backup + any additional files backed-up and moved to a safe place.  Once the systems are online, we remote-in and do a white glove inspection to ensure everything is still running perfectly.

For consignment stores who purchase systems from us, all they have to do is purchase the systems and unpack them when they arrive – that’s it.  No installing, fussing, waiting, configuring or cussing.  There’s far more to this than just buying a computer and slapping some software on it.

With these new systems in place, Repeat Street can continue to be Gurnee, IL’s favorite consignment shop!

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