Gmail, Less Secure Apps, App Passwords & Consignment Software

Gmail App Passwords Consignment Software

tl;dr — As of May 30, 2022, Google no longer supports the Less Secure Apps feature that allowed third party programs (e.g. consignment software such as Peeps’ Software) to be able to send emails.  This means, your consignment software likely will no longer be able to send emails from your Gmail account.  Going forward, the already-available App Passwords feature in Gmail has to be utilized for sending emails.

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Yet Another Windows 10 Option to Configure

Windows 10 Updates Weather Nag Taskbar

As part of Peeps’ Configuration Protocol (our treatment/setup of a Windows machine), we tweak, prune, and better-secure the Windows environment to make it both cleaner, as well as safer for our customers.  With Windows 10, the amount of work involved increased exponentially vs. Windows 7.  There are so many places Microsoft has added potentially annoying or confusing things.

And as of the latest round of Windows Updates, we’re now seeing the weather appear in the Taskbar:

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