Google+ Vanity URLs Rolling-out

Google PlusAccording to a Google+ post from Google Product Manager, Saurabh Sharma, Google will begin rolling-out vanity URLs for Google+ profiles and pages over the next couple of days.

Users should be prompted when they visit their profiles and it appears as though it will be rolling-out in selective groups.Β  URLs will not be case-sensitive – e.g.Β google.com/+Chrome, google.com/+chrome, and google.com/+ChRoMe all point to the same page.

[info_box style=”notice”]For a business, Google+ is a key resource in improving your SEO results.[/info_box]

Business information is now being displayed in search results as a Google+ page, so if you’re a brick and mortar store – e.g. a consignment or resale store – you should search Google for your store and make sure you claim your Google+ page for your business.

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Google Plus | Claim Google+ URL
Google Plus | Claim Google+ URL


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