Best Consignment Shop Software Using CCE’s Copyright

I posted this in a follow-up comment on our original post about Best Consignment Shop Software (BCSS).  I was utilizing a handy tool – an internet “time machine.”  I decided to take a look at a copy of Best Consignment Shop Software’s website as it stood back in 2001.

Amazingly enough, the original program installer for Best Consignment Shop Software 1.0 was archived!  I was able to download their very first consignment shop software program!  When I want to install it, something caught my eye.  Take a look at the image below (click to enlarge)…

Best Consignment Shop Software
BCSS Using CCE’s Copyright | Click To Enlarge

Notice what it says down there in the bottom, left-hand corner?  Click the image to see a close-up…

CCE Copyright 2000
CCE Copyright 2000 | Click To Enlarge

Who is CCE?  Why does Best Consignment Shop Software (dot com) have a CCE Copyright on their installer?  Great questions!  Maybe it was just an oversight.  Or maybe it’s because CCE were the first to release a program named Best Consignment Software (BCS).  CCE has since changed the name of their Best Consignment Software program to Consignment Ease.  More information on CCE’s consignment software can be found on their website => http://www.consignmentshopsoftware.com/.

Now, maybe Steve just forgot to take CCE’s copyright out.  I mean, that was over 10 years ago.  Isn’t it a bit odd then, that BCSS has “Copyright

BCSS Copyright from CCE

Feel free to search the Copyright Database yourself @ http://cocatalog.loc.gov.  Just search for ‘best consignment software’ and you’ll find that CCE copyrighted that name, not BCSS.

How can BCSS just get away with that?  If anyone wants to contact BCSS’ web host and ask them why they have a false copyright on their website, BCSS’ public WhoIs records can be found at…


His site is hosted at Pair Networks (pair.com) and [email protected] is the contact email, if you’d like to bring this to his host’s attention…

BCSS Web Host

When people are trying to get help with consignment software, or are trying to get help finding new consignment software, they don’t need shenanigans like this.  Business owners can’t waste their time and money on a company that won’t respond to their calls or emails and who clearly have no regard for honesty or facts.  Why the hell else would BCSS post CCE’s copyright on their home page?

All of the information above is 100% public and 10)% verifiable.  All it takes is a little bit if sleuthing to uncover the facts.

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