Liberty’s SMTP Relay Doesn’t Meet Modern Security Standards

Liberty SMTP Relay Doesn't Meet Modern Security Standards

We’ve been through this once before @ Liberty not being compatible with secure email systems such as Google:




We’re here again.  Liberty is still incompatible with modern, secure email systems so RSW released the SMTP Relay utility — a stand-alone utility you install on each of your computers, which sends emails on behalf of Liberty.  It too, doesn’t utilize modern security standards.

If you try to utilize Liberty’s SMTP Relay utility along with Google/Gmail, it will fail to send emails:


Liberty SMTP Relay Fails to Send Emails through Google
Liberty SMTP Relay Fails to Send Emails through Google | Click to Enlarge


In your Google inbox, you’ll see a handy message telling you why:


Liberty SMTP Relay Doesn't Meet Modern Security Standards
Liberty SMTP Relay Doesn’t Meet Modern Security Standards | Click to Enlarge


From an app that doesn’t meet modern security standards.

Simple as that.

When software attempts to send emails, it has to follow certain rules, especially when it comes to SSL/TLS.  Certain techniques simply aren’t considered ‘modern’ and will be blocked by secure email providers such as Google.

Google offers a workaround for this though — i.e enable the ‘Access for Less Secure Apps‘ (https://www.google.com/settings/security/lesssecureapps) feature:


Google's 'Allow Less Secure Apps' Setting
Google’s ‘Allow Less Secure Apps’ Setting | Click to Enlarge


ConsignPro suffers from this too.

Both vendors could easily fix this issue and any outside consultant or developer can verify what I’ve outlined above.

ConsignPro and Liberty Are Incompatible with Gmail

Secure Email

ConsignPro and Liberty are incompatible with Gmail or any secure email service.

Liberty4 Consignment Incompatible with Gmail
Liberty4 Consignment Incompatible with Gmail


ConsignPro Incompatible with Gmail
ConsignPro Incompatible with Gmail

Although Liberty made attempts to partially support it, it is not compatible with secure connections to Gmail today.

Why is it that free software has had built-in SSL/TLS support for years, but consignment software vendors who sell their software for $1,000 on up, haven’t added this most-basic of features?  It truly is a few lines of code, literally.  We’ve seen a lot of crappy “workarounds” which only break systems.

ConsignmentTill offers support for SSL, but in our testing the application locked-up when attempting to Test settings.

ConsignmentTill Incompatible with Gmail?
ConsignmentTill Incompatible with Gmail?

We’ll follow-up again with additional details.

ConsignmentTill supports TLS on port 587…

ConsignmentTill Supports Gmail
ConsignmentTill Supports Gmail

SBS’ The Consignment Shop supports SSL…

SBS' The Consignment Shop Software Supports SSL
SBS’ The Consignment Shop Software Supports SSL

There’s just no excuse for not supporting secure email connections and we’d like to see the consignment software vendors step up to the plate here and address this issue.  Too busy?  Too many other features to add?

By all means, if you’re a software vendor and have any feedback as to why this hasn’t been added or available for years, feel free to post your comment below.

Updated 2/18/2013 @ 3:11 PM EST – Added SBS SSL info.

Updated 2/18/2013 @ 5:35 PM EST – Added ConsignmentTill TLS info.

Google Calendar Now Includes A Free Online Appointment Scheduler

Consignment stores, are you looking for a way to let your consignors book a consignment appointment online?  Google recently added an Appointments feature to Google Calendar.  When you go to create a new Event, you will now see an Appointment slots option:

New Consignment Appointment
New Consignment Appointment

You can then publish this calendar online for free and consignors can schedule appointments online:

Online Consignment Appointments
Online Consignment Appointments | Click to Enlarge

You can block-out appointment times and specify the length of each consignment appointment:

Consignment Appointment Blocks
Consignment Appointment Blocks | Click to Enlarge

Once the appointment has been booked, the appointment time shows as booked online…

Booked Consignment Appointment
Booked Consignment Appointment | Click to Enlarge

If you have a website, you can easily embed this calendar into a web page, or, just post a link to it on your Facebook page.

Google’s Appointment Scheduler offers consignment stores the following features:


  • Set specific time frames when consignment appointments are available.
  • Publish your calendar online for free, so consignors can schedule appointments online.
  • Set specific days and times when consignments are accepted.
  • Receive a notification when a consignor books an appointment.


Your consignors will have to have a Gmail account, which is free and many already utilize Gmail.

Edit [12/4/2012 @ 2:19PM]: Added additional screenshots.

Google+ Vanity URLs Rolling-out

Google PlusAccording to a Google+ post from Google Product Manager, Saurabh Sharma, Google will begin rolling-out vanity URLs for Google+ profiles and pages over the next couple of days.

Users should be prompted when they visit their profiles and it appears as though it will be rolling-out in selective groups.  URLs will not be case-sensitive – e.g. google.com/+Chrome, google.com/+chrome, and google.com/+ChRoMe all point to the same page.

[info_box style=”notice”]For a business, Google+ is a key resource in improving your SEO results.[/info_box]

Business information is now being displayed in search results as a Google+ page, so if you’re a brick and mortar store – e.g. a consignment or resale store – you should search Google for your store and make sure you claim your Google+ page for your business.

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Google Plus | Claim Google+ URL
Google Plus | Claim Google+ URL


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