Looking for Used Consignment Hardware?

Are you looking for a reliable place to purchase used consignment hardware? Well, you’ve come to the right place! The Computer Peeps offer a professionally refurbished Zebra LP2844 tag printer at a very affordable price! In fact, our refurbished Zebra LP2844 is one of our biggest sellers!

It’s important to make sure when you are buying used consignment hardware that you are getting a refurbished product. I’m sure you are wondering what exactly refurbished means? Here’s what happens when you purchase a Refurbished Zebra LP2844 for The Peeps:

  • Our Refurbished Zebra LP2844 tag printers are hand-tested by The Computer Peeps before it is shipped to you!
  • Our Refurbished Zebra LP2844 tag printers come with a brand new power supply.
  • Our Refurbished Zebra LP2844 tag printers come with a brand new print head.

The key things to know about any tag printer is that they use heat to print on special thermal tags. This means the print head goes through a lot of wear and tear over years of use.  Another key component is the power supply, just like any piece of hardware it too has a limited life time. The Computer Peeps ensure that each Refurbished Zebra LP2844 purchased is ready for many years of use at your store!

Please keep in mind, when you purchase a used or refurbished tag printer it will typically need a special driver to be installed on your system.  The driver your consignment hardware vendor recommends will not always be the right driver. When you purchase a refurbished tag printer from The Computer Peeps we will install and configure the printer for you at no additional cost!

For more information, call The Computer Peeps at 888-374-5422!



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