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5 Comments on “Consignment Software Review – Part 1 (Item Entry)”

  1. Kesha
    When are you going to do a follow up to this post. I am opening in August(thumbs crossed) and I enjoyed reading your post. I am considering softwares and hardware and want as much info as possible. So please let me know when you come back to this topic
  2. Dean
    Hi Kesha, Thanks for posting! We have a few short follow-up posts. Here's the first which discusses the various item entry screens/processes for the major programs... It has an outline of Pros and Cons, so you can see what we thought of how each program handles item entry! We also posted a quick summary of what the major bar code/tag formats look like... We have taken off since we opened and we've been busy, busy, busy! We're expanding our staff so we'll have time to share more helpful and FREE information. =) If you have any questions about which program is right for you, we offer a consultation package for only $50. We'll go through all of your needs (some you might not have even known of!) and make sure you have a clear picture of exactly how each program handles the tasks that are unique to your business. We stay with you through the process of you demo'ing each program and answer questions many vendors won't be able to assist you with. The Computer Peeps have a unique perspective because we're not selling this software. =) We can give you honest feedback instead of "sales speak." We are also a Dell Preferred Partner and configure professional, powerful and inexpensive systems for your consignment software. Don't take your new investment and try to run it on any random computer from Best Buy or a hand-me-down. You also don't need to spend thousands on the right system either. We do this on a daily basis - configure systems for consignment and resale stores. From the Dell system to the Zebra tag printer to the bar code scanner, we can do it all. Ultimately the software you decide on will dictate which printers/additional hardware will be compatible. We have great prices on all of the hardware that works with each of the consignment programs. On a budget? We even offer professionally refurbished Zebra printers. Don't grab any random printer off of eBay - you just don't know what you're gonna get. We have all of our prices published on our Prices page => Let us know if you have any specific questions or if you'd like to setup a consultation. We are proud to work with some of the biggest consignment stores in the industry. View our Testimonials page to see some of the clients we work with => Hope to work with you soon!
  3. Lisa Morris
    Do you have updated information on these programs? I am also looking at Simple Consign / Traxia. Are you familiar with this software? Thank you Lisa Morris
    • Dean
      Hi Lisa, Thanks for posting on our blog! I am very familiar with Simple Consign/Traxia. I've worked with Joe on several occasions and I like the idea behind Simple Consign. It has a MAJOR drawback though, which it is 100% web-based. That means any number of issues can take your consignment software down completely. Such as... - Internet outage - Internet browser settings - Virus We receive hundreds upon hundreds of calls each week. We see just how often something as simple as a web browser (e.g. Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.) are affected either by software or user changes. It's just not worth it to lose access to your consignment software for hours on end, just for an Internet issue. So while Simple Consign is promising, it's Achilles' heel is that it can be rendered useless without Internet access. If you have any additional questions, we offer a free 30-minute consultation. I've helped hundreds of consignment stores open and we manage systems for some of the largest consignment stores in North America. We can definitely help you get on the right track or resolve issues with your existing setup. Hope this helps!
  4. Cam
    Hi. Thanks for the great information. We're opening a new store, and are considering ConsignPro, but the price is scary. Would you say for the features (inventory, POS, etc) it's a good dollar vs feature value, even more than the other software you reviewed? My concern is that we're going to have a small store with low inventory, so a $1000+ system seems a bit extravagant... and feedback is greatly appreciated!

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