Customer Service?

I know each of you out there have experienced this.  You purchase a product or you pay for a monthly service.  You call their customer service and/or technical support department because of an issue.  You get on the phone with a person that simply does not want to help you.  It’s almost as if you’re dealing with some snotty 13-year old that is being uncooperative just because it’s funny.

It’s beyond stressful.  You’re paying for a service or product and said company has hired personnel to assist their beloved customers (e.g. you).  It feels like a brick wall.  But what do you do?  You need the service or product, so you can’t just cancel or return the product (even though your heart is telling you you should).

It struck me – this is just like the Milgram Experiment.  The customer service/tech support rep is “out of touch” – they’ll never know you, never see you…you’re an “object” in a sense, not a person.  They don’t care how they treat you.  They never ask themselves, “how would I feel if my mother was treated this way?”

This is no longer just an abstract.  This pattern of behavior is starting to have real effects on our culture.  One part of our culture is becoming more and more frustrated.  Another part is becoming more and more out of touch with humanity.

I won’t get on a rant here, but I think this is something all of us can relate to.  It’s this very toil, that led to the genesis of The Computer Peeps.  We don’t take you for granted.  We know you are a person, running a business, living a life – not just “someone out there we’ll never meet in real life.”

The Computer Peeps take pride in the relationships we establish.  You’re not just a commodity to us.  We didn’t start this business just to make money.  Yes, we’re all in business to make a profit, but not at someone’s expense.  If done correctly, businesses can make a profit without having to sacrifice the most basic of principles – Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

I am a consignment software specialist, System Administrator for hundreds of consignment workstations across North America, and developer of Peeps' Software! I've been helping consignment & resale store-owners since 2003. I started The Computer Peeps in February of 2010. After 17+ years of working with consignment stores, I understand the unique challenges consignment & resale store-owners face. From electrical issues in old building or strip malls, to advocating for them when their consignment software keeps crashing. I now manage over 600 computer systems, servers & websites for store-owners all across North America and I am the developer/programmer of Peeps' Software -- the only software written FOR consignment & resale stores specifically.

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