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When helping our clients that run Liberty4 Consignment in their consignment/resale business, something we’re commonly asked is, “Why are Liberty’s version numbers different?”  Let’s take a look at what they’re referring to.  When you launch Liberty4 Consignment, you’re actually launching a very specific program – i.e. Liberty Inventory Module (RWD.exe):

Liberty4 Consignment Inventory Module
Inventory Module | Click to Enlarge

This is the core program in a suite of programs that comprise Liberty4 Consignment.  There are other programs that are part of this suite – e.g. Liberty POS (RWPOS.exe), Liberty Report Writer (RWReport4.exe), etc.  Each of these portions of Liberty are separate programs.

As new updates are released, each and every module won’t necessarily receive an update.  Typically Liberty Inventory and Liberty POS will receive updates and you’ll see their version numbers are commonly the same.  The Report Writer tends to not receive updates as often as the other modules though.

For example, you’ll see in the latest version of Liberty (as of 9/14/2011 v3.8c), its Report Writer actually shows v3.7e:

Liberty4 Consignment Report Writer
Report Writer | Click to Enlarge

Just because the module numbers are different, doesn’t mean the program hasn’t been properly updated.  Make sure not to confuse this with different program versions when running Liberty in a network environment.  A separate issue altogether is running a different version of Liberty on the database server as compared to any/all of the network workstations.

If you’re uncertain as to which version of Liberty you’re running or if you think there are any issues with the version numbers on your system, you can contact The Computer Peeps for a free checkup.  You can contact Resaleworld Support directly via [email protected] if you have any questions as to which version of Liberty is currently available to you.

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