Facebook Tracks You Even AFTER You Log Out

Did you know Facebook is tracking you everywhere you go on the Web?  Even after you log out of Facebook, they’re still tracking your footsteps and that data is tied to your Facebook User ID.

I’m a big fan of the Do Not Track option in Firefox, but why is Facebook tracking every website you visit after you log out?  Because they can.  This is done with a tracking cookie.

This morning, Nik Cubrilovic outlined the details in an article on his blog:


To quote Nik:

Facebook are only altering the state of the cookies instead of removing all of them when a user logs out.

So what does Facebook have to say about all of this?  According to Facebook Systems Engineer, Gregg Stefancik, this was essentially an “oversight.”  Here’s his response to Nik’s findings:

Facebook Engineer Gregg Stefancik’s Response | Click to Enlarge

Whatever Facebook was or was not tracking you around the web for, they were tracking you around the web.  They can say they’re not using that data, but it still stands – they have that data.

To enable Do Not Track in your browser:

  • FirefoxFirefox Button > Options > Privacy > Tell web sites I do not want to be tracked
  • ChromeKeep My Opt-Outs Extension
  • Internet Explorer 9Tools > Safety > Tracking Protection > Personalized List > Enable (We strongly recommend NOT USING Internet Explorer)

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      Thank you, Kate! We’re getting there! It’s my goal to be able to share as much as I can, as often as I can. We’ve brought on a really strong team member @Josh, or more appropriately termed, a Peep. There is SO MUCH out there and wrangling it all up into easily digestible chunks is a full-time job.

      Thanks for being such a great partner in this industry, Kate. At the end of the day, store owners just want to run their businesses. There’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to do that!

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