Test Your Backups!!!

What was that?  What did he say?  Did he say


Yes, he did.

The one thing we’ve already discussed with half a dozen store owners is backups.  Specifically, the fact that they thought they were doing backups just fine.  When the day came that they needed their backup (e.g. a hard drive crash), they had nothin’, nada…nunka!

So I’m going to keep this post short and sweet – test your backups.  I don’t care who setup your systems (even if it’s The Computer Peeps), you need to test your backups!

If you don’t know how to test your backups, talk to us – we do know how to test your backups.

I am a consignment software specialist, System Administrator for hundreds of consignment workstations across North America, and developer of Peeps' Software! I've been helping consignment & resale store-owners since 2003. I started The Computer Peeps in February of 2010. After 18+ years of working with consignment stores, I understand the unique challenges consignment & resale store-owners face. From electrical issues in old building or strip malls, to advocating for them when their consignment software keeps crashing. I now manage hundreds of computer systems, servers & websites for store-owners all across North America and I am the developer/programmer of Peeps' Software -- the only software written FOR consignment & resale stores specifically.

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