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2 Comments on “WordPress: Anyone Can Do It, Right? Riiiiiiiight…”

  1. Josh Lewis
    Nice article. I'm wondering if I could possibly pick your brain for a second? I'm in the process of building a WP-based consignment store website for a client, and am unsure of how to go about integrating a "Round up for charity" option for the checkout process. Have you ever had any experience with how this could be accomplished? Even if I had to write my own plugin to do the task, I just haven't been able to find any documentation on how one would go about coding something like that. The most ideal situation would be if there was already a plugin that would integrate with WooCommerce, but after copious amounts of research, I certainly have my doubts that one exists. Thanks so much in advance if you have any pointers to offer me!
    • Dean
      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for posting! I haven't had to address this specific issue, but anything can be done if you're capable or willing to pay a developer. If WooCommerce doesn't support it directly, it comes down to customization or WooCommerce adding such a feature. Customization has a cost though, both now and with maintenance.

      As a workaround, one of the first things that comes to mind is a 'related product', so the shopper could select the amount to donate.

      It can't hurt to submit a request to add this feature, but chances are, even if it was added it wouldn't be done within your time line. This isn't something there would be documentation for, as much as someone simply has to write the logic @ IF customer does stuff, THEN round up. The function to calculate that, is something I wouldn't even dare to pretend to say I could write. The bigger question when it comes to custom/homegrown development, is who maintains it? You can't just throw a plugin or custom code at a WordPress installation and forget about it.

      So I would either look into custom development - i.e. hire a developer if programming isn't your area of expertise - or try to find a suitable compromise within your existing setup. Maybe x-post over on r/programming or r/wordpress?

      Best of luck!

      p.s. Kudos @ CloudFlare. ;)

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