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During this most recent X-Charge update, we’ve worked with with a lot of consignment store owners that weren’t aware of the update.  The Computer Peeps were HOUNDED by X-Charge, in a good way.  We probably received a dozen phone calls + a handful of emails, reminding us of the update.  Only once we updated, did the calls stop.

It looks like X-Charge has noticed this as well, that many of their users aren’t aware of updates and when they’re released.  In this latest X-Charge update, their installer is prompting for your email address…

X-Charge update for consignment software
X-Charge Update Email Prompt

Make sure X-Charge has your current contact information!  X-Charge is a very important portion of your consignment business – it provides you with credit card processing capabilities.  Over the last few years, X-Charge has been releasing update after update to address PCI Compliance requirements.

It’s important that you know about these updates, as some of them are mandatory – like the recent 7.1 Rel 5 update.  If you don’t update by a certain date, your X-Charge software can stop functioning – i.e. you won’t be able to process credit card payments.

If you haven’t been receiving notifications from X-Charge via email and phone, contact X-Charge and make sure they have the correct info on file for you.

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